Weekend Escape to USVI

The US Virgin Islands is the perfect weekend escape, especially when a US citizen, because no Passport is required! With so many long weekends to take advantage of, a three day hiatus from life is a great way to recharge. For those with budget restraints it is much more doable to plan a three day excursion where you can really get out and enjoy your surroundings. The US Virgin Islands are perfect for short vacations because they are made up of three distinct islands, offering something for all interests and group sizes of travelers.

Arawak Bay Inn

St Croix is the largest island and has everything you can think of to do. Golf, sensational beaches, endless beaches, tropical rainforests and historical landmarks. It is perfect for families and couples looking for a short getaway to a fun destination with tons to do. You should consider renting a car so you can get out and enjoy all the island has to offer. Measuring 22.7 miles long it is easy to explore in the three or four days you are devoting to your weekend escape. When it comes to where to stay we highly recommend Arawak Bay Inn. It is located hillside of Salt River Bay.

Famously known as the only place where Columbus actually came ashore, you will be staying where a big piece of history happened. Amongst the foothills is the Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve, (entrance is free of charge) where you can take nature hikes, find scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities (charges may apply) and more. What makes Arawak Bay Inn even more special is that it was completely renovated in 2007, the average price per night is around $150, includes breakfast, wireless internet, morning guided walks, AC, satellite TV, a pool, and more.

Extend you vacation an extra night for free, because until the end September the 5th night is free! Call us directly at 340 772 1684, or email: info@arawakbaysaltriver.co.vi to be sure of availability. The staff is very knowledgeable and able to provide great ideas for every budget.

A few must do's; Fort Frederick - this is a history lesson, landmark, and interesting tour all rolled into one, and is only $3 entrance per person. Beaches, there are too many beaches to name, but if you rent a car you can find them all and for the cost of gas... there are a great variety of activities from free to luxury! All in all you could plan a weekend escape for a family of four for as little $600... This doesn't include airfare, but with so many last minute deals out there on sites such as flightnetwork, expedia, and bookit, keep an eye out for something that fits your budget. Also Jet Blue and American Airlines, two major carriers to the island, have some cheaper airfares right now so this is a great time to go.

The beach on St Thomas, USVI

Of the three islands St Thomas is the one that thrives the most. There is great shopping, nightlife, and activities here, and is best suited for those looking for a higher energy weekend escape, such as young groups or hip couples. It is only a short boat ride from St John, which is the complete opposite (nature induced relaxation awaits here) so if you are looking for a combination either island is suitable. The underwater world off the coast of St Thomas is fantastic and should certainly be appreciated with a scuba diving trip. Coki Dive Center is a great guide and rental shop. They offer both snorkel and scuba opportunities, so if someone is more comfortable doing one you don't have to split up. You can rent snorkel equipment for as little as $10, so this is a company that suits all budgets.

St Thomas is home to great shopping, and if your from the US, it's duty free! The beaches are pristine and very enjoyable as well. When thinking about where to stay there are many choices. For those looking to save every penny they can we suggest a self-accommodating rental such as Blazing Villa. You can rent between one and three rooms, have an extremely upscale villa, and a kitchen to save on food costs. If you were six and take all three rooms it would only be $75 / person / night.

For couples and groups who prefer a resort where you can take advantage of limitless activities and onsite restaurants, Bolongo Bay beach Resort is perfect. You can choose between European and All Inclusive meal plans. They also have 9 budget friendly rooms. Every budget can be accommodated at the "Most Caribbean's Most Entertaining Beach Resort". All in all you can take a weekend escape to St Thomas for as little as $400 / person, but again without airfare. Sign-up for flight alerts and take off with your friends when the price drops to something you can justify.

gallow point resort in St John USVI

St John is a piece of untouched beauty. The island is 60% National Park. It's perfect for couples wanting solitude and quality time together on their weekend escape.

Gallows Point Resort is upscale and a bit more pricey, but you won't want to leave the resort on your weekend retreat. It offers a special and memorable landscape, dotted with private nooks for you and your loved one to relax in. Fine dining, limitless activities, and amazing amenities make it an easy choice. The average price is $265 / night, but since this is a weekend escape, that is still super affordable for a two night stay, especially since the island is full of hiking trails for you to adventure out in. You won't need extra money for tours and attractions because you'll have them all at your fingertips. A couple can spend a weekend on the island for as little as $600, but no flight is included in this price.

You don't have to be rich to have a weekend escape. But, you do need to be savvy. If you need more help tweet us @MyVacationPages or ask us on Facebook

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