For the Fashion-Forward Traveler

Fusing contemporary design with antique furnishings and creating an Adult Only oasis in San Juan, O:live Boutique Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel where sophisticated urbanites will feel right at home. The owners have effortlessly infused their mantra of "the new, the old, and the unforgettable" into the atmosphere, furnishings, and service, at this high end vacation accommodation.

Olive Boutique Hotel

Here is why we fell in love with O:live Boutique Hotel

Cosmopolitan in the Caribbean O:live Boutique Hotel could be picked up and set-down in Manhattan, and it would fit right in. It is chic, upscale, and fashion-forward.

A little bit Naughty Some of the room choices at this luxury boutique hotel offer an in-room shower. Couples will enjoy taking advantage of this unique feature.

A great example of a truly boutique hotel room

If it's good enough for the housewives ... Featured on the hit show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and winning many prestigious awards like "Best New Boutique Hotel in the WORLD", you can be sure the standards and service are high.

An elite location Found in Condado, the Beverly Hills of San Juan, you'll feel part celebrity during your stay.

Opposite of a chain hotel I don't want to put down chains, because there is something comforting about knowing what you are going to get, but the fact is, this boutique hotel outdoes every chain I've ever stayed at, and not only because of the trendy design.

The rooftop terrasse This exclusive feature is for guests and members only. Not just anyone gets to walk off the street and head up to the rooftop where a lounge and bar await. It's another prestigious experience in wait.

Rooftop Terrace at Olive Boutique Hotel

If you are a contemporary adult looking for a sophisticated, but fun, stay in the Caribbean, O:live Boutique Hotel is sure to please your sense of style and adventure.

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