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The road trip: Do over pack!

So you've planned your family vacation and have made the bold choice of driving to your holiday destination. The saying "getting there is half the fun" really stands true here, if not more. Remember that this first part of the vacation will set the tone of your whole holiday, and that this part of the trip should be fun for everyone in the vehicle! So take the time to plan ahead, have a good night sleep and let's get off on the right foot. First of all, do over-pack! Never waste any empty space when you're planning to spend a good part of the day in a vehicle. Organization is the key here. Make sure you place the necessities on top of the non-essentials. Activities, food and toiletries on top – overnight bags & heavier luggage on the bottom. If you're travelling with more than one child, have separate backpacks with their own activities placed near their feet. I know zip lock bags aren't the greenest thing out there, but they work well to organize small items and/or activities for these backpacks.
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Things To Know About Booking Vacations Online

We all want a good deal when booking a vacation, and there are many great deals out there... but you have to be careful and make sure you understand exactly what you are getting. The earlier you start the better the chances of success. Plus, if you fall in love with a resort that is just out of your price range it gives you time to cut out extra's and save a bit more to make your vacation wish come true. Time of year makes a difference. Take one resort (it does not have to be the one of your dreams) and check out the price difference between weeks or months (depending on your flexibility). You will see the same trend from your destination city. For instance, here in Montreal there is a construction holiday in the summer, and vacations are hundreds of dollars more than when you compare them to the week after it ends.
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Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

We received a question today: Travel Insurance, is it worth it? The short answer is yes, especially when it comes to Medical Insurance, don't cheap out. Chances are your vacation will go off without a hitch, but if something should happen and you need an emergency $30000 flight home, you don't want to pay that out of your pocket. There are many types of insurance out there; trip cancellation, trip interruption, accidental death or dismemberment, medical and dental care, transportation to medical facilities, loss of luggage or personal possessions and protection against the bankruptcy or default of your cruise line or tour operator.
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Stay Safe - Register Your Travels

The U.S Department of State has a free service for citizens traveling abroad called the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). Canadians should also register their travel with the Federal Government. Unfortunately they don't have a cool acronym to easily remember but the link is here. Why you should register your travel plans: It's essential to register where you are going in case of an emergency. It's a simple "step" that only takes a few minutes.
where to register your travel plans
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Vacation Information about Barbados

This complete guide to Barbados provide you with all the information you need for your vacation to this luxurious Caribbean abode. Learn about the island and the people, and know important information about customs, emergency contacts, crime rates, and more. About Barbados: Barbados is one of the Caribbean's most popular tourist destinations. It is a relatively small island with 275,000 inhabitants living mostly in or around the capital of Bridgetown which is also the largest city.
Travel Guide and INformation about Barbados
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Dealing with flight delays

Some delays are within an airline's control, whereas others, like those caused by severe weather or airport and air traffic disruptions, are simply out of their hands. Whatever the reason for the delay, usually your airline will be there to assist you. Travelers should always confirm their flight status prior to arriving at the airport, in order to avoid being stuck. What to do in the event of an extended delay?
airport schedule full of delayed flights
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Miami Hotel Guide

Miami is known as a hot spot for nightlife, but there is much more to it than that! Amazing beaches, fun attractions by land, water and air... there is no limit to what Miami can offer you on your vacation. Here we look at trusted hotels, resorts, and condo's. There are literally hundreds to sift through, so we have made it easy by searching for you! Sanctuary South Beach (
Hotel in South Beach
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Grand Cayman's Greatest To Do List

Grand Cayman is one of three islands making up the infamous and vacation worthy Cayman Islands. These islands are known as a heavy hitter in the off-shore financial world, which I believe has enhanced the tourism industry with modern features and amazing museums. Their history only begins on May 10, 1586 when Christopher Columbus laid eyes on them for the first time. No evidence can be found of people living on the island before this. The Cayman Islands are one of the more Northern islands in the Caribbean; located just South of Cuba and West of Jamaica. Inhabitants are referred to as Caymanians, and they have the highest standard of living in the Caribbean which (for curiosity) is ranked 14th in the world by CIA World Factbook for GDP growth rate. The Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD) is used which has a standard exchange of 1 KYD = 1.25 USD. Many attributes make this destination a great choice. Tons of activities are available on land, underwater, on the ocean and even in the air. The scuba and snorkeling is world class, the strong economy ensures amazing dining, attractions and resort options. Below are a list of our favorites from Grand Cayman! Grand Old House Restaurant (
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Sint Maarten / Saint Martin Hotel Guide

Known for its beauty, opulence, and prestigious shopping opportunities, Sint Maarten and Saint Martin are the perfect choice for those who want to indulge. This island offers the unique opportunity to have a two for one vacation. You can discover two separate countries on one island! The Dutch section is Sint Maarten (in the south) and the French section is Saint Marten (in the north). It does get a little confusing with some addresses pointing to sint and some to saint, but this just adds to the character and interest of the island and its history. In regards to customs and fees when traveling back and forth between the two sides there are no border crossings, fees or annoyances of any type. The only things that change are the landmarks.
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Turks & Caicos Fun!

Following up on last week's subject matter; tranquility, today we bring you Turks and Caicos. Tranquil yes, but certainly brimming with options for any type of traveler. Saying that Turks and Caicos is off the radar would be an understatement, because many people seem (properly) befuddled at its mention. Yes, it is super quiet and you'll feel relaxed upon stepping off the plane. But did you know, you can reach there in 90 minutes by plane from Miami? If you're anywhere near there, then this location might just become your go-to getaway. Turks and Caicos consists of two groups of islands, the larger Caicos and the smaller Turk Islands. The name itself means string of islands, and people inhabited the island sometime between 500 - 800 BCE, meaning this locale is steeped in history. But that is only the beginning, read on for more information on Turks and Caicos, from where to stay, where to go, and which activities to partake in!
Grand Turk and Caicos
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