Top Secret Adventure in St Martin

Treating guests like VIP celebrities, we had to share one of the most impressive yacht expeditions in the Caribbean. Top Secret Excursions in Philipsburg, St Maarten delivers entertainment and adventure on their 45' super luxury motor yacht. They have cultivated ocean tours based on guests interests. Sounds like everyone would do that doesn't it? One would think so, but no, they don't.

Luxury motor yacht tours & charter in St maarten

Here is why we consider Top Secret Excursions one of the best Boating Tours in the Caribbean.

Outstanding Tours: How many sailing expeditions give you the opportunity to feed wild sharks? Or, get a massage on an uninhabited beach? Or, keep the kids entertained if you want some quiet time? The answer to these questions is exactly why we named Top Secret Excursions the "Best Yacht Charter in St Maarten 2014". They deliver unique experiences based on what a guest wants. Most of the time the guests don't even know what they want, until they speak with Top Secret, who have great ideas depending on customer's interests and ideas.

So Much On Board: Tubing, knee boarding, water-skis, kids skis, and jet boating. A dinghy to get to secluded shorelines. Fishing and snorkel gear. This luxury motor yacht comes fully equipped for fun. Just make sure the crew know what you want to do ahead of time.

Philipsburg, St Maarten Ocean Tours

The Luxury Yacht: The boat is gorgeous. As we mentioned, guests feel like a celebrity. In part it is because of the service, but it is also the upscale and modern craft that carries you on your day's adventure. Sublime!

There is a full galley, washroom, fresh water shower (to rinse off after being in the ocean), dining area, and large outdoor deck. It's a luxury yacht that can even be chartered for a week, instead of a day, if you want!

Sailing expeditions for the whole family in St Maarten

An Exceptional Crew: It is plain to see that Top Secret Excursions has created a service with guests comfort and vacation in mind. The crew continue the outstanding level of satisfaction and service. professional and capable certainly, but at the same time entertaining and knowledgeable too.

Top Secret Excursions is an example of exactly what a yacht tour should consist of. Every aspect of their tour is upscale and five star, ensuring their success.

To learn more about Top Secret Excursions visit our Editorial Listing or their Official Website.

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