Diving With The Bull Sharks in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Prepare yourself for an unbelievable Playa Del Carmen diving experience. The bull shark dive allows you to explore the mysterious world of these magnificent creatures. Words can't explain the rush you feel while you're dive master is preparing you on the boat and you know that the bull sharks are beneath you.

amazing scuba diving with bull sharks

Bull sharks vary in size, with the females average length reaching 7.9 feet while the male slightly smaller averages 7.4 feet. However, the bull sharks can reach a staggering 13 feet. A scary fact about the bull shark is they boast the strongest bite pound for pound among all cartilaginous fish.

fiving with bull sharks in playa del carmen

Contrary to popular thought, it's safe to dive with the bull sharks. So much so that experienced dive masters here in Playa Del Carmen have mastered the art of feeding them without any incidents recorded.

bull sharks visit playa del carmen

If you love diving this is the place to be. With amazing visibility and plenty of sharks, come on down and experience a once in a lifetime rush.

So cool diving with the bull sharks!

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