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Family Tourism in Bangkok

Arguably called the sex tourism capital of the world, many parents raise concern when debating taking their children to Bangkok. The capital of Thailand is a city brewing with about 14 million people and things can get crazy there. Like every other big metropolis around the world, there is always a downside and the best way to travel anywhere is prepared. Although banned by law, prostitution is common place in several neighborhoods of Bangkok, which see nearly 14 million tourists annually, a large chunk of which are single males or male groups of tourists seeking sex or sex-oriented fun.
group of tourists with cameras
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11 Airport Travel Tips

1. Confirm your flight. All you have to do is call your airline or go online, do this at least 48 hours prior to your flight. 2. Go over your flight information with a family member or friend and make sure they have a photocopy of your passport, flight info, hotel you're staying at, tours or theme parks you're visiting, etc.. 3. Sign your passport and fill out the emergency section. 4. Register your travel plans prior to departure with your own governments travel (State) department so they can contact you in case of emergency. 5. Make sure your luggage and carry on meet the requirements and have clear identification labels with your address and phone number in case of loss. You can always check the airline's website for the appropriate sizes. 6. Pack your valuables and medication in your carry on, make sure to only carry valuables you will use and medication you will need during your stay. 7. Medication should always be kept in its original container with the pharmacy label clearly stating the doctor's name, the name of the medication, the reason for why you are on the medication and your name. 8. Have your plane ticket, boarding pass and passport readily accessible in your carry on. 9. Call your hotel and confirm your reservation. 10. Stop at the airport's information booth and find out what you're allowed to bring back, they should have an up to date pamphlet. 11. Exchange your money before departure. You will usually get a better rate this way and it will also prevent you from pulling out money abroad.
11 Airport Travel Tips
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Top Rated and Child Friendly Resorts

Your family vacation should be a memorable one for both you and your children. Important vacation amenities will include; infant cribs or beds for your baby or toddler, engaging activities that won't only keep the kids having fun but also have an educational twist. What I think is most important however is making sure my vacation is stress free. Resorts that cater towards a family's needs are becoming increasingly more popular, as travel still remains a great way to create happy family memories. So let's take a look at my top 5 child-friendly resorts ...
Beaches Turks & Caicos
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Puerto Rico Travel Guide

When heading to Puerto Rico for your vacation there are many things you need to know. To make your preparations easy we have put together a detailed overview, which includes; entry & exit requirements, cultural information, getting around the island, etiquette advice, and much more. About Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico is an archipelago of islands in the Caribbean. There is the main island of Puerto Rico and then the smaller islands of Vieques, Culebra, Mona as well as many others.
Travel Guide to Puerto Rico
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