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For a vacation that delivers an epic beach oasis to re-charge Abaco Beach Resort is the answer. This Bahamas retreat was created to provide a relaxed getaway, while leaving guests with ample activities (and island hopping) for discovery and fun.

Escaping the crazed chaos at home with Abaco Beach Resort means that you are embracing their legendary 60 year reputation for providing a paradise to unwind and re-charge. From the finely appointed oceanfront suites jam-packed with amenities to the long list of cultural and ocean activities, from the state-of-the-art boat harbour to the award winning restaurant, Abaco Beach Resort harnesses luxury in both the outfitting and the service.

Couple lounging the turquoise ocean waqters at Abaco Beach Resort

We didn't choose Abaco Beach Resort as our top recommended Abaco island accommodation simply because of the stunning beach, captivating scenery, high end suites, immaculate property, or five star customer care. We chose Abaco Beach Resort because along with these features are guest's first-hand reports that by departure their getaway has restored themselves to the happy and relaxed state they sought, which is what a vacation should truly provide.

a truly bahamian experience

So, what is it about Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour Marina that leaves guests with this undiluted feeling of rejuvenation? For starters there is a deep connection to culture at this resort. Embracing their Bahamian roots shows guests how to relax and being pampered to with their out island charm at your every whim melts worries away.

a captivating property

A private white sand beach tucked within a small horseshoe bay and set against shimmering turquoise waters beckons relaxation.

A coral reef only 30 meters from the the waters edge ensures guests don't have to go far to appreciate the beauty and spirit of mother nature.

40 acres of tended landscape paint the backdrop to Abaco Beach Resort. This vast property ensures guests can enjoy a private walk, take in native flora and fauna, or find a hidden nook for reading.

an exceptional selection of activities

Features like the Beachfront Pool Pavilion and Club are a sanctuary of pleasure for guests.

The resort's "Bahamas Buddies" program for children encourages new friendships, teaches about local traditions, and keeps the kids entertained, while the Kids Club allow parents some time to themselves while on vacation.

Home to one of the largest and most sophisticated boat harbours and marinas in all of the Bahamas, guests are able to participate in ocean adventures like sailing, fishing, and scuba diving whenever they please. Strolling along the docks guests can take in the beautifully crafted vessels and high end yachts too.

a winning culinary experience

Another feature at Abaco Beach Resort that sets them above is the outstanding cuisine. The menu options also embrace the Bahamian cultural experience at this resort with traditional (but escalated) dishes such as their Abaco grouper, guava duff with guava sauce, and delectable lobster.

It is agreed by both travellers and experts alike that this Abaco restaurant is one of the finest on the island. Bringing together five star cuisine and unpretentious luxury in a seaside setting is why this restaurant is so loved.

an amazing locale for discovery

Close to town guests of Abaco Beach Resort are easily able to go shopping, take an island tour, dine at restaurants, and more. Abaco Island also offers miles of untouched beaches to discover. This location enhances the guest experience to be had because they can easily immerse themselves into Abacos' incredible heritage and exciting offerings.

Did you know? One of the great things about choosing Abaco for your Bahamas vacation is that the airport is on island, and flights come direct from Florida with Atlanta soon joining the list.

a beautiful and convenient stay

Every accommodation at Abaco Beach Resort faces the ocean. No need to upgrade for the sweeping view that ultimately makes an impact on any vacation.

Rooms, closed bedroom suites, condos, and villas are available ensuring that every group has the space and privacy they seek for their opulent escape. Adorned with native furnishings and tropical accents the ambiance both comforts and excites.

Being pampered doesn't just mean exceptional customer care, it also means that convenience is standard.

Every accommodation at Abaco Beach Resort includes a private balcony or terrace; what better way to start or end a day on vacation than with a few minutes of solitude taking in incredible views of the marina and ocean.

Your private oasis also includes a fully equipped kitchen. Having the ability to keep snacks and drinks on hand is certainly a plus, but cooking a traditional dish with fresh Abacos produce is a memory you will fondly look back on when you return home.

a top rated vacation to abacos

Abacos Beach Resort is the perfect choice for a well deserved upscale getaway in a laid-back and rejuvenating atmosphere. Guests are sad to leave, but returning home with the sense of satisfaction, relaxation, and being completely recharged is what keeps them returning year after year.

For more information about Abaco Beach Resort visit their website or see our editorial listing.

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