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Travel Cheats: Venice Italy

Romantic and charismatic, Venice, Italy is an enchanted vacation destination that let's you step back 600 years into the past. With 20 million tourists flocking here each year locals know how to make sure you have a great time. The popularity also means a plethora of options await. Planning what to do and where to stay can be intimidating in a city with so many choices. We have simplified travel to Venice with top travel tips for your vacation: Venice is a small city but it would still take a few hours to walk from one end to the other. Getting around is not necessarily easy, especially for those with limited mobility. For this reason due diligence about where to rest at night (not just the hotel but the actual district) is extremely important. If you are one of the 16.5 million yearly visitors staying for a day, spend the extra money and pick something close to your favorite attractions. If staying for a week or more you might want to consider switching hotels half way through. Stay close to the attractions and explore, than move to an outer area if planning on heading to places like Pisa or the vineyards.
Venice Grand Canal in the Evening
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10 Most Common Questions Answered about Eleuthera Bahamas

Eleuthera is certainly off the beaten path, which leaves travelers with common questions, like how to get there, what is the weather like on Eleuthera, where exactly is it, and more. We put together the ten most common questions travelers to Eleuthera have, with insightful answers. First let us tell you a few cool facts about this paradise. The name of this island means "free". Architecture on other islands derives from the European 17th century influence found on Eleuthera.
Eleuthera Bahamas ocean meet at Queens Bridge
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How to Plan a Villa Vacation

Villa vacation rentals are on the rise around the world and with good reason. This trendy vacation choice gives you more luxury in your getaway than a typical resort or hotel stay would. It gives you the freedom to explore your surroundings instead of just the beach. Plus, it is gives your group much more privacy and party time, for those who seek it. Villa vacations can be intimidating to plan, especially for big groups. So, we have made a fool proof guide on how to plan a villa vacation. Knowing where you want to go is important, however knowing what amenities you want that destination to have is the only way to narrow it down when you are undecided. Talk to your group and find out what activities are most important to them. Remember, not everyone has to agree on what to do because no one has to go on every activity.
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8 Eco-Friendly Vacation Tips for the Average Traveler

Not all of us are eco-hipsters who spend their every day counting their carbon footprint ... even if we should be. But, there are still easy things to do when planning and taking your vacation to ensure you don't have a horrible eco-impact on the paradise you are visiting. We all love telling people that they have to go where we have been, so preserving it for them (and future generations) makes perfect sense. More and more destinations (like cities in Mexico) and tour operators are demanding you bring biodegradable sunscreen on your water excursion. Billions of people hit the ocean and lakes every year and there is a big problem with micro-organisms and coral reefs dying off and the cause is thought to be chemicals in non-biodegradable sunscreen and bug spray. If you do nothing else eco-friendly, do this. It is such a small effort will help protect ocean life for future generations.
Girl checking to make sure she has biodegradable sunscreen
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Affordable Family Adventure to Orlando

When you are planning your family trip to Orlando, the variety of options, and expense of the famed theme parks, can have you second guessing your decision. Not to worry, we have put together the perfect (affordable) itinerary and important tips for your family vacation to this Florida hot spot. Orlando can be an affordable choice if you know where to go, and how to plan your getaway. This itinerary is meant to connect you with your family. The cell phones will be put away, the tablets forgotten, and stress of every day life left behind.
Family on a roller coaster
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Is Ambergris Caye Safe?

Many would-be tourists considering Ambergris Caye as their next destination want to know how safe it is; especially when you consider the country of Belize has a bad reputation when it comes to safety. Amergris Caye is certainly one of the safest areas to travel around in Belize, but one should still use common sense and know what the most common crimes are in the area, as well as road and activity safety standards. Our purpose is not to scare you into considering a different destination, as every visit to a foreign country has certain amount of criminal activity against tourists, but rather, we want you to know the truth so you are better prepared.
Ambergris Caye, San Pedro
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Best Time to Book Flights Online

Travellers heading to their destination via flight always have the same conundrum, when is the best time to book flights online? Many companies have been tracking flights, over 1 billion in fact, and reported when they think the sweet spots are. One of the most impressive studies to be released (and sure to help you answer that mind-numbing question ... when is the best time to book your airfare?) is by released an impressive account of results found from 2013. They monitored 4,191,533 trips; in terms of airfares, this is over $1.3 billion. All because they listen to their customers whose number one question is ... you guessed it ... when is the best time to book flights online?
plane landing in the sunset
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How To Haggle 101

Love it or hate it, haggling on vacation is as likely to happen as sunburns on redheads, which leaves many wondering how to haggle. These tips and tricks are primarily for sun soaker's, but the skills of negotiating found in this article can be used in your day to day life too; when you buy a car, a home, or head to the flea market. Whether you consider yourself quite the little deal maker, or are the type to pay $50 for a seashell, we have some great tips on how to get the biggest bang for your vacation buck. To define haggling, it is the art of getting the deal; respectfully. Joking around is perfectly acceptable, but being a loud mouth isn't fun for anyone.
Beach vendors know how to haggle
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Guide to St Lucia

This guide to St Lucia discusses everything you need to know about travelling to this Caribbean destination. From the weather to the people, customs requirements to emergency contacts, this free travel guide gives you the insight and knowledge you need for your travels. In case you don't know where St. Lucia is, it is an island country in the southern Caribbean, just above Venezuela. There are approximately 175,000 people living in St. Lucia today.
Complete Guide to St Lucia
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5 Secrets to Planning your Budget Vacation

It seems as though every time I sit down at my computer to start planning a vacation there are even more websites and articles designed to make budget vacations easier for everyone; except for me. Log-ins, pop-ups, and “do you want to share every decision with your friends" requests, encumber each click. Our ideology at MyVacationPages completely turns the vacation search upside down, and today I want to share with you the 5 Secrets to Planning your Budget Getaway. These secrets are strategies that will not only save you money, but precious time too. Searching starts out fun, but after days (even weeks in some cases), planning a vacation can become tedious and stressful. One of my favorite quotes is 'you can always make more money, but you will never make more time'. With this in mind, I want to show you how to choose, save, and budget, as well as outside-the-box ideas, to spend less time searching and wishing, in order to efficiently decide and plan your getaway.
Planning a Vacation
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