How to Plan a Villa Vacation

Villa vacation rentals are on the rise around the world and with good reason. This trendy vacation choice gives you more luxury in your getaway than a typical resort or hotel stay would. It gives you the freedom to explore your surroundings instead of just the beach. Plus, it is gives your group much more privacy and party time, for those who seek it. Villa vacations can be intimidating to plan, especially for big groups. So, we have made a fool proof guide on how to plan a villa vacation.

Step 1 - Destination


Knowing where you want to go is important, however knowing what amenities you want that destination to have is the only way to narrow it down when you are undecided. Talk to your group and find out what activities are most important to them. Remember, not everyone has to agree on what to do because no one has to go on every activity.

We are a group of ten that travel together and one day we may split into three and one group goes fishing, another sightseeing, while the third stays behind and reads books poolside. Villa vacations give you the flexibility and freedom to do this.

Once you know what location amenities are nearest and dearest to everyone's heart you can narrow down destination selections and have a good old fashion democratic vote.

If you need help choosing a destination check out our article: The Best Destination for your Vacation

Step 2 - The Villa

The villa amenities come next. Groups planning a villa vacation need to know there are tons of luxury services you can afford when splitting the bill. We always recommend splurging on a private chef at least one night. Housekeeping, butler service, concierge, beauty treatments, massage ... you are on vacation so splurge on something.

Other amenity considerations range from the simple to the complicated. How many bedrooms? Are en suites a must? Pool, beach, or both? Does the villa have activities of its own like kayaks or board games? The more information you have the better so you won't be disappointed.

Step 3 - An Agent

It is true you can save money by booking online, but what you make up for in money you will seriously lose in time and frustration. There are other cost-saving things you can do that won't put the weight of your trip on your shoulders; like eating in - which is easy in a villa! Now that you have your list of must-haves for both the destination and the villa it is time to get in touch with a professional travel agent to help you find the perfect fit for your villa getaway. Of course, you can contact us (and we don't charge extra fees) or another travel agency we work with and highly suggest is Woweva.

Step 4 - Can Rental & Activities

Transport options vary, but if no one in your travel group can drive or is uncomfortable driving in a foreign country, it is easy ... opt for a tour & transfer company. Save money by choosing the same company for your airport transfers and tours. Be sure to contact them ahead of time though and use the list you accumulated from your travel group in Step 1 & 2 to create a customized itinerary that meets everyone's needs. Mention any additions like stopping for groceries on your way to the villa from the airport. Also, inquire in writing what their weather policy is in case of rain.

If you prefer a car rental service that is great too! Depending on your budget you can rent a car for a week or just a few days out of your getaway. If you are a large group try dividing days or times according to interests. Also, multitask: those who want to do cultural excursions can drop off the shoppers on their way.

The key to success is not to wait until you get there to decide everything. Try to plan ahead but be flexible enough to adapt to curve balls which are inadvertently always a realty of vacation.

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