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Dragons Breath ZipLine in Labadee, Haiti gives guests on Royal Caribbeans cruise lines the opportunity to fly high. Our review also covers some of the other fun things to do for your day in Haiti's Labadee Beach.

Have you ever wanted to go on a zip lining adventure but just couldn't decide on the best one? If so, the Dragon's Breath Flight Line is for you. This is the world's largest Zipline over water, soaring as high as 500 feet above the water, at speeds as fast as 50 miles per hour, and for a total distance exceeding 2,000 feet.

royal caribbean, dragons breath
Dragons Breath Zipline in Haiti

This experience is only available to guests of the Royal Caribbean cruise lines. Unfortunately, this excursion will set your wallet back a bit more than expected, but it encompasses much more than just the Dragon's Breath zip line. First you'll warm up on the smaller "Little Dragon" flight line, before boarding safari vehicles to take you to the launch point of the main attraction. This is definitely an excursion that will keep the adventurous members of the group happy.

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We won't need a bigger boat

Due to the fact that Labadee is the only part of Haiti which is frequently visited by cruise ships, the following information is about some of our other favorite things to do when your ship docks in Labadee. In the future, if cruise lines begin visiting other parts of the country we will make sure to give you an update for the country as a whole. All of the following activities can be found exclusively at Royal Caribbean's private port of Labadee.

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite things to do in Labadee. The majority are based around the beach, however almost any cruiser will be able to find an activity of interest.

1) Enjoy the Beach

labadee, labadee beach, royal caribbean beach
Private beach for Royal Caribbean clients

The main attraction of Labadee is the crystal clear waters and white sandy beach. Right next to the cruise port is Royal Caribbean's private Labadee Beach. Loungers are free to enjoy, and the waters are nice and warm if you feel like taking a swim. While not the most exciting of activities, it is definitely the most cost-effective and relaxing.

2) Horseback riding

Horseback riding on Labadee Beach
Horseback riding on Labadee Beach

If you've never been horseback riding on a beach, Labadee is the perfect place to give it a try. After a short safety briefing, you'll mount your horse, and embark on a leisurely trot along the water. This is a perfect activity for couples who are looking for a romantic excursion. Depending on how late your ship stays in port, you may be able to catch the sunset during your ride.

4) Arawak Aqua Park

arawak, arawak aqua park, labade beach aqua park, haiti waterslide
Royal Caribbeans Arawak Aqua Park

Royal Caribbean's aqua park consists of water trampolines, icebergs, and a variety of other aquatic activities to keep the kids happy and busy while in the water. In addition, most excursions which include the Aqua Park either include a ride on the mountainside roller coaster, or a ride down Labadee's own Dragon's Breath waterslide. At a much cheaper rate than other excursions on the island, this one is definitely great for families.

5) Snorkel Safari

"snorkeling, haiti tour, snorkeling in haiti
Some of the worlds best snorkeling is in Haiti

Haiti is home to some of the world's best snorkeling, and Labadee is no exception. Gear up and travel by boat a slight distance away from shore to the port's best snorkeling areas. Guides will ensure that you see a wide range of marine life, and will provide fish food to bring the fish even closer. After exploring the area, you'll re board the catamaran and enjoy rum punch on the way back to the beach. This is a great excursion for couples and families alike.

One of the most notable things in Labadee is that every excursion is operated by the cruise line. You will not be able to find private tour operators at this port of call, and as such, some of the common excursions will be more expensive than you'll find through private operators on other islands. All in all, Labadee is very similar to other private ports of call, and is a great port to spend a relaxing day at the beach.

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Believe it or not, this suite is on a cruise ship.

Our recommendations for places to stay are easy, but there are a ton of choices when it comes to booking rooms on a Royal Caribbean cruise. The list of amenities, rooms and options when choosing a Royal Caribbean cruise is exhaustive, so we recommend visiting the Trip Planning section of their website for tons of great info on choosing the best fit for you.

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Labadee, Haiti is on two of Royal Caribbean's cruise itineraries, both the Western and Eastern Caribbean 10 day cruises. Royal Caribbean is known for the outstanding levels of luxury cruising. There are many different ships in the fleet that make the Labadee, Haiti port of call on different cruises throughout the Caribbean.

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