Vacations to Aruba

Aruba is one of the three countries that makes up the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Although a smaller island (it's 33 miles long), it's a country big on fun and adventure! There are several types of excursions, activities, and tours to participate in, despite its small size. The island has the clearest waters the Caribbean has to offer. From sailing in the calm sea and snorkeling wrecks to more adventurous experiences like jet skiing, windsurfing and parasailing. Water filled adventures see no bound in Aruba. Take an exhilarating ride on a banana boat or dive deep in the ocean and see life beneath in a submarine. Water play is brought to new levels here!

What more can we say? We love Aruba!

Citizens of Aruba are very warm and welcoming. One of the great things about being on the island is when you're there, you're not a visitor you're part of the Aruban community.

Aruba has one of the nicest climates in the Caribbean. With an average daily temperature of about 82°F (28 C), constant trade winds and lying outside the path of hurricanes, what more could you ask for? And only 500 mm of rain as a yearly average, sunshine is destined to rule your getaway. No wonder the island has more tourists returning than any other in the Caribbean.

We made a lot of friends while here, and we wish we could include everyone, but it'd be one super long blog if we did. So here we bring you the interesting places to stay, play and eat. We are truly going to miss you, Aruba!

Where to Stay in Aruba

The Westin Resort & Casino

Westin Resort and Casino Aruba

Why: The Westin Resort & Casino, Aruba is the perfect island destination, boasting the charm of the Dutch Caribbean, a magnificent beach, glittering casino, and a host of outdoor pleasures. Located on the luxurious strip of Palm Beach, Aruba, amidst sparkling waters and soft beaches, they offer an ideal blend of Caribbean warmth and Las Vegas-style excitement. Following a $1.5 million dollar renovation, the all new Palm Beach Casino features refreshed décor, 300 new high-tech slot machines, five Hyperlink machines, Roulette, Craps and more!

From sailing to scuba to deep sea fishing, you’re sure to find something to suit your mood. Practice your golf swing or rejuvenate in their new spa. Then try your luck at their casino, the perfect end to a fun-filled day.

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Brickell Bay Beach Club & Spa Boutique Hotel

Brickell Bay's newest concept

Why: Brickell Bay Beach Club & Spa is one of Aruba's luxury boutique hotels. Located central to all entertainment and amenities on the prestigious strip of Palm Beach, it offers a peaceful and luxurious retreat. With an architecture and style that gracefully blends Caribbean charm and modern chic. They feature 98 luxury appointed rooms and suites and a boutique range of amenities.

Enjoy all the luxury and comfort of a larger hotel but with a better room rate and personal service.

They will be unveiling a new unique concept on the island set to open mid-August. Featuring beach tennis courts, a snack bar and nightly entertainment, it will be a great asset to the hotel. Brickell Bay Beach Club & Spa welcome visitors to Aruba with true Aruba hospitality.

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Aruba Beach Villas

Why: Commonly known as; Aruba's Best Kept Secret. Their world famous Resort has 31 Private villas overlooking 400 feet of white sandy ocean beach just half a mile north of the Marriott Hotel and enjoys a spectacular ocean sunset view. With palm trees surrounding, the villas have lush tropical gardens of flowering plants and shrubs and grassy courtyards.

In addition to their new pool, sun deck and jacuzzi they have a spacious beach area for lounging to relax and enjoy the warm sunny days, the ocean sunsets or at night simply gaze at bright starry skies.

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What to do on your Getaway to Aruba

Rancho Daimari

Why: Nestled amongst the most exotic hillsides on the island, in front of the Daimari Beach, lies one of Aruba's hidden treasures; "Rancho Daimari. Built in the 1600's, it's one of the oldest coconut plantations in the Caribbean where some of the original Dutch Settlers were said to be starting their plantation settlements.

Their headquarters are located at the gates of the National Park allowing them to introduce you directly to Aruba's unspoiled flora and fauna. Come and enjoy Aruba at its best, amazing beaches, panoramas and lots of undiscovered hideaways. The idea of sharing this beautiful, unique environment with Aruba's visitors came to fruition after receiving numerous requests from the tourism industry.They now offer horseback riding tours of Andicuri and the Natural Pool.

Rancho Daimari facilities are family oriented and child friendly, there is something for everybody here.

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Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

Why: Founded in 1997 as a non-profit and completely volunteer run organization, their mission is simple. Save the Donkeys! Although not originally native to the small island of Aruba, they have existed here for 500 years having been the primary mode of transportation until cars began to be introduced on the island in increasing numbers. At that point, many Arubans no longer had the need for their formerly beloved donkey, and sadly in the 1970’s, a dangerous and rapidly spreading illness nearly caused their extinction leaving behind a population of only 20 wild donkeys.

Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

Thankfully they now have a safe haven where each donkey is given a name and receives food and water, shelter, quality medical care and lots of love. We highly encourage you to plan a visit to the Sanctuary and see for yourself what so many others have discovered, that there’s more to a donkey then what you think you knew.

They are sweet, yet stubborn at times. Many love to be petted and all love to be fed from the safety of the sanctuary's enclosed porch. They especially love apples and carrots, so feel free to bring some along. There is no admission fee, though your generous donations are greatly appreciated and are what continue to allow them the ability to care for their donkey family, which has approximately 90 members at the moment. Their volunteers will be more than happy to show you around and answer your questions.

And if you get there earlier enough, you can even help with the daily chores of feeding and caring for the donkeys, a great and educational experience for children!

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Aruba Glass Ceramics

Why: Arubaglassceramics is a non profit organisation that promotes glass art, ceramic art and other art forms on the Caribbean island; Aruba. If you think Aruba is hot... Try this!

Chad & Hope, Cincinnati, OH on Tripadvisor: "Marian is a true artisan and teacher. Workshops are held in her serene gallery at her home. This is not "Tourist Aruba" but rather real the worn path. We highly recommend TerraFuse to anyone/family which wants a one-of-a-kind, self-made piece of art from Aruba."

We recommend the Ceramic Workshop. On the island of Aruba a huge quantity of pre-Columbian pottery remains can be found. This historical aspect is integrated in the workshop Ceramics. You get to use the necessary basic tools and handform techniques which will be taught, and primary decoration applied. Workshops are organized in concentrated periods so be sure to call ahead to take part in this fun!

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Where to Eat

Carte Blanche Restaurant

Why: There is nothing like the feeling of being exclusive, at Carte Blanche Restaurant there are only 14 seats at the bar where Chef Dennis van Daatselaar cooks right in front of you! Dining here requires an open mind because the 5 course dinner is Carte Blanche otherwise known as chef's surprise!

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Carambola Seafood Restaurant

Why: With signature dishes like the coconut mango curry chicken salad we can see how the veteran chef at Carambola likes to set himself apart! Taking advantage of the fresh, local fare available, there is always something new to taste here!

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Passions on the Beach

Why: For a romantic dinner like no other look no further than Passions on the Beach! Enjoy signature dishes like the mouthwatering sesame crusted black sea bass, under the stars with the sounds of waves crashing in the distance.

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Whatever your fancy is Aruba has something for everyone. For lush high rise hotels to comfortable family villas. Extreme water sports and days filled with lounging on the beach. Horseback riding to shopping til you drop, you will always find something to do on this beautiful island. Gourmet adventures, pristine landscapes and the friendliest locals in the world await you in Aruba.

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