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Punta Cana is an all inclusive paradise. This Dominican Republic city keeps its beaches pristine, activities interesting, and food above par when compared to other destinations banking on all inclusive vacationers. Punta Cana makes it easy for the budget conscious traveler, and tends to entice all ages to come and enjoy a tropical getaway. Great deep sea fishing and ocean excursions are always a favorite choice by tourists. On land you can look forward to zip lining, visiting the small casino, enjoying a night out at a nearby club, and much more.

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Punta Cana Climate: August through November see the highest amount of rain in Punta Cana, but the temperature varies little throughout the year with an average of 30 C (86 F). July and August are the hottest months, reaching almost 35 C (95 F) on average. Hurricane season is a factor here like most of the Caribbean. Mainly a worry in the fall, but very rarely an actual issue on vacation.

Closest International Airport:Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)

Population: 325 244 (2008)

Time Zone: Atlantic UTC -4

Currency: Peso (DOP)

Credit Cards:All major credit cards accepted.

Traveler Checks:Traveler checks accepted.

Side of road to drive on:Right

Legal drinking age:18


Bavaro Beach

Visit Bavaro Beach on your Punta Cana Getaway!

Punta Cana is a beach bum haven, and ranking the highest out of all of their beautiful coastline abodes is Bavaro Beach. The smooth sand has practically no rocks, the palms trees are perfectly placed to provide the right amount of shade for when you need a break from the sun, and the water is calm and clear. Souvenir shops are in abundance, and a bar is also found. The shopkeepers can be a bit pushy, but its all in good fun, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable. The beach is busy, so try to get their early and claim your lounge chair.

Mi Amor Pirate Rum Tour & Taino Museum

A fun choice for Punta Cana Tours

For a great time with lots of laughs turn to Mi Amor Pirate Rum Tour and Taino Museum. Not only will you have fun, but you will learn something too. The name may be a bit deceiving as the tour is of the rum factory and then of a million year old (or so they say) Punta Cana cave.

Isla Catalina

Isla Catalina is truly beautiful

Take a catamaran tour out to Isla Catalina. Some of the most vivid waters and beautiful beaches in the Caribbean await here. Most tours stop off to see some star fish, include snorkeling, check out a shipwreck, take you on a jungle cruise ... it's a living museum tour that is great for all ages.


Larimar, a very rare blue stone, is only found in the mountainous region of the Dominican Republic. Mama Juana is rum that is soaked in tree bark and herbs and unique to the country. You can actually buy bottles with the herbs and bark inside so you can make your own at home. Christopher Columbus originally named the island La Espanola when he found it on December 5, 1492. The tallest mountain in the Caribbean is found in the Dominican Republic. It name is Pico Duarte and it reaches 10,000 f.


Emergencies: Dial 9-11 for medical emergencies, fire, or police.

Hospitals: Most resorts have a medical center and doctor on staff that will be able to treat minor medical problems. The doctors providing these services tend to understand at least English, and very often other foreign languages. Be sure to verify with your insurance provider that you are covered outside of your country of residence. Medical care in the Dominican Republic can be very costly and payment is expected immediately.

Tipping: Tipping is not included and is expected. When staying on a resort you may bring products from your home country for the chamber maids. You should leave a tip or product each day for your chamber maid. It is okay to tip in USD. Products that would be appreciated include; coloring books and crayons, razors, soap, hair accessories, and deodorant. Try to bring items that are usable in every day life.

Wardrobe: In Punta Cana appearance is important. People are extremely fashion conscious and believe that clothes indicate social standing and success. Designer labels, particularly those from the USA, are looked upon favorably.

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