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When traveling to beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, it is pretty tough to decide what to do. Lazing by the pool is nice, but vacation is also a great opportunity to get out and see things that you might never get to experience again.

Cabo San Lucas whale watching is one of those things that you really have to be in the right place at the right time, and Cabo Trek has been getting guests there time and again. The whale watching season in Cabo San Lucas runs from December to the beginning of April. Many operators offer Cabo San Lucas whale watching tours, but the only whale watching tour in Cabo that has an actual marine biologist on every excursion is Cabo Trek.

Frankie (the marine biologist) is a young, talented, university-trained marine biologist from North Carolina, who has a love of whales that will leave you as enthralled with these majestic creatures as he is.

beautiful photo of whale watching with Cabo Whale Trek

This tour starts from the comfortable marina storefront inside the old lobby at the Wyndham with a short boat ride past the Arch, Lands End, and out to the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park. A five minute trip for you, months for the Whales, as they travel 6000 miles from the summer feeding grounds in Alaska’s Bering Sea down the west coast of North America to their winter home along the Pacific coast of Mexico.

The brand new boat, complete with sun shade, cushioned seats, glass bottom ports and restroom, is also equipped with state of the art underwater audio and video, which lets you both hear and see the Cabo San Lucas whales and other marine life below the surface. The small tour sizes (limit of 10 people) allow you to really interact with the guides and ask as many questions as you may have, in English, French, Spanish, and German, as this is the only whale watching tour operator fluent in all four languages. Cabo Trek has over 15 years of maritime experience, and provides exceptional customer service; from when you book your tour with their helpful guides, to when you arrive home with their professionally shot pictures of you and the whales.

Whale tail on tour in Cabo San Lucas

One of the things that really makes Cabo Trek stand out is their exceptional customer service. Many other tour companies leave you feeling like an unwanted tag along whose every question seems to be a bother. The owner, Philipp Moser, is a marine naturalist who has lived and world in Thailand, Nigeria and Central America. His passion for the ocean and the environment cannot help but leave one with feeling that you are just out boating with friends … who happen to know all there is about Cabo San Lucas whale watching!

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