Survey: Who really has the best hotel deals?

Over one thousand searches has revealed that the cheapest hotel rates aren't owned by just one site.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada - August 5, 2014 - Increased competition in the online travel industry has competitors pointing fingers, and making many marketing claims about why their online booking portal is the best; with the price being one of the main targets. After conducting 1338 searches across thirteen popular travel sites, MyVacationPages is releasing the data they accrued.

The comparison was done between,,,,,,,,,,,, and MyVacationPages also included the price in booking direct with each individual hotel.

The comparison process ensured the same hotel, the same guest room, and same booking date was selected. All sites were searched within 30 minutes of each other from start to finish. The hotel booking search was based on a one week stay, for two adults sharing one room at each property.

The study compared both hotel and resort accommodation choices, and included cheap, moderate, and luxury priced hotels. It is important to note that not all hotels were available on every site.

Highlights of the study show that indeed, booking direct had the largest number of lowest prices when compared to all hotels, as 32% of the time booking direct was the cheapest price found. However, in 12% of the searches it was the most expensive booking option. was the second leading choice with 28% of the lowest prices when compared to the total number of hotels searched.

MyVacationPages found that,,,, and never offered the lowest price. Although, MyVacationPages does note that each of these sites offer unique price guarantees and/or reward programs, which were not taken into account for the purposes of this survey.

The average difference between the highest and lowest price (average savings) between all websites searched was 49.95%.

In hotels less than $100 USD per night the average that could be saved was 30.64%; in hotels priced between $101 USD to $200 USD per night the average savings were 38.29%; in hotels priced between $201 USD and $300 USD per night the average savings were 49.23%; in hotels priced between $301 USD and $400 USD per night was 44.21% in savings, and in hotels priced over $401 USD per night the average saving was 101.95%.

The greatest difference MyVacationPages found during the survey was at a five star resort. The highest price found between the websites was $6277.63 USD and the lowest price found was $3244.03 USD, a difference of $3033.60.

"The results were very surprising. No one company can claim to have the lowest price because there was not one consistent winner. The pricing varied immensely. Unfortunately this tells us that the those booking still needs to check multiple sites, including the hotels own, before deciding where to book for the best rate." Reports Amanda Samis, Editor in Chief at MyVacationPages.

About is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was founded in 2010 and has recently repositioned itself in the travel industry as only providing excellent travel choices. The website allows users to search hotels, tours, activities, and restaurants across the Caribbean, Florida, Mexico, Central and South America. MyVacationPages only allow travel businesses on their site who have passed their set of requirements, in hopes to introduce travelers to businesses who provide excellent customer service. The businesses listed are required to pay a yearly subscription fee, however MyVacationPages only offers memberships to companies who have been pre-authorized according to the MyVacationPages guidelines. MyVacationPages does not currently provide bookings on their site, however they plan to introduce this option in the next few months.

MyVacationPages plans a follow-up survey which will focus on whether booking a flight and hotel together is cheaper than booking separately; as suggested by several online travel agencies. This survey is set to be released at the end of September.

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