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Top 10 Things To Do In Grand Cayman

From attractions to tours to activities, there are many activities to do in the Cayman Islands. We turned to inside expert and local guide George Wauchope for a list of the best things to do in Grand Cayman.
Stingray City
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Anse Chastanet Delivers Unique Luxury

My first thought as we were landing at Hewanorra International is my goodness this place is beautiful. This volcanic island's scenery is beyond what I could have possibly imagined. The twin peaks stood out right away and I was glad to hear that I would have a great view from where I would be staying - Anse Chastanet. As I am getting settled into my room I noticed a pleasant surprise; everything and I mean literally everything has been locally made or handcrafted. The bedspread and cushions are made from the national cloth called madras. The furniture was mahogany, red cedar, wild breadfruit and other local woods. It is always so great to see the use of local resources as so many resorts have seemed to escape their identity.
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11 Top Sunset Destinations

Are you one of those people who thrive on spectacular views? If so, then one of our top sunset destinations is a must for your future travels. Whether it is the land and waters reflection, the position from the sun, or both, there is something these destinations have when it comes to dusk that others can't compare to. From a waterfall in Iceland, to the magnificent Taj Mahal, all the way to Kenya's safaris, and on we have searched through hundreds of photos and personal stories to bring you our "11 Top Sunset Destinations".
Experience true serenity care of Mother Nature at Seljalandsfoss water fall in Iceland. Surely the most magestic choice on this list
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Travel Cheats: Venice Italy

Romantic and charismatic, Venice, Italy is an enchanted vacation destination that let's you step back 600 years into the past. With 20 million tourists flocking here each year locals know how to make sure you have a great time. The popularity also means a plethora of options await. Planning what to do and where to stay can be intimidating in a city with so many choices. We have simplified travel to Venice with top travel tips for your vacation: Venice is a small city but it would still take a few hours to walk from one end to the other. Getting around is not necessarily easy, especially for those with limited mobility. For this reason due diligence about where to rest at night (not just the hotel but the actual district) is extremely important. If you are one of the 16.5 million yearly visitors staying for a day, spend the extra money and pick something close to your favorite attractions. If staying for a week or more you might want to consider switching hotels half way through. Stay close to the attractions and explore, than move to an outer area if planning on heading to places like Pisa or the vineyards.
Venice Grand Canal in the Evening
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Top 6 Luxury Resorts for Couples in the Caribbean & Mexico

Some couples want to bask on the beach, other duos seek creative adventures, and some simply need a kid-free zone. We have crowned these hand-picked resorts as the best for couples in seek of luxury. They range from the ideally rejuvenating to the extra sultry. Your twosome getaway will be the best yet with these superior Caribbean and Mexican resorts for couples. Couples-only and clothing-optional too, Desire has created a racy all-inclusive experience for duos. Highly sought-after, be sure to book ahead at this sultry oasis. Around $700USD per night for double occupancy if you find the price tag a little high, opt to stay for 4 nights instead of 6. This is a hot one-of-a-kind resort for couples!
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Top Vacation Destinations for 2017

Where are you going in 2017? If finding a unique destination is at the top of your priority list than our list of "Top Vacation Destinations for 2017" of countries around the world is for you. With options to meet every interest your 2017 getaway is sure to be the best yet with these incredible vacation suggestions! We have been tooting Guatemala's horn throughout 2016, and now it is being ranked among the world's best travel destination for 2017 (no surprise to us!). Guatemala offers culture, history, interest, and beautiful beaches. You can get true luxury with a mid-range budget. There is much to see, much to do, and the culinary scene is just as extensive.
River in a Guatemala forest
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The Super Moon Around the World

Last night was an epic evening to stay up late, or get up early this morning to witness the November 2016 super moon. An event that brought the world together in awe. 14% bigger and 30% brighter the sky was lit, but in size it really depended on what time you looked at the moon. If you were lucky enough to witness it at its largest ... wow! Around the world people captured incredible photos of the super moon. We searched through hundreds to bring you the best of the best. Some were taken through telescopes giving you a zoomed in view just not possible by the average camera.
Super moon over athens
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8 Coolest Caves in the World

Gob-smacked by the sheer awesomeness that these natural wonders possess, we are in search of the worlds coolest caves. Imagine standing in a cavern with hundreds of feet of million year old rock looming over and around you. As you peruse these photos don't just look, try to imagine yourself there and what it would feel like. For me, the sensation at the Cenotes was a combination of thrill, surprise, nervousness, and awe. To describe a cave experience in one word is impossible, which lead me to seeking out and sharing the coolest caves across the globe. Humans and caves have a lengthy history and a relationship that continues today. In the past they were used as homes, burial chambers, and religious sites. Human kind etched drawings onto their walls for future generations to find and study. Like taking ice samples in the antarctic, caves even help us understand the climate from era's long ago. I think you will agree caves are fascinating and mesmerizing.
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How to Plan a Villa Vacation

Villa vacation rentals are on the rise around the world and with good reason. This trendy vacation choice gives you more luxury in your getaway than a typical resort or hotel stay would. It gives you the freedom to explore your surroundings instead of just the beach. Plus, it is gives your group much more privacy and party time, for those who seek it. Villa vacations can be intimidating to plan, especially for big groups. So, we have made a fool proof guide on how to plan a villa vacation. Knowing where you want to go is important, however knowing what amenities you want that destination to have is the only way to narrow it down when you are undecided. Talk to your group and find out what activities are most important to them. Remember, not everyone has to agree on what to do because no one has to go on every activity.
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8 of the World's Creepiest Places to Visit

The world is full of supernatural mystery, and we set out in search of the creepiest places to find them. Our list of top creepy places in the world takes you from land to sea, and around the globe, and may have even those in doubt of life after death or UFO's second guessing themselves. Sadly, most of these eerie destination became popular because of catastrophe, so please be aware that some of the images below may be disturbing.
Truk Langoon Death
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