A Vacation to Key West, Florida

Key West is known internationally for their sunsets. It also offers Caribbean weather with historic flair. Activities, hotels, and restaurants offer diversity, making it easy for every visitor to find what suits their taste best. What makes the southern most city in the USA such a special vacation spot and who is it best suited for? We are going to take a look at these questions and more!

Travel to Key West


Key West is on a tiny island well below Florida.


The weather is consistently gorgeous with an average annual temperature of 78.1 F (25.6 C). The wet season is during the winter months and dry season during the summer. A great feature of Key West is that it is tucked out of the storm path so it very rarely gets hurricanes.

Things To Do

There are tons of things to do and you don't have to spend a fortune to participate. For instance you can tour "Old Town" which has fascinating buildings built from 1886 - 1912. This area has lots to see and some great attractions such as Mallory Square and Duval Street. Every day tourists and locals alike come together to watch the breathtaking sunset at Mallory Square, while street performers provide lively entertainment.

Key West has a thriving energy. Arts and culture runs thick through the cities spirit. Boating and water excursions are at every ocean turn, scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities are world class, eco-tours abundant, family memories are made easily with attractions dedicated to them, fishing is amazing, world famous golf courses await, parks and beaches are there to be discovered, sightseeing opportunities for everyone, spas and relaxation experiences, and water sports galore... so as you can read this is an exciting destination suitable for every taste and interest.

Key West has one of the most unique and weird self delivered tours in the United States - Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum. Visiting this crazy place is aninexpensive and highly rewarding activity for your vacation. Some things you will gawk at, other you will laugh at and some will leave you so puzzled you really will question if it is fake. The lobby greets you with a prehistoric Mastodon skeleton, a car covered in dimes, and a replica of the world's tallest man who stood at 8 feet 11 inches at 22 years old! And this is just the beginning! All in all it's a tour that belongs on everyone's bucket list and there is no excuse not to visit on your vacation in Key West.

For more info you can visit www.ripleys.com/keywest.

Review of Ripley's in Key West

Places To Stay

All types of accommodations are convenient and all budgets are covered in Key West. Hotels, motels, and resorts are plentiful, while RV parks, camping options, guest houses, villa's, and condo's are all easily planned as well.

One of the best accommodations in Key West

My first choice when it comes to the ultimate irresistible accommodation is the Hyatt Key West Resort And Spa. This resort has combined the intimate island feel of Key West and complemented it with chic opulence and five star service. Guests are offered the utmost respect and care, with the staff going so far as to implement an allergy protocol which their website describes as "rooms undergo an additional six step process to reduce airborne particles and minimize the presence of potential irritants". On site you will find the Key West Golf Course which is (just like the resort) amazing! Jet skis, explore packages, and sunset cruises are all offered exclusively by the Hyatt. Of course, as the name indicates, spa services are also here and they too are beyond your wildest expectations. For every hour you dedicate to them they will return it ten fold with relaxation, rejuvenation and stress release.

Check out their website for all the detail: http://keywest.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels-keywest/index.jsp?null

So who is Key West best suited for? Well, by rights, everyone! It's a great destination for families, couples, and friends both young and senior. The cities charm and numerous free activities certainly add to its appeal!

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