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Serpent Mound for your next Family Vacation?

Nature and mystery come together in the enigma surrounding Serpent Mound, Ohio. The history in a few sentences or less: Built 1400 feet above sea level, around 1070 CE, this prehistoric mound is 1370 feet long, 1 to 3 feet high that is shaped like a snake (guess you knew that by the name) with an egg at the end. It is defined as an effigy mound (mounds made to resemble animals). So, maybe it doesn't sound as interesting when summarizing what exactly it is, but when you see the picture, curiosity and awe are almost everyone's first reaction. The enigma surrounding Serpent Mound: who built it and why there? It's safe to say it is of aboriginal descent, but think about the size. Predating airplanes the serpent can only be appreciated from above, which makes one wonder who was up there in 1070 (ish) CE  looking down at it?
serpent mound ohio
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The Best View in Curacao

This incredible seafood restaurant not only delivers tantalizing dishes but has the most spectacular vista we saw of Willemstad. Curacao is famous for many reasons; the iconic harbor view is certainly one of the most popular. Each building has its own texture, color, and artistic touches giving the capitol (Willemstad) a completely unique spirit. Anchor Waterfront Bar has a laid back atmosphere, which provides the perfect backdrop as you relax over a well deserved drink. Mixology is an art form at Anchor Waterfront Bar! Whatever your favorite drink, or if you are looking for something new and unique, they have it.
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Blue Parrot Playa Del Carmen

When visiting Playa Del Carmen experiencing the nightlife is an intricate part of your vacation and we suggest heading to Blue Parrot to get your fill. This large beachfront club hosts some of the best nights you will ever experience. Dance the night away on the large dance floor with a great vibe, or sip you're cocktail with you're feet in the sand. The club scene here in Playa del Carmen has an electric feel that goes on into the early hours of the morning.
blue parrot playa del carmen
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The Tuscany Resort in Provo TCI

Provo, Turks and Caicos offers astounding beauty and is one of our top destinations this year. It is perfect for a laid back getaway drenched in luxury, calmness, and comfort. Summer vacation is fast approaching and there is no better time to take your family away, enjoy a great trip with friends, plan that destination wedding or honeymoon. A vacation over the summer is during their off season, which allows you the unique opportunity to enjoy a few more activities and restaurants with the savings. Visitors to Provo almost always remark on the incredible color of the ocean, which radiates so blue it reflects off the passing clouds. This island is home to Grace Bay Beach, which is truly one of the most beautiful beaches in all the world and one reason it made our list this year. Another factor is that Provo is easily accessible by flight from the USA with both direct options and convenient connections - getting here is as easy as being here.
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The Venetian - #1 for Luxurious Off Season Travel

This is the time of year when we begin searching and planning our summer vacation. Many people tend to skip over the Caribbean during their summer travel search, though it is actually the perfect time to go. Not only are discounts available, but look forward to privacy, crowd-less beaches, and enhanced services. This is as true for luxury resorts as for fine dining restaurants, tour operators, and car rental companies in the area. With less people vacationing, you are the center of attention. Upscale, modern, and surrounded with astounding vistas... Impeccable service from a friendly staff... Spacious and beautifully appointed guest suites... Praised by guest after guest...
The Venetian
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An Amazing Beach in Playa Del Carmen

Coco Bay Playa Del Carmen, one of the best beaches in Playa Del Carmen is Coco Bay Playa Del Carmen. As a local here I enjoy spending a good amount of time at Coco Bay. This pristine beach bolsters white silky smooth sand and marvelous turquoise waters. Coco Bay Playa Del Carmen offers some of the best activities to do in playa del carmen. Whether you're looking for extreme sports or a casual kayak ride Coco bay is the spot to be.
photo from helicopter of Playa Del Carmen Beach
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Annie's Revenge Returns in Jamaica

November 20th to 24th, 2013,Annie's Revengereturns to Jamaica. This highly anticipated golf tournament in Montego Bay brings together one pro and three amateur golfers to two of the most highly sought after golf courses in the Caribbean; Cinnamon Hill and White Witch. If you haven't heard of these two golf courses here is a quick breakdown:
Annie revenge golf tournament review 2013
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Beaches Resorts Review

Beaches 'Gear Up for Single Parents Fun Months' really caught my attention, and in my opinion they deserve this month's feature. Being a single parent has many disadvantages (I would know, nothing like a 5 hour flight with a crying two year old and no one around to help), but Beaches has come through. Making it easy for single parents to plan a trip with their young ones combining fun and relaxation in an all-in-one vacation experience. Beaches renown for their family resorts in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos, have been delivering perfect family getaways for years. But I have yet to see a resort do something like this. Truth is with the divorce rate so high, I can't believe other companies aren't doing the same.
July Monthly Feature: Beaches
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Review of Amanpuri in Pansea Beach, Thailand

When I arrived to Phuket Airport I was immediately greeted by an Amanpuri representative in a 700 Series BMW. I knew this resort thought first class service was of the utmost importance. Named after the Sanksrit word for 'peace' Amanpuri Resort captures that exact feeling. As soon as I stepped foot in this secluded coconut grove tranquility washed through me. Witnessing the most spectacular view of the Andaman Sea, I instantly became one with the local landscape. My lodging choice landed me interspersed in the resort's coconut palms. It's as if I were sleeping in the Rainforest itself. Beautifully decorated bamboo and hardwood floors surrounded me. The delicate Thai art and antiques seemed to just belong where they were placed. The bedding was light and fresh and I must say that I slept like a baby. I found the accommodations a flawless balance of nature and decadence.
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