Xanadu: A Poetic Resort in Ambergris Caye

If you are planning a trip to Belize and looking for a top recommended resort Xanadu Island Resort is sure to deliver on all aspects of your vacation requirement list.

Found on Ambergris Caye is Xanadu Island Resort. A luxury resort which is as affordable as it is eco-friendly. With double occupancy rates starting at $155 in the off season, an excellent review on TripAdvisor for several years running, being recognized by travel experts working in the industry, and a full range of guest services, we had to share this gem with you. It is truly one of the best four star resorts in Belize.

Here are ten reasons we think Xanadu is one of the top rated resorts in Ambergris Caye

Unique Guest Suites: Condominium style suites means that every accommodation has a fully equipped kitchen. This can't be underrated, it means snacks at your beck and call, and savings on dining out. Another feature that sets the standard are the furnished terraces. (Only exception is the ocean front suite, which for obvious reasons doesn't offer this feature.) The interior design may be a tad outdated, but at the time it was done it was very modern, and high quality materials were used so it still gleams. Also, the structure design is extremely chic. Dark wood, curved staircases, ceramic tiled floors, large light-letting windows. Plus, with keeping the price in mind, it is luxury circa 2001.

The upscale villa at Xanadu Resort in Belize

Eco-Friendly: Anyone looking for ideas to reduce their own household carbon footprint on the earth, should check-out the list on Xanadu's website. There are over a dozen eco-initiatives that this resort implements into their daily services. Solar water heaters, light bulb choices, non toxic mosquito eradication ... and many more.

Great Add-On Options: Not everyone wants to have to plan out their vacation itinerary from A-to-Z. Xanadu has a great selection of package add-ons ... by interest. So you can actually make your activity list pretty simple by choosing one or two that fit your preferences and style best. For instance they have a "Wine & Dine" option, which is great for romance or foodies. A "Must See! Must Do!" package which is a combination of adventure and sailing. Fishing, snorkeling, and wedding packages are also found on the site. They really make planning a vacation easy.

Xanadu has cock that extends over the ocean

You should note that you can't actually book the packages online yet. But that feature is coming. In the meantime email the resort to find out more. Plus, contacting direct introduces you to them and you can get insider info about other options you may have been interested in but weren't on your package list.

Amazing Value: Everyone is always looking for the cheapest deal. With Xanadu you don't just get a good price, your get good value. The difference between cheap and value is that you can expect a simple room which more than likely has a fuzzy t.v. and uncomfortable bed for cheap. Let's look at what value Xanadu offers. They have a sale on a two bedroom villa. Sounds a little expensive at $225 a night? Well, when it sleeps four, that makes it merely $56.25 +tx per guest per night. Plus you have a full kitchen, to help save on food. That is only $337.50 +tx for 6 nights / 7 days. But unlike the two star hotel that costs not much less, you have resort activities and amenities, a beautiful private villa, and staff who care a great deal about your experience.

Beach & Activities: Being on the beach is a big part of the reason people head to this part of the world, so having a resort on the edge of the ocean is always great. Other complimentary inclusions are WIFI, bicycles, kayaks, bird sanctuary, beach towels, BBQ facilities on the beach, hammocks, and beach chairs.

Xanadu luxury property

In addition to the free stuff, they also have a multitude of activities you can book at the resort, but aren't found on the resort. The activities and tours are very reasonable, especially when compared to other Caribbean and Mexico destinations. A half day fishing is about $175, as opposed to $250, and sail/snorkel excursions are about $75 instead of over $100 for a half day.

For more info about Xanadu you can review their editorial listing or their official website.

Still trying to decide if Belize is the right destination for your vacation?

If you are deciding if Belize is the right destination for your next getaway you should know that it is an exceptional choice. Laidback, under-crowded, and filled with history, it delivers the excitement and relaxation, discovery and culture, that avid traveller's seek. Belize has seen a boom this year in the travel industry, and it isn't surprising that it will keep gaining popularity over the next few years as well. This is why you may want to get there sooner than later. Although it isn't a high-rise resort area, exploring it before it gets popular is always fun.

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