The Super Moon Around the World

Last night was an epic evening to stay up late, or get up early this morning to witness the November 2016 super moon. An event that brought the world together in awe. 14% bigger and 30% brighter the sky was lit, but in size it really depended on what time you looked at the moon. If you were lucky enough to witness it at its largest ... wow! Around the world people captured incredible photos of the super moon. We searched through hundreds to bring you the best of the best. Some were taken through telescopes giving you a zoomed in view just not possible by the average camera.

Athens, Greece

Super moon over athens

Ottawa, Canada



Nov 2016 Supermoon above palace in Thailand

Bauddha Stupa in Kathmandu

Super moon in Bauddha Stupa in Kathmandu

Toronto, Canada

Toronto Canada super moon


super moon aboard a cruise ship

Tulsa, USA

Supermoon in Tulsa OK

Pennsylvania, USA

Penn State super moon nov 2016

Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland super moon



Lexington, USA


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