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Incredible Grenada

Grenada is a beautiful island destination. In fact, it is home to Grand Anse Beach in St George which continuously makes top ten lists of the most beautiful beaches in world. Here, a relaxed vacation is offered in abundance, but you will also find thriving entertainment and nightlife. This unique combination is a big part of why it is such a fantastic getaway choice. Most who have visited before argue that it is the best choice of all Caribbean destinations which is why I decided to find out for myself. English is the primary language, and the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$) is the official currency, however the US dollar is widely accepted. Local culture in Grenada is authentically infused with music, dance and fine food. An event that combines all three takes place on the main island every week at Gouyave Fish Friday on St. Dominic and St. Francis Street. It begins at 6:00 pm and continues late into the night. Steel drum music is played, while numerous street vendors prepare a number of different dishes, and everyone has a great time dancing. This is the perfect example of Grenada’s energy.
Grenada Vacation
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Top 10 Travel Choices in St Vincent

If you really want to get away from it all, then St. Vincent & the Grenadines is the ideal destination for you. This series of islands and cays offers peace, privacy, and plenty to do for visitors booking a villa rental here. Whether you want to explore Fort Charlotte or the La Soufriere volcano or just lounge at a secluded beach, there is plenty to entertain you. Steep mountains covered in a tangle of lush vegetation, cool waterfalls, black and white sand beaches, colorful bougainvillea, and turquoise water - this is St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In the heart of the southern Caribbean, St. Vincent lies 24 miles south of St. Lucia and 100 miles west of Barbados. St. Vincent called "the mainland" by locals and the Grenadines, well over 30 smaller islands and cays resemble a large kite and a tail of islands stretching nearly 45 miles to the southwest. Some of the more popular Grenadine islands include Young Island, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Union Island, Palm Island, and Petit (petty) St. Vincent. Part of the Windward Island chain, these tropical gems are just being discovered by travelers worldwide.
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Ten places you've never heard of but must see

You've probably never heard of these places but I absolutely recommend at least adventuring to one of these ten fabulous destinations. 10. Lake Ohrid is sprawled across the mountainous border between the southwest of Macedonia and the east of Albania. The lake itself is a world heritage site and is one of Europe's oldest lakes with over 200 endemic species, preserving a truly unique aquatic ecosystem. Along the coast you can witness the abundance of waterbirds from the endangered dalmatian pelican, the ferruginous duck, and the majestic swan, just to name a few. The Ohrid region is also known as an important cultural and religious center, the monastery at Plaosnik was one of the oldest universities in Western Europe dating prior to the 10th century.
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Unique and Unusual Destinations

Working at a vacation company I come across the "typical" destinations that everybody dreams of, golden beaches draped in sun, on a daily basis. As fun as the beach may be (and believe me I love the beach), I thought it would be interesting to find some destinations that people wouldn't think of right away when they thought vacation, but that still have a lot to offer to the traveler. Greenland has no 5 star hotels or spas but what you will lack in pampering will make up for itself in unparalleled views of fjords, glaciers and wildlife. Greenland has 24 hours of sunshine in the summer, and flights only go there from May to the end of August. The largest island in the world Greenland also has a rich history with Norse ruins dating back to the 1400's. We urge you to take an unusual vacation this summer and discover what Greenland has to offer.
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