Trinidad & Tobago Travel Guide

When planning your vacation to Trinidad & Tobago, make sure you review our detailed travel guide, which introduces you to everything from customs information, local culture & etiquette, popular landmarks, emergency contacts, and more!

About Trinidad: Trinidad & Tobago are an state in the Caribbean. There are approximately 1,300,000 residing in the two islands today. Trinidad's geography is diverse like its people. There is a combination of mountains and plains throughout the island. The climate is tropical. The average temperatures range from 68F (20C) to 89F (32C) throughout the rainy and dry seasons.

Trinidad and Tobago Travel Resource

Taxes & Fees
Getting Around

Trinidad enjoys a diversified economy and is one of the top five exporters of liquefied natural gas. It also has a strong tourism sector. Trinidadians enjoy a higher standard of living than many Caribbean islands.

Anthem: Forged from the Love of Liberty
Capital: Port-of-Spain
Time Zone: UTC -4
Languages: English, English-Patois, Caribbean Hindustani, French
Power Outlets: 115 V, 60 Hz
Currency: Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTD)
Credit Cards: All major credit cards accepted.
Traveler Checks: Traveler checks accepted.
Side of road to drive on: Left
Legal drinking age: 18


-Every person (including minors) seeking admission at a port of entry into Trinidad and Tobago must be in possession of a valid travel document/ passport.

-A person who is not a citizen or a resident of Trinidad and Tobago must be in possession of a valid return ticket to his/her homeland or country of residence or a security deposit or bond as required by the Chief Immigration Officer.

-A person who is not a citizen or a resident of Trinidad and Tobago must be in possession of sufficient funds for his/her upkeep during his/her stay in Trinidad and Tobago.

-A person who is neither a citizen nor a resident of Trinidad and Tobago must provide a proper local address.

-A person who is neither a citizen nor resident of Trinidad and Tobago and who is a citizen of a country that requires a visa for entry into Trinidad and Tobago must be in possession of such.

-Every person seeking admission to Trinidad and Tobago on arrival must complete an Immigration E/D Card (Form 1). A person seeking exit from a port in Trinidad and Tobago to a foreign port must produce the following documents:

-A valid passport/ travel document.

-A completed Immigration E/D Card (Form 2).

-A receipt for the payment of Departure Tax Fee - $100.00 TT - [applicable to adults and minors 5 years and over].

-A ticket with attached boarding pass.NOTE: A person in transit for 48 hours or less is not required to pay the departure tax fee.


Restricted/Prohibited Materials:

Tobacco:200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 1/2lb. of tobacco
Alcohol:1 quart of wine
Gifts: valued USD $200

meat and milk products
psychotropic substances
live animals, insects, snails
intellectual property


Sales Tax:

Value Added Tax (VAT) 15%

Airport Taxes:

Departure Tax Fee - $100.00 TT - [applicable to adults and minors 5 years and over].



Police emergency is 999 and Fire & Ambulance response is 990.


The hospital and health care departments in Trinidad and Tobago are well managed. Tourists can count on the health care service centers which are provided by the government as well as the private sector hospitals. Although there is free health care in Trinidad, travelers are still advised to have appropriate overseas coverage to ensure that if an emergency occurs that there are no unexpected charges.

Bringing in prescriptions:

If you carry prescription drugs, keep them in their original container, clearly labeled with the doctor's name, pharmacy, and contents.


All travelers are warned to have all their routine vaccinations up to date as well as Hepatitis A and B vaccinations.


There is an increasing level of gang related violence and crime in Trinidad. Incidents are concentrated in the inner city neighborhoods east of Port of Spain's city centre, particularly Laventille, Morvant and Barataria, but can occur in other areas. Theft from vehicles and property can be a problem in parts of downtown Port of Spain and in other urban areas. You should not carry large amounts of cash or wear eye-catching jewelry. Use hotel safety deposit boxes to store valuables, money and passports.Although many visits to Tobago are trouble free, crime against tourists in Tobago and the inability of the Tobago authorities to apprehend and prosecute the perpetrators remains a concern. The authorities on the island are taking positive steps and the response times of the police have improved.

Accused of a crime in Trinidad:

Drug traffickers face severe penalties in Trinidad and Tobago. The authorities are alert to the carriage of illicit drugs of any kind and checks are thorough. You should pack all luggage yourself and do not carry items which do not belong to you.

Trinidad and Tobago has a number of laws, which make certain homosexual acts illegal.

You should be aware that it is an offence for anyone, including children, to dress in camouflage clothing.

Victims of Crime:

If you are the victim of a crime in Trinidad you should contact the local police and your embassy and or consulate for help. This includes the loss or theft of a passport. The embassy/consulate staff can, for example, help you find appropriate medical care, contact family members or friends, and explain how funds may be transferred. Although the investigation and prosecution of the crime are solely the responsibility of local Trinidadian authorities, consular officers can help you to understand the local criminal justice process and to find an attorney if needed.

Traveling to Trinidad with a Criminal Record:

There are currently no restrictions on travelers with a criminal record to travel to Trinidad. We do recommend however to verify with your embassy/consulate prior to traveling to verify that these requirements have not changed.


Car Rental:

Renting a car in Trinidad is very simple and all major international car rental agencies can be found here. Drivers are generally required to be 25 years old and have two years of driving experience. A major credit card is required. Gas is not included in the price, and travelers are generally given unlimited mileage. Insurance is highly recommended.


It is very simple to catch a cab in Trinidad, your hotel will usually call ahead, or you may call, go to a taxi stand or simply hail a cab. Travelers are warned that cab fares are not regulated by the government and that you should agree on a set price before taking off.

Public Transportation:

Trinidad has a government run public bus system and a privately owned maxi-taxi service which has mini buses. Getting around the island is fairly simple and both the public buses and maxi-taxis run reliable service routes.

Drivers License Info:

Drivers who wish to rent a car in Trinidad or Tobago will need an international driver's permit or a valid license issued in The Bahamas, Canada, England, France, Germany, or the United States. These licenses are valid for 90 days while staying on the islands.



"Together we aspire, together we achieve"


Camouflage clothing is forbidden through both the islands. Beachwear and revealing clothing should not be worn off the beach. Otherwise light casual clothing is fine except for in formal settings like church where one should dress accordingly.


Trinidad & Tobago is fairly tolerant on most topics however; homosexuality, public inebriation, topless sunbathing is not only unappreciated but can be against the law. Personal space is expected at an about an arm’s length and public displays of affection is usually discouraged. Courteous behavior is best and foul language can be punishable by law. Politeness goes a long way in Trinidad.


In general people in Trinidad don’t tip. But if you have received exceptional service why not let that person know by tipping them. Most restaurants will include a service charge, and private taxis will charge a premium. Little children selling fruit on the beach should be tipped as their wages are fully dependent on their tips.


Fort King George

Fort King George is one of the oldest and most notable of all the historical landmarks on Tobago and stands within the capital of Scarborough, where it was constructed by the British more than 250 years ago.

Fort Bennett

Fort Bennett is to be found in the Black Rock area of Tobago and close to Plymouth, where it has been an important lookout point since the end of the 18th century.

President's House

Trinidad's famous President's House was once the home of Governor Ralph Woodford some 200 years ago and part of a vast sugar plantation. now serves as the official and private residence of the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Archbishop's House

The Archbishop's House serves as the home of Trinidad and Tobago's very esteemed Roman Catholic Archbishop of the Diocese and stands in Port of Spain, across from the Queen's Park Savannah.


- Always walk like you know where you are going, even if you don't. This means keep your back upright and eyes straight ahead. When asking for directions keep your voice low so others don't know you are lost.-Take precautions. Do not wear a lot of jewelry or conspicuous clothing while travelling to avoid being a target of crime.-Be cautious when taking a taxi and always look for the appropriate documentation which should be posted in eyes view. Never take a cab from the airport that is off by itself.

- If your hotel or resort recommends staying on their property you should follow these precautions.

- Never leave valuables in a soft material. The seam can easily be cut. Often the crime takes place long before it is noticed. This applies to purses, bags and luggage.

- Do not invite strangers to your hotel room.

- Do not agree to meet strangers by yourself. Even those you consider new friends and fellow tourist's.

- Plan for the unexpected, this includes extra money and medication that is required should your stay be extended.

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