Best Family Experience in Riviera Maya, Mexico


It's common knowledge that Riviera Maya has a range of incredible luxury resorts. Most are geared towards romantic adult-only retreats, while others have great family themes inclusive to all ages. A select few cater to both. Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma delivers a perfect balance of fun for children and intimacy for adults, and is our top choice for "Best Family Experience" in beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico. This five star resort delivers on its promise to please every discerning traveler, while going beyond what is expected for those traveling with their little ones.

View of Generations Riviera Maya

Here are six reasons we chose Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma for our perfect family getaway:

1. gourmet inclusive for all ages

Typically kids (if they're like ours) crave pizza and chicken fingers to eat, which has almost always been the case on our past resort vacations. The team at Generations Riviera Maya have outwitted picky youngsters by extending their epicurean selection to the kids menu; the gourmet chefs create mini master pieces that not only look amazing, but taste great too. Children can choose items like the Teriyaki Chicken on a skewer with spring rolls, or the Beef Kebabs and flatbread with humus dipping sauce. Our 5 year old never left anything on his plate, which was a true feat in itself.

Upscale dining at Generations Resort in Cancun

The children's menu also carries basics like PB&J, hamburgers, and hotdogs, so if your little ones are still unsure, not to worry.

Unique dining table at the gourmet inclusive resort

Now, for the adults. If you are a true foodie (or wannabe foodie) at heart, Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma is an exceptional choice. The culinary experience (and arguably the resort experience) centers on their signature Gourmet Inclusive program, where you will gorge on gourmet snacks, appetizers, and entrees that are delicately presented with careful thought and imagination.

Dining a la carte at luxury Riviera Maya resort

The rock star chefs work only with the freshest ingredients. This is something that your children will probably not notice, ours didn't have a clue, but we definitely did. The taste and crunch of the vegetables and crispiness of the salads was a rarity for those of us who have everything shipped in from thousands of miles away. Do you want to know exactly where the restaurant's fresh ingredients are grown? Just ask for a tour of their 70, 000 sq. ft. onsite greenhouse where tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, chilies, squash, beans, leafy vegetables and a selection of herbs are hydroponically grown. The best part is that they don't have to travel far to get to your plate.

2. unrivalled kids services and amenities

The staff at Generations Riviera Maya made our 5 year old son feel like he was king of the resort. It seemed like we had to make an effort to spend time with him. Every chance he got to escape to the Eko Kids Club he was gone. Of course, it is stressful to let your children out of sight, but this worry was alleviated as soon as we met the team taking care of the kids. Parents and guardians can truly relax knowing their little ones are in good hands with this certified team of professionals.

Eko Kids Club at Generations Resort

The Eko Kids Club is huge! It included a ball pit, rock climbing wall, cooking & crafts station, video gaming station, trampoline, movie area, toys for boys and girls, and a whole lot of room to run around. Everyday a new schedule of activities awaited, ranging from science projects to cooking lessons. At night the kids even had their own little party with disco dancing and fun games under the stars. The certified Nannies looking over them performed their jobs with joy and grace. These warm and inviting people created a bond with our son that will be remembered for a long time.

Fun for all ages at Generations Riviera Maya Gourmet Resort

Those with babies and young toddlers will find complete convenience at Generations Rivera Maya. They provide everything you need so you don't have to travel with all that extra luggage. You can travel light knowing that all baby amenities are waiting for you at the resort. Generations Riviera Maya supplies strollers, cribs, baby bottles, bottle warmers, bottle sterilizers, baby basins, and fresh blended baby food made to order.

3. Upscale and luxury appointed rooms

Tired of not knowing if you're going to get an ocean front room? That's not the case at Generations Riviera Maya! Every room gives you an excellent view of the turquoise Mexican Caribbean Ocean where you can watch the sunrise without getting out of bed.

Stunning hotel suites

The 144 luxury suites are offered in 10 categories from Ocean Front Luxury Jacuzzi Suites to Ocean Front Three-Bedroom Jacuzzi Swim-Up Infinity Suites. At Generations Riviera Maya they don't cheap out on amenities. Your room, no matter the category, comes with deluxe features including 24 hour in-room dining, Jacuzzi for two, 47" LCD TV, separate area with double and single sofa beds with a second 47" LCD TV. One surprise that we really enjoyed was the in-room mini fridge which we customized to be restocked with our favourites; specialty drinks, sweet and savory snacks, chocolate, and spicy plantain chips. The standout feature of our room was the oversized balcony with ample room to enjoy our morning breakfast or relax on our private day lounger overlooking the calm Caribbean Sea.

Swim-Up Suite Infinity Pool Balcony

The more exclusive suites include dining table for six with a fully equipped kitchen, swim-up suites with infinity pools, connecting rooms for large families, extra-large terrace and the Generations' special "aguas del amor" private outdoor showers.

Exclusive shoers open to the sky

The suites at Generations rival the best in the world. You will be spoiled with luxury amenities, high-end toiletries, gourmet in-room snacks and beverages, plush pillows and linens, 24-hour room service, an ultra-spacious suite, and an excellent view of the ocean.

Refined and contemporary luxury bathroom

4. Complete butler service for all guests, even the little ones

For my entire stay at Generations Riviera Maya I had a group of butlers at my beck and call. They answered any service request I could come up with; from booking my car rental to the exact time of my turn down service. All I had to do was call or go down to their office for a quick chat. They were an irreplaceable connection between my family and the numerous services offered at the resort.

Friendly staff of Generations Resort by Karisma

When I needed to plan a special dinner on the beach with my wife, they made all the arrangements. When I needed to book a tour to Chicken-Itza including transportation, tour guide, lunch and drinks, they covered every angle. This group of well informed and connected people are there to make sure your vacation is going as planned. They will absolutely go out of their way to please you. Want something that the resort doesn't offer like a bottle of Don Julio Tequila or some rare Cigars? They will find a way to get it to you, and if they can't, they will get you the next best thing. Their sole purpose is to provide you with a deeply personalized service unparalleled to a simple concierge desk.

Incredible service at the all inclusive on Punta Brava

At check-in our butler gave us a summary of the resort's amenities and special features. He then began to personalize our stay by asking a few simple questions. He made all of our tour bookings, arranged our on-property activities, reserved spa treatments, recommended our in-room aromatherapy, confirmed our pillow selection, and organized a family themed in-room dining experience. He also made our dinner reservations at the El Dorado Royale and El Dorado Casitas Royale, handled all babysitter arrangements each time we wanted to get away, and helped plan a special occasion for my wife on the beach. Be sure to take advantage of the check-in questionnaire. It will personalize your stay the way you want it.

Beach butlers at incredible family resort in Riviera Maya

The resort also had personal beach butlers, who made sure our day lounging was well spent. Forgot your sunscreen? Not a problem. The beach butler has a selection to choose from. They also offer beach towels, cold face towels, newspapers, magazines, and beach toys for the kids. I had frozen Mojitos with beef fajita wraps, extra crispy chicken fingers, french-fries, and chocolate ice cream delivered to my private Bali-Bed in a "Yogi the Bear like" picnic basket. Does it get better!?

5. A friendly atmosphere for all ages

Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma offers fun activities for all ages, during the day and at night.

Pool fun! With the biggest beach ball in the world.

Throughout the day the entertainment staff was on a mission to ensure every guest was enjoying their vacation. They had a knack for being in-tune with our needs. From as simple as sparking interesting conversations to picking music that delivered their guest's favourite songs. I was also impressed by how they were able to convince guests to join in daily activities that they might not have otherwise tried, but had a blast doing. Another attribute that made the entertainment team extra special was knowing when you wanted to be left alone. They never pressured … only encouraged!

Relax on chaise lounges in the shade

The beach is lively, couples chatting with each other while the kids played in the sand. The pool area was very calm and relaxing (with the exception of an odd game of water polo) and the bartenders were effortlessly able to keep everyone laughing.

Tons of things to do on the resort property of Generations

Night time is a seductive affair with guests dining in elaborately designed restaurants, eating gourmet food, and drinking specialty wines. We loved the trendy and stylish atmosphere.

The resort staff is always available

After enjoying our unique culinary experience, we would normally head over to watch the nightly entertainment show where talented local performers did their best to amaze us, and succeeded. After the shows, a few couples would head to the Sling Cocktail Bar & Lounge for night caps, but most headed back to their rooms for a good night's rest.

Entertainment during the day and at night

We made many new friends during our trip to Generations Riviera Maya, but not as many as our five year old son. Kids attract each other and playing together seems to come easy to them. As for the adults, when it came time to spend quality time alone, there was always a quiet place to sink into. The staff are very friendly and will go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Because this is not a huge resort, we ended up knowing most of the staff by first name who we would always greet in passing and even stop for a little chit-chat.

6. Soon to be the largest artificial reef in the world

The beach at Generations Riviera Maya offers total tranquility and fun for all ages with its soft powder sand, cool ocean breezes, and warm soothing waters.

Luxury destination weddings in Riviera Maya

That being said, there is one thing that must be addressed. Currently, there are many concerns about unappealing sand bags in the water and you might wonder why. The resort owner with a team of professionals have embarked on an adventure of a lifetime: to create the world's largest artificial reef. Let's not forget that Rome was not built in one day, and neither is a reef. Working with Mother Nature is not easy and takes time. Impressively though, within 3 years many people believe that this beach will become one of Riviera Maya's true hidden gems.

Feeding a baracuda

The project started in June of 2014 when Mr. Jose Luis Martinez (owner of El Dorado Royale, El Dorado Casitas Royale, and Generations Riviera Maya) along with a team of expert engineers, environmentalists, architects and specialized divers took on the enormous challenge to build the world's largest artificial reef, which is aptly named Kan Kanan: The Guardian of the Caribbean.

creating the world's largest artificial reef

This project has two-goals. The first, to help stop the process of natural erosion and protect the beaches that run alongside Mr. Martinez's three luxury resorts. The second, to create a marine habitat for thousands of sea species, which in turn will provide his guests with an exclusive underwater sanctuary only steps away from their rooms.

How to make an artifical reef at Generations

To create the reef, specially developed hollow pyramid structures coated with a micro-silica base (this helps to promote the growth of coral) were lifted into place by large cranes. The 1,000 micro-silica based pyramids were placed in a 1.9 km long serpent like formation alongside the coast of Punta Brava. With time these ten ton structures will sink into the sand while micro-organisms and coral of many different species attach themselves to their new homes. Puerto Morales in the state of Quintana Roo is home to the second largest natural reef in the world and hosts over 13,450 marine species. Soon there will be a new community for many of these species to thrive in.

A view of the magnificent resort property near Playa Del Carmen

Does it get better than white powder sand under your feet, crystal clear blue waters surrounding your body, and to be able to just kick off your flip-flops, grab your snorkel equipment and swim out to an underwater oasis full of tropical fish and marine species of all colors? This is the vision of Mr. Jose Luis Martinez and he is well on his way to making this dream into reality; Kan Kanan!

My final thoughts...

Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma provided a wonderful holiday for my family. I strongly recommend this resort for romantic couples who are seeking a luxurious vacation experience with their children. This resort has the perfect balance between a well rounded family resort, where the kids will enjoy the fun filled activities planned out by the animation staff, and a romantic couples resort with many attractive features for adults. You can disappear to one of the adjoining adults-only sister resorts, the El Dorado Casitas or the El Dorado Royale, for a romantic diner, or plan your own family themed in-room dining experience with full service three course meal cooked with only the freshest ingredients. The resort is very luxurious and the customer service is five star. I guarantee, this experience will create many cherished memories for the both the kids and adults.

Sand-out features of this resort are level of customer service, fine cuisine, luxurious amenities, kids activities, spacious rooms, and use of the adjoining sister resorts.

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