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What to Expect on Vacation in Ambergris Caye

Spectacular caves, crashing waterfalls, virgin tropical rainforest, and hundreds of limestone caves characterize Ambergris Caye vacations. Zip lining through the forest, cave tubing in Mayan caverns, scuba diving or snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef, sailing, parasailing, or hiking through the jungle; you will find an unforgettable journey on Ambergris Caye in Belize There is so much to do on here that you might never even make it to the mainland! Many people are unfamiliar with where Belize, and Ambergris Caye are located. Belize is just below Mexico on the east side of Central America. Ambergris Caye is an island belonging to Belize and is also the main destination for those traveling to this Central American nation. Both are off the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Ambergris Caye vacations tend to centre around San Pedro because it is the only town on the island, although other resorts and villages are speckled across the long island.
Ambergris Caye Vacations
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Why choose Playa Del Carmen for you next Getaway

This little Caribbean beach town has grown tremendously in popularity during the last decade. There's a good reason for that – Playa del Carmen is a fantastic place to spend your vacation, hang out, or live. The town has grown along the beach, so wherever you go, you will feel the closeness to the sea. The main street is called Quinta Avenida, or 5th Avenue. Sometimes it's just called La Quinta. It is a pedestrian walkway and a common point of reference. The town basically has two parts. Starting from the dock and the main square going west from here is Avenida Juarez, where you will find the bus station, post office, police and most banks. Now head north on famous 5th Avenue, walking parallel to the beach. This first part of Playa is where you find most hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. Basically, the town gets less crowded the further north you get. Not that Playa is very crowded to begin with as far as towns are concerned. The next big avenue you get to is called Constituyentes and it ends on the point of the beach where the big yellow hotel Porto Real is located. On the beach between the dock and this point you have a choice of many nice hotels, restaurants, bars and dive shops.
Playa Del Carmen 5th Avenue Steak House
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Top 8 Things To Do in Cancun

Cancun offers diversity few other destinations can contend with. There are tons of things to do both in and around Cancun, which is one reason it is continuously ranked as one of the top vacation destinations in the world. The numerous choices of tours in Cancun can get confusing, so we are trying to list some of our favorite options for different genres of interests and reasons for travel.
Top Rated Cancun Activities
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The Best Destination For Your Vacation

Deciding on vacation? But, how do you choose? Forget the cookie-cutter all inclusive (okay, well, we love all inclusive resorts, but if you've done them before consider a new approach and fresh destination.) For simplicities sake, I am going to discuss the Caribbean. If any of my readers have specific questions about other travel destinations, just ask me, and I will be happy to help you out.
The best Caribbean vacations for family
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Travel Tips to Jamaica

Wherever you travel understanding the local etiquette and culture amplifies the experience; you won't get weird looks or feel like an idiot when you're the only one in a mini skirt! Jamaica's motto 'Out of Many, One People' defines the warm welcoming and highly accepting locals. Still, there are important things to know and to respect when traveling here as well. Jamaican Etiquette: It is not hard to get along with Jamaican's. They are friendly, genuine, and curious about your own homeland. Everyone wants to be your friend and show you around. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you are out and about on the island...
jamaica travel tips
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Get What You Book - Reviewing Hotel Reviews

In our technological era, hotel guests are easily able to read reviews, see pictures, and book their stay all from the comfort of their computer. Today we look at how much you should you trust the reviews you read. I should mention that the team at MyVacationPages works tirelessly to provide pre-approved travel choices. So, we actually go through the reviews before we list travel companies on our site (so you don't have to). The advice below is precisely what we do when reviewing reviews, so I consider myself an expert when it comes to picking out truthful reviews.
reception desk with room key and bell in hotel
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Is air travel really more safe?

With the mile high meltdowns we've seen in the media, more and more travelers are questioning the safety of air travel. But after much research, we've come to the conclusion that not only is air travel safe, it's the safest it's been in years. According to Airlines from the US, Canada, the European Community, Australia, and Japan were responsible for about three quarters of all airline traffic, but less than one quarter of the fatal events (9 of 43) took place in those countries or involved an airline based in those countries.
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Information for Travelers to Playa Del Carmen

To help you on your journey to Playa Del Carmen we have put together travel tips, important things to know, popular landmarks, and more, in an efficient and simple to read travel guide. Playa Del Carmen has kept its small town charm, while becoming on of the most sought after destinations in Mexico. The implosion of tourists, hasn't affected the quality of vacation, or the friendliness of locals. The beaches are pristine and the area full of discovery.
Travel Tips & Info for Playa Del Carmen
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9 Important Safety Tips When Abroad

Whether you are an avid traveler or taking your first vacation, you should always review travel safety tips before you go. Just because you are a good person, doesn't mean that everyone else is. Even if you have gotten away with taking risks in the past it does not mean you should continue to do them in the future. Here's an example why: Friends just returned from vacation, these are travelers who take multiple trips per year. They love mingling with locals and have never had a bad experience... until now. They were visiting a marketplace and made friends with a man at the booth who told them about a place to get the best soup and beer in town. They agreed to go with him and he hailed a taxi. They stopped in the middle of no where and were told to hand over $200. They handed over what they had and the taxi driver and 'guide' took off, leaving them stranded. Both the guide and driver were in on the scam. This is just one example of many true negative experiences when traveling abroad, and why you need to keep common sense and intuition at the forefront of your getaway.
Safety tips when abroad
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How the Government Shutdown Affects Travel

Does the government shutdown affect travel? The short answer: Yes. From passports to landmarks your planned travel in (or out of) the United States could be affected by the government shutdown. Here is what is going on and what you can do to overcome potential travel woes.
airport photo
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