Incredible Grenada

Grenada is a beautiful island destination. In fact, it is home to Grand Anse Beach in St George which continuously makes top ten lists of the most beautiful beaches in world. Here, a relaxed vacation is offered in abundance, but you will also find thriving entertainment and nightlife. This unique combination is a big part of why it is such a fantastic getaway choice. Most who have visited before argue that it is the best choice of all Caribbean destinations which is why I decided to find out for myself.


Tree on the Beach in Grenada

English is the primary language, and the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$) is the official currency, however the US dollar is widely accepted. Local culture in Grenada is authentically infused with music, dance and fine food. An event that combines all three takes place on the main island every week at Gouyave Fish Friday on St. Dominic and St. Francis Street. It begins at 6:00 pm and continues late into the night. Steel drum music is played, while numerous street vendors prepare a number of different dishes, and everyone has a great time dancing. This is the perfect example of Grenada’s energy.

Grenada is commonly called the “Island of Spice” or “Spice Isle”. This is in part due to its culture but mainly because of the significant export of cloves, cinnamon, orange/citrus peels, allspice, wild coffee, and nutmeg.


Direct flights are offered from: New York (USA), Puerto Rico, Miami (USA), Halifax (Canada), Montreal(Canada), Ottawa(Canada), Toronto(Canada), and Frankfurt (Germany) to Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND). A few of these direct flights are only offered seasonal. Several other flights connect here from within the Caribbean as well, so if you find the flights expensive it may be cheaper to fly elsewhere and grab a connecting to Grenada.


It is ideal to rent a car in Grenada so you can experience more, but if you prefer both taxi service and public transportation is available. Both are convenient and easier on your pocket book.


Since there are quite a few islands to choose from I will split up my review into a few segments. The first is devoted to the main Island Grenada and we will look at the restaurants, tours and attractions. hotels will be in the next phase, because their are so many wonderful choices I want to make sure each of my choices is covered well!


Sometimes all-inclusive's are not the way to go. Especially when visiting Grenada, which has the largest amount of spices growing per square mile in the world! So, it’s not really a surprise that it’s full of incredible eateries. No matter what your favorite cuisine there is something for everyone.

In St George’s

Dodgy Dock Restaurant


Dodgy Duck Restaurant Grenada

Fine cuisine in a luxurious atmosphere await at Dodgy Dock. Designed by the well-known local architect Brian Bullen the ambiance is elegant and chic. The menu mirrors the stylish décor. It is a smart combination of healthy salads, seafood and contemporary versions of traditional local recipes all delivered with tenacious plating.

Patrick's Local Homestyle Cooking Restaurant


Patrick's Local Homestyle Restaurant

Looking to try a bit of everything? Patrick's Local Homestyle is a tapas style restaurant so come hungry! You will be served between 15 and 20 types of local cuisine. But, don't worry you only receive a small amount of each so you will get to enjoy a bit of everything. For those who consider themselves foodies, or for those who simply love eating this is a great place to discover local cuisine to the max!

Savvy's Resaurant


Savvys St George's Grenada

Vivid defines this restaurant. From the seat fabric to the plates everything has been hand picked to provide an unforgettable and amplified experience. The tables offer couch-like comfort with colorful pillows and cushy benches. Of course impeccable views are in abundance because it's located on Grand Anse Beach! The food is served with style and gourmet flavors transcend your palette bringing memories for ears to come!

Beachside Terrace Restaurant


Beachside Terrace Grenada

Hospitality is served with a side of creativity at the Beachside Terrace Restaurant. The combination of food, service and drinks leave you full, happy, and satisfied. Caribbean and Continental cuisine including shrimp cocktails, conch fritters, spicy chicken breast, fish, lobster and more are found on the menu. It's a great place for authentic delicious dining.

The Owl Beach And Sports Bar


Restaurant with great value in Grenada

I know many men and some women who have a hard time parting with their sports while on vacation. Rest assure I have found a spot that let's you feed your frenzy without complaints from fellow travelers... Sports Bar, Restaurant, "Liming Spot", and local entertainment, all rolled into one this restaurant has a fun atmosphere, and a menu that offers something for everyone. Great value accompanies every dish and the service is supreme. Hot Chicken Wings, Fish And Chips, Chicken And Chips, BBQ Baby Spare Ribs, and Beef Burger with Golden Fires are just some of the great meals to look forward to.

Restaurant Vastra Banken (

A unique dining experience in Grenada

Restaurant Vastra Banken is opening December 1, 2012. This is a highly anticipated opening! You won’t be served in a conventional restaurant. You will dine aboard a ship! When a unique fine dining experience is what you are looking for Restaurant Vastra Banken offers an extremely unique opportunity. The talented Chef Charlene comes all the way from Barbados to launch an exciting mixed fusion of her International experience.

Grill Master (

Grill Master Cheap Restaurant Grenada

Located in the Spiceland Mall and within walking distance from Grand Anse Beach you will find a barbeque haven like no other. Their eclectic mix of Caribbean, Mediterranean, grilled, fried and vegetarian foods offer mouthwatering flavors and interesting combinations. Their grilled chicken n’ jerk is highly acclaimed and at only $10 US a plate it’s the perfect lunch spot for your beach day.

Laluna Restaurant (

laluna Restaurant Grenada

Authentic Italian can be found Grenada! Look forward to Prosciutto di Parma, Parmiggiano Reggiano, Sun dried Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pasta Barilla, Canutuccini con Vin Santo, and Caffe Lavazza. A romantic view of the bay accompanies your dining. It's a great place for some romance.

Le Chateau (

le chateau bar and grill grenada

This is the place in Grenada for burgers and steaks. No miniature patties here. Big juicy and incredibly seasoned burgers are serviced with perfectly cooked french fries - fluffy on the inside but crispy on the outside. The steaks are cooked to perfection, leaving them melt in your mouth good. You can grab breakfast, lunch and dinner here. Whichever you choose make sure you stop here for a bite!

Victory Restaurant & Bar (

victory bar and restaurant grenada

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at this fun bar and resto. Opening at 7:00 am early birds will appreciate the peaceful morning surrounded by lush foliage and kind faces. Friday nights an extra special menu: Slow Smoked Texas BBQ. Plus look forward to a night with live music or a DJ! The pizza is cooked in a wood oven, which begs the question - how often can you get that at home?

Coconut Beach Restaurant & Bar (

coconut beach restaurant and bar grenada

Creole steals the show in this restaurant. There are an assortment of dishes including vegetarian options. Your have to try the Thazard Salad, Lambie Calypso and Coconut Pie! No one can't deny the artistry and impact the chefs deliver to your taste buds! The West Indian atmosphere runs proudly through this restaurant, so it really gives you a sense of joining in with the locals and actually experiencing where you are visiting.

Cave House Restaurant (

cave house restaurant grenada

An exclusive dining experience awaits at Cave House Restaurant in St George's. The romantic atmosphere and sensational food are beyond your highest expectations. The regal treatment is mentioned by all who have dined here and the aura is emphasized by the open air dining area which overlooks Mount Hartman Bay. This is the ideal spot for a romantic evening. The five star service and six star chef will leave you wanting more! Be sure to make reservations!!

Ocean Grill Restaurant (

A stunning panoramic view comes with every meal at the Ocean Grill Restaurant! As the name suggests seafood is the primary force behind the menu, but you will also find chicken dishes and many salads making it a restaurant that can please all. We have to go back to the view though... it's breathtaking and each seat faces away from the crowds so everyone gets a fantastic view.

BB Crabback (

Seafood restaurant in Grenada

This menu is delivered by Owner & Chef Brian Benjamin who began his career as an apprentice in London Transport and continued on to win several Salon Culannaire awards. Now he has made his home in Grenada and provides visitors with a fusion of Caribbean and Grenadian cuisines. Everything on the menu is delicious, but their self-named specialty is the Curried Caribbean Special Tender goat meat cooked in (as the name states) curry and coconut milk. This may sound simple, but the techniques and unique touches by Chef Brian can not be competed with. Each item on the menu has been influenced and is named after his family and children. Tradition and sentimental add to the spirit and delight of this popular restaurant.


Grenada has an abundant of onshore and offshore activities. Waterfalls, rainforest hikes, rum factory tours, spice processing stations, beaches, scuba diving, sailing, and shopping are only a few examples of what lay at your finger tips.

Best of Grenada (

Rhum runner party grenada

No vacation to Grenada could possibly be considered complete unless you take part of the Rhum Runner Caribbean Beach Party thrown by Best of Grenada! This party takes place upon a huge motorized catamaran in the middle of the ocean. Rum punch and soca/calypso music set the tone to this endeavor. Rhum Runner is continuously sold out so make sure you book ahead or you may miss one of the most exciting parties of your life!

Chris’s Tours & Taxi (

Chris Taxi Tours Grenada

If looking for a customized tour of Grenada this is a great company to choose. Hike to Seven Sisters waterfall, visit Concord Falls, tour Grand Etang through Belvedere Plantation, Nutmeg pool, Dougladston Spice Estate… Grenada has incredible sights to see and Chris offers them at extremely reasonable rates. His intimate knowledge means you don’t only see the sights but learn about them too.

Deefer Diving Carriacou (

Deefer Diving Carricao Grenada

Carricaou in Grenada is no different from the rest of the Caribbean, it offers beautiful diving spots! Whether your an avid diver or just beginning, you will have a great time with this Deefer Diving's experienced team. The best part is they offer customized packages so depending on your comfort levels and experience you will have a tailor-made opportunity which guarantees you a great underwater adventure.

King Elvis Taxi And Tours (

King Elvis Tours Grenada

For large groups or those who want to see it all in a comfortable setting this is a great idea. Reliable, affordable and air conditioned bus tours of Grenada are offered with King Elvis Taxi and Tours. Twenty-five years of trustworthy service has been delivered. Their bus tours are very convenient and highly praised. Their full day excursion includes lunch, drinks, admission charges, plus they pick you up and drop you off. Several half day tours are offered as well.

True Blue Sport Fishing (

True Blue Sport Fishing

Big Game = Big Fun with True Blue Sport Fishing. If you have never been on a fishing charter you are in for a heart pounding thrill! This is the ultimate angling experience. Reeling in a heavy catch is no easy challenge. It takes diligence and strength on the part of both man and fish. The experts with True Blue Sport Fishing know the best hot spots, have heavy duty equipment and offer a great atmosphere for your fishing trip. Whether this is an avid hobby for you or you are trying it for the first time you can trust True Blue to make it fun and memorable.

Pete's Mystic Tours (

Excusions in grenada

I am especially impressed by Pete's Spice & Rum Tour. This excursion includes Annandale Waterfall, Fort Frederick, Laura's Spice & Herb Garden or De La Grenade Industries, La Sagesse Nature Center, Westerhall Rum Distillery, and Grand Anse Beach. It's the perfect itinerary, because it includes a lot is only 3.5 hours, and you have the rum at the end ensuring you won't forget the other sites to see!

Seafaris Grenada (

Seafaris Grenada Power Boat Tours

What do you do when one person wants to sight-see, another wants to snorkel, and a third would love a water excursion? You call Grenada Seafaris! Powerboat meets snorkeling when you choose a tour with them.The 225hp twin engine 'Seafari Explorer' is one of the fastest on the water and was specifically designed to provide easy views for everyone aboard. This excursion will whip you along the coastline and then take a pit stop at the famous Underwater Sculpture Garden for some snorkeling. Seafaris has creatively combined thrill and beauty, making it a great tour for all!

Native Spirit Scuba (
Native Spirit Scuba in Grenada

When considering things to do and traveling in a group it is always a good idea to find one company with lots of activities so you can stick together while still fulfilling individual desires. Native Spirit Scuba may primarily be a dive company, but you will also find snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, and sailing options too! Something for everyone means less hassles and more fun!

AJ Meddy Tours And Taxi Service (

AJ Meddy Taxi Tour St. George's Grenada

This is TripAdvisor's #1 ranked attraction company. Personally, I would recommend their East Course Tour. It is a half day your and takes about 4 hrs. This is a beautiful scenic excursion. It takes you to Fort Fredrick, St George, Marquis’s Craft Centre, Grenville Nutmeg processing Station, Grand Etang Lake and Rainforest, Annandale Waterfall. It costs US $140.00 for 1-4 persons and any extra person US $25 each.

Sunsation Tours (

Sunsation Tours Review

No matter what your interest Sunsation has over a dozen tours on land, by foot, and on sea! My personal favorite is the Whale and Dolphin watching excursion. Seeing these beautiful creatures in the natural habitat is amazing. Their intelligence and sense of humor is experienced first hand with Sunsation! It's impossible to guarantee a sighting because this takes place in the whale and dolphins natural habitat and unfortunately they may not want to see you as much as you want to see them! But, Sunsation will do a great job of making the trip exciting and adventurous even if you don't see a whale or dolphin. The best time of year to see them are December through March.

Grenada Chocolate Company (

chocolate factory grenada

Chocolate lovers you are in for a treat! Grenada produces the Ferrari of dark chocolate! High quality, completely organic, and passionately made. The taste is complex and so incredibly fresh it's nothing like you could ever hope to get at the corner store. The cocoa factory is open for tours so not only do you get to taste the good stuff, you get to see and appreciate how much strategy and love is in involved. Often cocoa is produced in one place and chocolate made in another, but this not true here! Unusually they grown their own beans and create their own chocolates.

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