Our Team

our team

The MyVacationPages editorial team is proud to bring our audience unique ideas and trusted reviews for our getaways across the Caribbean, Florida, Mexico, and Central America. Dedicated to providing the ultimate vacation resource, we work tirelessly with this common goal in mind. Through our tenacity and hard work MyVacationPages is fast becoming one of the most trusted travel websites in Canada.

Our team is always available to help you first-hand. If you have a travel question, concern, comment, or idea to share, please feel free to contact us directly.

Rainier Narine

Loves to travel.. u think?! Second is hockey. Any time out of the office is spent chasing an energetic 5 year old around, back and forth, to and from, school, sports, and birthday parties. Wouldn't trade it for the world! Time at the office is like a virtual vacation to exotic destination around the world. This makes for a depressing car ride home.. wouldn't trade it for the world!

Amanda Samis

Is there anything more exciting than taking off unexpectedly for the weekend? Or, planning a week long hiatus to a beach side abode? What about hiking up a mountain and edging back down? For me vacations are so much more then a time to relax. They are a time to enchant your spirit, evolve your concepts, expand your horizons. This passion inspires me every day to find, share, and explore the world with you.

Tracy Smith

Close your eyes and picture your toes sinking into the sand as waves gently lap at your ankles. It's a serene feeling that everyone should experience, and I bring to you with every push of a key at my computer. Living in Canada introduced me to the beauty of nature and kindness of people. It was only natural to want to expand my horizons, and discover the world. This led me to finding adventure and inspiration in the Caribbean. My passion is to share the beauty of the islands with you. When traveling, the camera around my neck and notepad in my pocket are my best friends. I document the journey in unique and interesting ways to share and inspire you. Thank you for following my journeys and I hope you enjoy learning about the amazing Caribbean.

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