The Easiest Way to Plan the Perfect Virgin Islands Vacation

The Virgin Islands are a world famous vacation destination because of the stunning scenery, ample to do list, and variety of accommodation choices. With a vast number of islands to choose from deciding where to go can be almost as difficult as where to stay and what to do. This is why we highly recommend Royal Concierge Services; a service that let's you plan and book accommodations, tours, services, activities, rentals, charters, dining reservations ... and so much more. By learning about your interests, needs, and budget they create a unique getaway that includes every aspect of your vacation ... even the parts you haven't thought about (like souvenir shopping or grocery delivery).

We firmly believe that vacation planning should be fun, not stressful, and the experience that Royal Concierge offers is just that. Based in BVI but offering their services for both St. Thomas and St. John in USVI as well, Royal Concierge Services not only offers their assistance for all budgets, but they will make planning the vacation of a lifetime a cinch.

I think we can all agree that by removing the stress of figuring it all out on your own, and relying on an island insider who knows exactly what they are suggesting, you will have a big weight lifted off your vacation shoulders.

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Beyond the reduced stress is the fact that the planning is so enjoyable.

Would you rather spend 20 hours on your computer, questioning almost every decision you almost make, or make a few phone calls, and speak with an actual person who genuinely cares about the experience you are going to have? Would you rather rely on a travel agent who probably has never been to the Virgin Islands, or trust the firsthand recommendations from someone who is in touch with a vast network of property owners and tour operators? Sounds like an easy choice when put this way.

Aside from these obvious reasons to choose an on island concierge to plan your Virgin Islands vacation, there are many other great benefits too. Royal Concierge Services aims to provide a regal experience to their customers. Treating each as a unique person with their own interests and needs, Royal Concierge takes the time to get to know you and what you expect from your Virgin Islands getaway, so they can create a getaway that is uniquely yours.

Plan a unique vacation to USVI and BVI

Another great benefit of Royal Concierge Services is their variety of services. Online or with a travel agent you can book your hotel, airport transfer, flight, and sometimes tours. The rest you have to figure out on your own. But, with this elite service you can book specialty services too. For instance, a family looking for a villa stay can plan an extra special last night with a private chef. A couple traveling with a group of friends who would like a romantic night out; no problem, transport and reservations will be made before you even arrive on island. For the busy business executive trying to relax a personal assistant can be arranged. These are just a few examples of the extent Royal Concierge is able to go for their customers.

There is no limit to what Royal Concierge Services can arrange. Yacht charters, dive packages, island tours, foodie excursions, spa days, helicopter flights, sportfishing, bird watching ... the list goes on.

Also, planning your entire vacation itinerary with Royal Concierge Services means knowing what the cost for everything you want to do is and having the option to pay for it before you arrive. This will save surprise costs once you get there, which gives great peace of mind. Normally Royal Concierge Services begins planning three or four months before your group arrives which gives you ample time to save and pay for your dream getaway.

Plan a vacation to the Virgin Islands with Royal Conicerge

For those planning an event in the Virgin Islands like a wedding or corporate event Royal Concierge Services is one of the best choices too. From showing venue choices to organizing clean-up services and everything in between, they have the network, team, and services to meet your unique demands.

Planning your Virgin Islands vacation should begin with a call to Royal Concierge Services. With their extensive knowledge and network, this is not only the simplest way to plan your getaway, but the most fun.

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