Live Aqua Cancun - Best in Romance & Service

Live Aqua in Cancun was awarded Best in Romance 2014 and Best in Service 2014 by MyVacationPages.

Live Aqua Cancun truly lives up to their name. From the resort offerings, to the unsurpassed level of service, Live Aqua has left a spot in our hearts. We not only can't wait to visit the hotel again, but to reconnect with the staff that gives this vacation retreat a high level of customer service.

Capturing the Five Senses

Live Aqua Resort Review

Upon arrival at the Live Aqua Cancun, my wife and I were met with complete sensory infusion; subtle nuances of peace and tranquility are woven into every aspect of the resort. Being affluent travelers, we can genuinely say never has each of our five senses been so gently engaged. Sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell. From the beauty of the hotel, our mind, body, and spirit were enthralled with pleasure from beginning to end.

After hours of waiting at airports and sitting on airplanes, the saying "We are finally here!" gave true meaning at Live Aqua. We were greeted with a cool glass of iced tea and a warm hand massage; immediately alleviating the stress of carrying heavy bags. Aromatherapy and soft music lingered in the air. It was quickly apparent how unique and innovative Live Aqua was.

The Impressive Suite

Review of the Live Aqua in Cancun

For being a part of the Aqua Club, we were provided with an ocean front room. If you enjoy sunrises, then I highly recommended an ocean view. It was very romantic waking up to the warmth of the sun welcoming us each morning.

The suites were modern, tasteful, and certainly spacious. Every detail was upscale from the marble floors to the furnishings. The beds were plush and made up with high end linens. Basically, the rooms are what you'd expect from the winner of the prestigious 4 diamond award which Live Aqua well deserves.

Impeccible Grounds

Even though the Live Aqua Cancun is located directly across from the excitement of the Cancun Strip, we found it a sanctuary of tranquility.

From the moment I drove up to the front door, I was amazed at the design of The Live Aqua Cancun, with their lush greenery and manicured gardens. The lobby had an abundance of natural light and the walkway leading to the elaborately designed pools gave me a quick and direct route to the pristine white sand beach.

Liva Aqua Cancun Resort Review

There are private cabanas where you can enjoy a drink from the pool club while watching Live Aquas 2 resident Red Macaw Parrots fly overhead and returning to the call of bird trainer Antonio whenever he signaled. Yoga instructor and enthusiast, Erica, who performs a Mayan Ritual were her movements are mimicked in the air by the high-flying Macaws.

Live Aqua Pool Service and Fun on the resort property

There are eight pools in total each with a different water temperature (more proof of how Live Aqua goes the extra mile to provide every guest with a unique experience suitable to their tastes). My personal favorite was the infinity pool, where you can take in the endless scenery.

The beach is quiet and relaxing, and has many lounge chairs with umbrellas to choose from. We rented our own beach cabana that allowed for some intimate time alone.

Kind Crowd

Tranquility at Live Aqua Resort

The majority of the Live Aqua guests were contemporary adults ranging from 25 to 55 years old and made up of mainly Americans, Canadians, and some Europeans. The Live Aqua Cancun is a place where you can unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Their slogan "Be yourself!" is genuine, as Live Aqua creates a pleasant atmosphere, where friends are easy to make and quiet corners simple to find.

Delicious Fare

There are several factors we take into consideration when we travel and food is one of them. If you need to eat great food on vacation, this might just be the resort for you. Live Aqua has a diverse culinary selection, each having that special flair us foodie's set out to find.

Live Aqua Cancun Resort Executive Chef

Three world-renowned chefs presented their masterpiece collections for us to enjoy. Lead by their own Eric De Maeyer, The Live Aqua Cancun took us on a journey through the culinary arts. One of our favorite was the Hidden Garden with Chef Alejandro, who invited us out of this world and into an enchanted forest covered by elaborately manicured tree branches that stretched in and out of the floors and walls. Waiters Rohibi and Miguel served our every need. Final impression of the Hidden Garden, simply flawless!

Review of Live Aqua Restaurants and Service

Having such great restaurants, it made it a bit difficult for us to decide which one we liked best but that changed when we ate at MB. Chef Fernando, manager Alejandro, and waiters Alejandro and Daniel made this one our best dining experiences ever (and I don't say that lightly). The setting was under the beautiful nights sky with lit candles all around. We were tantalized with mouth watering smells and tastes. Since we are avid foodies that have eaten at great restaurants around the world, I can proudly say that MB is among the best. A true dining experience!

Live Aqua Menu and Service Exceeded our Highest Expectations

The Azur Restaurant with hostess Gabriela, and Chef Francisco deliver excellent service and I would not change a thing about it. This restaurant is a great lunch destination because it is right off the beach and pool areas.

There is always a wide variety of food to choose from and this will keep the most discerning eater happy.

Delicious pastries and great coffee at Live Aqua Cafe

Conveniently there are many bars scattered around the resort for you to chitchat, mingle, and enjoy your partner, as well as make new friends. A very cool feature of this resort was the modern café that looked like something you would find on the streets of Paris. This was our go to for caffeine fixes. The café-au-lait was delectable, as were the variety of pastries, desserts and cookies. Perfect in the morning or after dinner!

Incredible Romance

live aqua resort cancun restaurants

Upon checking into the resort, Samantha the front desk clerk, asked if this was a special occasion and we notified her of our fifth year anniversary was just around the corner and didn't think much about it.

Front desk service from Samantha at Live Aqua

From that moment on, every time we returned to our suite we were welcomed with a new syurprise. From chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, to a trail of flower petals leading to a warm candle lit bubble bath, to elaborately designed artwork that covered our bed (we sometimes didn’t want to move it because of the time it must have taken them to create it). Our favorite nighttime activity was the beachfront fire show with live music. This provided the perfect backdrop for our romantic vacation.

Romance at Live Aqua Cancun

The Live Aqua Cancun was created to allow you to get back in touch with all your five senses, as their pamphlet would say, and it is true. This organic ambiance is throughout. There are quiet places around the hotel where you can slip away with the one you love. Choose from the many secluded spaces where lush vegetation surrounds dimly lit outdoor seating areas that are designed to perfectly enhance our sixth sense of romance.

Live Aqua surprise - Bed Artwork from rice

Enlightening Spa Services

Spa services at the Live Aqua Resort Cancun

My wife and I enjoy our spa days. Just like foodies, we believe a vacation is not complete without a day of serious rejuvenation. Live Aqua Cancun is rated among the top ten spas in Mexico so I was anxiously anticipating my massage.

The first thing you will noticed is the separate rooms for men and women. As my wife slipped away, I went to get my feet massaged followed by relaxing in a menthol aroma sauna. What a way to relax aching muscles. Then I soaked in the bath while lulled by soft music in the background. It was amazing. After a 45 minute session, they brought me into a room where I was greeted by my wife. It was time for our massages. Live Aqua Cancun is known for their fusion massages. A combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue, and by far, one of the best I've ever had. I can honestly say you will be ready to go back to the real world with a burst of energy because of Live Aqua Cancun. I would like to thank Carmen and Cinthya who help set up this wonderful experience.

Five Star Service

We have found the perfect romantic getaway here at Live Aqua Cancun, and will certainly return for our next anniversary.The staff went far beyond the call of duty and indulged us in sheer opulence. Samantha at the front desk was our first encounter with the Live Aqua staff. She exuded professionalism when dealing with a minor mistake in our reservation. Without having to verify and call around she corrected the issue and made us feel welcome right from the start.

Francisco the Bellboy at Live Aqua was relentless in helping us

Francisco, the bellboy, was a pleasure to talk to. He gave us a warm welcome in the traditional Mayan greeting of crossing your arms while bowing. He took the time to provide valuable advice on the surrounding area.

Concierge Service at Livq Aqua

Alejandro ( ) from the concierge desk provided genuine and exceptional customer service. From small questions to large problems, he aided us in every way. When it seemed like there were no more rental cars left in the whole of Cancun, Alejandro came to the rescue. This kind of dedication and care was appreciated immensely.

Whenever we needed help around the pool or beach area Angie and Octavio at the pool concierge were readily available to help. They quickly got us an open seat, setting it up with a fresh towel and a waiter to fetch our favorite drink.

Every floor has their own Concierge at Live Aqua

We had access to the Club Lounge located on the fifth floor directly in the middle of the hotel. Here you will see breathtaking views of both the Caribbean Sea and the Nichupte Lagoon. We enjoyed quiet continental breakfasts, premium drinks, coffee, and our own exclusive Club Level concierge, Fernanda, who also took great care of us. She was ready to jump at any of our requests and more often than not knew what we wanted better than we did. She happily advised us on how to take full advantage of all the features of the resort.

We wish we could mention every staff member, as each was extraordinary. These are the people who breathe life into the resort and escalate it from being beautiful to being extraordinary.

Live Aqua Overview

the bar at Live Aqua

While at the Live Aqua Cancun our senses came to life. We have to thank the staff who where extremely nice, welcoming and allowed us to partake in what The Live Aqua Cancun is really about. We were emerged into a world where we could be ourselves. If you want to bring home some of The Live Aqua experience, you can with their take home kits. Memories made easier by bringing home the philosophy of true relaxation, make sure you take advantage of this feature. The Live Aqua staff will also teach the simple massage techniques that captivate all five senses with only water, vapor, and sound. They helped us learn the basics so that we could recreate the experience in the comfort of our own home. So far this has kept us feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

management team at Live Aqua Cancun
The people behind the scenes who made it possible for the world to experience this unique sensory indulgence.

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