Fun Facts about Sochi

Sochi, Russia (as we all know by now) is home to the Winter Olympic Games 2014. We wanted to know more about this historic city and bring you some of the most interesting and fun facts we found out about the location, weather, and history in our search. many of these funfacts surprised us, and they will for you too.

Things you didn't know about Sochi Russia

1. The Location

-Sochi shares the same latitude as Nice and Toronto.
-Sochi has the most northern subtropical climate on earth! This is because it sits between the Caucasian Mountains and the Black Sea.
-Many remark that the scenery reminds them of the Mediterranean and thus it has earned the nickname "Russian Riviera".
-Sochi is the longest city in Europe, stretching across 90 m / 145 km.
-Squared, Sochi is 1,352 square miles / 3,502 sq km.

2. The Environment

-Sochi has over 200 000 hectares of forest, and within this there are tons of protected wildlife reserves, 30 botanical gardens and park.
-The largest salt water aquarium in Russia is located here as well. It has over 4000 species of fish.
-The air quality is considered among the best in the world, because there are no large factories around polluting.
-The largest mountain in Europe is here too; Mount Elbrus (5,642 m).

3. The People

-Sochi has a population of 400 000 people! Over 100 nationalities have made their home here.
-Russia has incredible tennis talent on the world stage and Sochi houses the Sochi Tennis School where they train.

4. The Weather

-Sochi has an average of 200 sunny days per year.
-The average summer temperature is 24 C and winter is 5 C.

5. The History

-Sochi history dates back extremely far to Ancient Greek and Roman times.
-Numerous treaties have been signed in Sochi.
-Joseph Stalin had a vacation home here.

6. Tourism

-Roughly 2,000,000 people visit Sochi every summer for vacation.
-Sochi is known as a resort city.
-Sochi was selected by the Olympic Committee on July 4, 2007.


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