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To help you on your journey to Playa Del Carmen we have put together travel tips, important things to know, popular landmarks, and more, in an efficient and simple to read travel guide.

Playa Del Carmen has kept its small town charm, while becoming on of the most sought after destinations in Mexico. The implosion of tourists, hasn't affected the quality of vacation, or the friendliness of locals. The beaches are pristine and the area full of discovery.

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Averages Temp: Playa Del Carmen offers a subtropical climate. The average temperature throughout the year is 80F or 27C. November through January is the coolest time of year, while February to May is considered the nicest weather and the sea is at its calmest. June to August is when the area is at its hottest. Hurricane season runs from the beginning of June to the end of November.

Closest International Airport: Cancun International Airport (IATA Code: CUN /ICAO Code: MMUN)

Population: 149,923

Currency: Mexican Pesos are the main currency, however US dollars are widely accepted.
Time Zone: Central Standard Time (-6:00 GMT)
Side of the Road to Drive On: Right
Legal Drinking Age: 18

: : Popular Tours and Attractions

The Jungle Place


Taking a tour of the jungle Place has two purposes One, you can discover the amazing spider Monkey which will amaze you and two, help with the continuous effort to enable this sanctuary to continue doing such a great work.

Rancho Baaxal


Emerge in this hidden jungle ranch off the regular tourist path. Prepare for a one of a kind experience. Baaxa (Mayan word meaning have fun) and this is exactly what will happen. I would suggest the full moon ride. Ride through the moon lit jungle and the beach.



Enjoy a relaxing day at this pristine beach. Akumal is located between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. There are some great all-inclusive resorts in the area so either make it your vacation destination or pack a cooler and head to this slice of paradise for the day.

Cenote Chaak Tun


This hidden gem provides a surreal experience. The moment you enter this Cenote you will have a calming experience, enjoy the most impressive stalactites formation's that you have ever seen, For only 100 pesos around 8 $ you will be blown away.


- Playa Del Carmen is a beach bums paradise with many of Mexico's best beaches found here.
- Many people don't realize that the waters around Playa Del Carmen offer world famous scuba diving - Playa Del Carmen is named after the patron saint of Cancun, Our Lady of Mount Carmel. - Historically Mayan's used Playa Del Carmen as a rest stop on their way to Cozumel. - Playa Del Carmen has worked hard to maintain their small village feel, and is a very different atmosphere than neighbour Cancun.



T. 984/803-1002
F. 984-803-1606
Highway 307
South of Sam's Club

Playa del Carmen Emergency Numbers:
Police: 066
Medical: 065
Fire: 068

Smokers: Smoking is not permitted in public places such as restaurants.

Wardrobe: There are no requirements or dress code in Mexico. Although you should always dress appropriate for the occasion. For example, if going to a restaurant it is not appropriate to wear a bathing suit, even on a resort property.

Etiquette: The majority of Mexicans are Catholics and very religious. Keep this in mind, remembering to use manners by refraining from things such as swearing when around locals.

- Handshakes are standard between same and opposite genders. It is not uncommon for women to touch forearms.
-You may notice a fair amount of touching between people in Mexico, which is normal.
-It can be construed as rude to step back or turn your back when being spoken to.
-If visiting rural areas it can be considered rude to look someone directly in the eyes, while in the cities and around the ocean it is not.
-It is okay to be a little bit late for social gatherings, but not for business meetings.
-Locals using a kissing noise or psst to grab another's attention is not considered rude.
-When indicating the height of something with your hands keep your hand sideways with your thumb at the top. Only use your palm down if it is in reference to an animal.
-It is considered rude to stand around with your hands on your hips or in your pockets.
-Using you index and middle finger as a V on either side of the nostril is considered an obscene gesture.
-Having a closed fist and raising your arm to a 90 degree angle is a threatening gesture.
-Casual attire (including jeans) is not appropriate for business meetings. Men generally wear dark suits, and women dresses/skirts with matching heeled shoes.
-In business, titles are very important. You should always address some by Mr. or Ms., and their surname until they tell you otherwise.
-It is good etiquette to have your business card in Spanish on one side.
-Arrive promptly for business meetings, but expect to wait up to half an hour before leaving the reception area.
-It is preferred to have 15 minutes of small talk before beginning a business meeting.
-It is appropriate to bring a small gift (usually something from your own company) for your first business meeting. It will probably be opened in front of you.
-If invited to someone's home it is appropriate to bring flowers (except marigolds and/or red flowers of any type), spirits, wine, or chocolate.

Tipping:At bars, restaurants and snack bars in large hotels verify your bill first to see if there was a service charge.

Wait staff at restaurants usually receive 15-20%. Bartenders receive 1$ a drink, or 10% of the bill in total. Bathroom attendants receive about $0.50 to 1$. Taxi drivers usually don't receive tips but if they are helpful you may tip 10% of the fare. If you hire a driver 5$ a day in tip is standard.

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