Cruising in Provo with Kenard

With some of the most vivid turquoise waters in the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos is a fantastic choice for a luxury yacht excursion. The Turks and Caicos sailing scene is amplified when you choose a boat that suits your group size and needs. Thus, we introduce you to Kenard Cruises. With a small fleet of luxury yachts in Provo, their selection is a step above others in the Caribbean.

Turks and Caicos Sailing Choices with Kenard Cruises

Luxury yacht services in Provo TCI

This fleet starts with their 29 foot speed boat; Chaparral. Zip along the shore with big smiles as you head out for some snorkeling or fishing.

Next up is their luxury yacht; Dream Aweigh. Great for big groups looking for a leisure day on the open ocean.

Last is a luxury motorized catamaran; Dream Aweigh II. If you are planning a special occasion, this spacious and luxurious catamaran is just the thing to create a day you'll remember for life.

It's not the fleet that sets them apart

Sailing charters in turks and caicos

The services of Kenard Cruises go above and beyond the impressive boats. It even surpasses the line-up of amazing tours they offer (although you can create your own itinerary if you prefer). The heart of this operation, and the thing that makes them so incredible, are the crew.

Powered by the ability to entertain and educate, as professionally as they man the helm, they create an intricate experience. Plus, they can cook! If you opt for the Beach BBQ it is sure to be the culinary highlight of your trip.

Review after review praises the catamaran cruise, speedboat snorkel trips, and luxury yacht charters for their fun service and exceptional crew.

Customized Itineraries on this Turks & Caicos Sailing Adventure

On a luxury yacht in Provo

Although they have tour options on their website, you can create your own itinerary. If you aren't sure about the sites to pick, not to worry, let the incredible staff know about your interests and they will help you plan the perfect day (or half day if you want).

If you aren't one to plan out a custom sail, don't feel like you aren't a 'real' traveler. The full and half day excursions include the highlights you seek, and the relaxation you crave. The sunset cruise is ideal for romance, but truly, everyone will appreciate the spectacular views. The Beach BBQ or Sunset Dinner will please the most discerning foodie. It's great when you can't make a bad choice!

Here's a HINT if you are planning something romantic - make it a surprise!

What to bring on your sailing excursion

Seemingly obvious to bring on your ocean tour is sunscreen, a hat, bathing suit, towel, camera, and change of clothes (if you don't plan on going back to your resort right away after your tour is finished). Also, bring some waterproof plastic bags to be sure you can put sensitivities such as your camera and cell phone in them, so they don't get wet.

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