Top 10 Things To Do In Grand Cayman

From attractions to tours to activities, there are many activities to do in the Cayman Islands. We turned to inside expert and local guide George Wauchope for a list of the best things to do in Grand Cayman.

1. Stingray City

stingray city grand cayman

Stingray City is a sandbar located about a mile offshore in Grand Cayman.

Being a sandbar, it's only about 2-3 feet deep; this means that visitors are able to stand up in waist-deep water.

This has been the number one tourist attraction in the Cayman Islands for over 50 years. Tourists are able to hand-feed wild "Southern Stingrays" and take pictures.

Stingray City is definitely one of the top things to do in Grand Cayman.

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2. Bioluminescent Bay

bioluminescence boat tour grand cayman

This is quickly becoming one of the most popular activities in the Cayman Islands.

This is a night-time tour; take a boat to the Bio Bay, and snorkel with light emitting plankton. As you move the water at night, the plankton give off bright blue light.

This can be done on kayaks, but it is better to visit in a boat, since only on boat can you then snorkel. The visibility of the bioluminescence is much better in the water with a mask.

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3. Fishing

fishing grand cayman

Grand Cayman has some of the best deep-sea fishing in the Caribbean.

There are many companies that take guests far offshore to areas such as "12-mile banks".

Reef fishing isn't recommended since the reefs are already over-fished (compared to 60 years ago).

Types of fish that are commonly caught include: tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, marlin and much more.

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4. Diving at the Kittiwake Wreck

kittiwake grand cayman

Diving is already an awesome activity, but doing it at the Kittiwake Wreck takes it to a different level.

The Kittiwake is an ex-US navy ship that was bought by the Cayman Islands government, and purposely sunk a few hundred yards off of Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman as a dive site in 2011.

This is now the most popular dive site in the Cayman Islands, and for good reason; there is a wide variety of fish and other marine life found here.

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5. Starfish Point

starfish point grand cayman

This is a secluded beach in Grand Cayman which has a large number of starfish.

Most people visit Starfish Point by boat, but some people drive.

There is no coral here, so there isn't much snorkeling, however, the beach and scenery are worth the visit.

Remember not to take the starfish out of the water, since it can damage them.

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6. Parasailing

parasailing grand cayman

Fly 150 feet in the air, as you view Grand Cayman from the sky.

This is the best way to see the island. This is a popular activity for both cruise ship and hotel guests.

This activity is great for thrill seekers, and is not recommended for people who are scared of heights.

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7. Turtle Farm

turtle-farm grand cayman

The Turtle Farm is one of Grand Cayman's oldest attractions.

It was destroyed in 2004 during hurricane Ivan, but then was re-built.

Hundreds of turtles are bred here every year, and many are released into the wild in order to sustain the population.

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8. Crystal Caves

crystal-caves grand cayman

The Crystal Caves opened as a tourist attraction in Grand Cayman in 2016.

These are naturally formed caves, but the work done to open them to the public was only complete recently.

It is about an hour drive from Seven Mile Beach.

Most tours that go through the caves last for about 1-2 hours. This is great for people who love to hike and explore nature.

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9. Submarine Tour

submarine tour grand cayman

This is a fun family-friendly activity for those who want to see fish and other marine life, without snorkeling.

The submarine tour departs from George Town in Grand Cayman, which is near the cruise ship port.

This excursion lasts for about an hour.

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10. Paddle Boarding

bioluminescence boat tour grand cayman

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the most popular water-based activities in the Cayman Islands.

Many tourists who stay on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman rent boards for up to a week.

No experience is required to enjoy this activity. The wide boards are very stable, meaning that little balance is required.

Seven Mile Beach is on the West side of Grand Cayman, which is calm almost always, this creates an ideal area to paddle board.

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