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Pirate Ship Adventure, Anyone?

Looking for something to do with the kids in St Martin? This one-of-a-kind ship is just the thing to do in this Caribbean paradise. Memories for a lifetime will be made aboard Lord Sheffield Tall Ship Adventures; a pirate ship! Fun for kids, and for adults, all ages will love this ocean excursion. Leaving from Great Bay, Sint Maarten cruise ship passengers and hotel dwellers alike can enjoy this unique excursion.
Unique sailing excursion in St Martin
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3 Top Boutique Hotels in Miami

The best boutique hotels in Miami are numerous, so to help, we put together a list of our top recommended affordable, moderate, and luxury boutique hotel choices. Taking into account customer service, amenities, distinct designs, and location, we sorted through dozens of options to bring you our highly endorsed choices. We haven't put this list in a particular order, because they are all exceptional!
Suite in Impala Hotel in Miami
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Couples Getaway in Negril, Jamaica

Couples planning a vacation to Jamaica need only use our pre-planned itinerary for a great escape you will talk about for years to come. We have infused romance, adventure, fun, and local culture into this themed getaway to ensure you experience the best facets of Negril, Jamaica. Don't worry we leave room for you to pick your must's too! This is not just about romantic sunsets and ocean side couples massages, although there is some of that too. This is about having fun, reconnecting, and getting a true Jamaican experience. We chose to host this couples vacation in Negril because it offers sweeping views, idyllic setting, is a 'sleepier' resort town compared to others in Jamaica, and is home to the world famous Seven Mile Beach. The variety of activities are prime for couples, while the locals are kind and welcoming.
Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica
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Cruising in Provo with Kenard

With some of the most vivid turquoise waters in the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos is a fantastic choice for a luxury yacht excursion. The Turks and Caicos sailing scene is amplified when you choose a boat that suits your group size and needs. Thus, we introduce you to Kenard Cruises. With a small fleet of luxury yachts in Provo, their selection is a step above others in the Caribbean. This fleet starts with their 29 foot speed boat; Chaparral. Zip along the shore with big smiles as you head out for some snorkeling or fishing.
Luxury yacht services in Provo TCI
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Horseback Riding in Vieques with Esperenza

Why go horseback riding in Vieques, Puerto Rico? The unusual coastline, vivid flora, sublime water views, and overall fun of the experience are the top reasons. Many surprises await along the shores of Vieques, and riding them horseback is one of the best ways to find them. Not to mention the beautifully tempered horses that are happy to accompany you on this excursion. Horses are incredible creatures. Mankind would simply not be where we are today without their strength and train-ability. Before the car was the horse, and we owe a big thank you to these gentle giants.
Horse sniffs at puppy in puerto rico
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A Hideaway Wedding in the Bahamas

The Bahamas has a range of luxury resorts for your destination wedding, but few can compare to the exclusivity and privacy of Tiamo Resort in the Bahamas. Unlike most, its boutique style makes it possible for you to rent out the entire property, providing complete dedication to you and your guests. Planning a destination wedding is stressful. You not are not only undertaking an epic moment in your own life, but choosing a vacation for your guests as well. It is vital the resort you choose have an excellent wedding planner, multiple activities, gorgeous property, comfortable suites, Michelin style cuisine, and beach front location. Above all though, it has to have a great staff. It won't matter that the resort has water sports if the person attending it spends half their time on their cell phone.
Luxury destination wedding in the Bahamas
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Is Ambergris Caye Safe?

Many would-be tourists considering Ambergris Caye as their next destination want to know how safe it is; especially when you consider the country of Belize has a bad reputation when it comes to safety. Amergris Caye is certainly one of the safest areas to travel around in Belize, but one should still use common sense and know what the most common crimes are in the area, as well as road and activity safety standards. Our purpose is not to scare you into considering a different destination, as every visit to a foreign country has certain amount of criminal activity against tourists, but rather, we want you to know the truth so you are better prepared.
Ambergris Caye, San Pedro
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Queen Juliana Bridge, Curacao

Queen Juliana Bridge is the Caribbean's tallest and belongs to Curacao; it is a free landmark for tourists visiting the island. Located in its bustling capital, Willemstad, the sleek structure was built over St. Anna Bay to accommodate ships coming into port, and to connect the city regions of Punda and Otrabanda. This beautiful piece of architecture rises to an impressive 185 feet. From the bridge an incredible view, stretching well past the city center, is waiting. It is named after Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, and just like this respected royal, is sturdy and unique. (In fact, Queen Juliana passed away at the age of 94, and is the longest living monarch in the world to date.)
Queen Juliana Bridge Attraction in Willemstad
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Cancun Jungle Tour with Blue Ray

Most of us associate Cancun with pristine beaches and Mayan ruins. But, there is another popular choice when it comes to things to do in Cancun, and that's a Jungle Tour. Why are these excursions to popular? Well, they only take a few hours, leaving you with ample time to enjoy your day, provide a combination of adventure and discovery of Cancun's own quasi 'wetlands', they tend to be affordable excursions, and are an exploration the whole family can enjoy. To tour the Jungle of Cancun one needs a speedboat. That's right, you get to visit the uninhabited lagoons and fascinating lands from the comfort of your self-driven speedboat. Let me just reiterate: You actually get to drive the boat yourself ... as long as you are 18. Sorry kids, you can come, but no driving!
Little girl joins in on the Jungle Tour Snorkel Adventure with Blue Ray
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La Concha: A Resort for the Contemporary Adult

Sleek and sophisticated, Puerto Rico luxury resort, La Concha, has completely re-imaged itself. Recently, (and finally) renovations were completed at La Concha. Seven years and a budget of $220 million dollars was invested into the transformation at La Concha. But what does this huge budget translate to for would-be guests? As soon as you get to La Concha the vibe is set. It's retro-hip-chic style seeps into every aspect of the resort. The lobby dons contemporary furnishings, with creams and whites as the signature palette choice. A red ceiling over the lobby bar beautifully accents the sleek style. Some associate modern with a feeling of cold or empty, at La Concha it is the completely opposite. The modern choices have an artistic feel, not an empty one.
La Concha Puerto Rico Lobby Area
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