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Horseback Riding in Vieques with Esperenza

Why go horseback riding in Vieques, Puerto Rico? The unusual coastline, vivid flora, sublime water views, and overall fun of the experience are the top reasons. Many surprises await along the shores of Vieques, and riding them horseback is one of the best ways to find them. Not to mention the beautifully tempered horses that are happy to accompany you on this excursion. Horses are incredible creatures. Mankind would simply not be where we are today without their strength and train-ability. Before the car was the horse, and we owe a big thank you to these gentle giants.
Horse sniffs at puppy in puerto rico
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A Hideaway Wedding in the Bahamas

The Bahamas has a range of luxury resorts for your destination wedding, but few can compare to the exclusivity and privacy of Tiamo Resort in the Bahamas. Unlike most, its boutique style makes it possible for you to rent out the entire property, providing complete dedication to you and your guests. Planning a destination wedding is stressful. You not are not only undertaking an epic moment in your own life, but choosing a vacation for your guests as well. It is vital the resort you choose have an excellent wedding planner, multiple activities, gorgeous property, comfortable suites, Michelin style cuisine, and beach front location. Above all though, it has to have a great staff. It won't matter that the resort has water sports if the person attending it spends half their time on their cell phone.
Luxury destination wedding in the Bahamas
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Eleven Luxurious Destinations

Did you ever wonder where you would go if you won the lottery tomorrow? 5 star hotels, hidden spas in the mountains, beach side mansions... There is something mesmerizing about the rich and famous that just pulls you in. Hence my inspiration to post this blog entry. One of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates. It is south of the Persian Gulf and right on the glorious shores of the Arabian Peninsula. A land that epitomizes luxury, this extraordinary urban metropolis is filled with 5 star hotels and serene oases, perfect for the discerning traveler.
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Resorts for Couples in Cancun

Our Top Recommended Resorts for couples visiting Cancun shines a new light on this famous destination. Cancun is well-known for its nightlife, but it is a well rounded vacation destination that offers incredible romance and adventure. From the beautiful sunsets to the intimate restaurant settings, unbelievable resorts dedicated to couples, and more! Peruse our list of top recommended resorts for couples in Cancun and see which one suits you best. Modern elegance greet couples immediately and foretell the stay to be had at the Oasis Viva Beach Resort. For couples who want to enjoy Cancun nightlife while still have time and space for themselves, the opportunity is offered here. Situated in the hotel zone, all inclusive, large scale, and multiple things to do day-in and day-out, make it a great choice for the contemporary couple wanting a getaway with their loved one.
Oasis Viva Beach Resort, cancun romantic resort
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Courchevel's Couloirs

Looking for a fresh powder day? Courchevel's couloirs are renowned as some of the most difficult black runs in the world. The ultimate skiers’ playground and a magnet for the rich and famous, Courchevel is the glamorous heart of Les Trois Vallées. Courchevel has many facets; it consists of 4 satellite villages (Courchevel Le Praz, Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650 and Courchevel 1850) although it is most famous for its highest resort, the exclusive village of Courchevel 1850.
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Fishing in Playa Del Carmen

Activities in Playa del Carmen Mexico are limitless, but one of our favorites is certainly deep sea fishing. Fishing down here in Playa offers something for everybody. Amateur fishermen or fisherwomen can enjoy a simple half-day trip departing directly from any beach. There are morning excursions or afternoon trips. If new to the sport this is an activity that is sure to surprise in its delight.
activities in playa del carmen - deep sea fishing
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Skydiving Vacation in Aruba

Our Aruba travel pick is centered around Skydiving, and we have done the legwork for you, finding a great hotel and an amazing restaurant to complete this vacation experience. If you follow our recommendations you will not only spend a great day jumping out of a perfectly fine aircraft, but end it with a huge steak and seafood dinner. If you havent had enough of Aruba for one day, our five star hotel choice for you is found in the heart of what Aruba would call "downtown." Vibrant clubs and chill beach bars abound. Ask the guys at SkyDive Aruba what spots to hit, they will point you in the right direction. Skydive Aruba gives you the thrill of a lifetime, with breathtaking views at one of the most scenic drop zones in the world. See the beautiful southern Caribbean in a special way, while experiencing the exhilaration of Skydiving. The cost of a Tandem Skydive is $250.00 per person.
Skydiving in Aruba
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Diving Cenotes in Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is part of the Yucatan Peninsula which has an abundance of caves and underwater river known as a Cenote (Mayan world for well of water). When searching for activities to do in Playa del Carmen you are sure to come across this natural wonder. The Cenotes are yet another treasure in the Playa Del Carmen region, and again, it is not to be missed. The picture below is mesmerizing, so you can just imagine why this is one of the best activities to do in Playa del Carmen. Here in Playa del Carmen there are various tours suitable for all ages.
Playa Del Carmen trips to the Cenote Caves
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"Check" The Blue Hole in Belize off your Bucket List

If you want to plan a dive trip to the famous Great Blue Hole, we have put together a spectacular assortment of travel choices to consider on your dive vacation. Belize as a whole is definitely a dive worthy destination. Spy a Caribbean reef shark, enjoy the fascination of schools of fish as they pass an arm lengths away from you, enjoy the vibrant colors of the ocean life, and so much more. The natural phenomenon of The Blue Hole has translated into a one for scuba divers. We have a few suggestions to make this a trip never to forget. From stunning hotels to laid back places to eat, read on to get the scoop on this famous phenomenon.
Great Blue Hole Belize, great blue hole, blue hole
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Jamaica's Reggae Marathon

When one thinks track and field one immediately thinks Jamaica. This country has an incredible history of spectacular athletes. This is why the first time I heard about the Jamaica Reggae Marathon in Negril my ears perked up and my secret love for running races was re-ignited. (I was a champ in junior high school, winning first in several provincial meets and several long distance running races). The Reggae Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K race is scheduled for December 7th, 2013. Their slogan "Come for the run. Stay for the fun." sums up the experience to be had perfectly. This year I may be watching from the sidelines, but next year maybe I will be in it... We'll see how my training goes.
Recipient at the Reggae Marathon
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