Redefining Tours in Panama

Using the concept of boutique hotels as their muse, Lumo Panama has created a unique tour company in the countries capital. A simple concept, create tours that cater to guests in a distinct style and personalized way, like the idea behind boutique hotels. The goal, to have visitors love Panama as much as they do. This is the ideology that sparked an incredible tour company, and may influence the industry as a whole over coming years.

"All Inclusive" Tour Services: Lumo Panama has put together creative package options. They are a twist on the "All Inclusive" vacations travelers know and love. You can opt for touring for a day, or, (and here is what we love) you can pre-plan your entire getaway in one easy step, with one company by choosing a multi-day tour that even includes your hotel. This package option is extremely cost effective, stress-free, and practical.

On tour you get to choose the excursions with Lumo Panama

Here is an example of one of the more popular packages. 9 Days and 8 Nights in Panama City. You will stay at a boutique hotel, which includes breakfast. Your package also includes airport transfers and 6 Tours from Lumo Panama (snacks and beverages on the tour included). They have a variety of tours on offer, so you can pick the six you want to do the most, which means you still get to personalize your getaway ... just a lot faster. This package is $1950+tx per person if double occupancy, or $1775+tx if three to one bedroom.

These prices, literally, include everything while you are touring. If you were to loose your wallet while out and about, you needn't worry at all. All entrance fees, food, snacks, and drinks are covered during your tour. It really is like an "All Inclusive".

Just note, that when you aren't touring, or have a day off from touring, it is up to you to plan your dining and entertainment; however Lumo Panama will be happy to help with great recommendations.

Pre-planned hotel and tours included in Panama

The special touches provided by Lumo Panama: Boutique hotels bank on offering distinct accommodations and services. Lumo Panama has a luxury Mercedes Benz van, with three t.v. screens (where you can play one of two thousand videos and concerts), air conditioning, and ample space. This is the "guest suite" of the tours.

Just as a hotel room offers specialty features like luxury bath products or WIFI, so too do the Lumo excursions. Things like hand sanitizer, courtesy wipes, and sunscreen are available to Lumo's guests. They have thought of everything and have contingency products to meet any demand you "might" have.

View of a beach in Panama

Setting the bar for tour companies: Guests are returning year after year because of the level of service and satisfaction they gain from this unique tour company. Review after review praises Lumo Panama for their creativity, dedication, and thorough guided tours.

Taking the time and worry out of vacation planning: Those weeks leading up to vacation can have you spending countless hours trying to figure out what to do. Or, perhaps you are a traveller who banks on figuring it out when you get there. Either way, Lumo Panama gives you a great getaway without the stress or frustration of figuring it all out on your own. They are setting a new standard in the tour industry, and one that we are sure will catch on with others.

For more information about Lumo Panama you can visit our Editorial Review or their Official Website.

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