8 of the World's Creepiest Places to Visit

The world is full of supernatural mystery, and we set out in search of the creepiest places to find them. Our list of top creepy places in the world takes you from land to sea, and around the globe, and may have even those in doubt of life after death or UFO's second guessing themselves.

Sadly, most of these eerie destination became popular because of catastrophe, so please be aware that some of the images below may be disturbing.

Under the Sea in Truk Lagoon

Truk Langoon Death

Truk Langoon is the worlds largest water grave. Created in World War II this was America's retribution for Pearl Harbor and saw over 50 of Japan's ships and 275 planes sunk through 3 days; leaving thousands of bodies strewn throughout the harbour. Only accessible by scuba diving, this is not for the faint of heart as human remains are visible. Many divers report hearing truck engines trying to be started and other odd under water noises they have not encountered before.

It's Against the Law to Visit Poveglia Island, Italy

Asylum beds Poveglia Italy

Just stepping on to this island is said to curse you. Described as one of the "darkest spots on earth" it is suggested hundreds of thousands of people died (and were burned) on this archipelago over centuries. Quarantine station against the plagues in 17th and 18th century turned asylum for the insane in 1922 (where human experiments took place) there is no lack of ghost stories. The doctor in charge of the asylum committed suicide claiming the ghosts were driving him mad. Today no one is allowed on the island without permission by law. Fisherman don't even go close to catch their quota. A construction team started restoring the asylum in 1964 but abruptly stopped without explanation ... their scaffolding still stands today. Strange burning smells, sounds, and more have been reported. Check out the Ghost Adventures show about this island of death https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S6rF-CHeko&noredirect=1

Ghost Town Tragedy in Oradour-Sur-Glane, France

True ghost town abandoned car and ruined buildings

This ghost town wasn't abandoned ... it was murdered during WWII. All 642 citizens(including 205 children) were brutally killed by Nazi Germany through the use of fire and machine guns. A true tragedy that now serves as an important memorial.

Few locals will visit at night as they claim to see the victims roaming the streets after dark. Others swear at times you can smell the odour of burning wood and flesh.

Suicidal at Aokigahara Forest


When a forest's claim to fame is being one of the top suicidal spots in the world with over one hundred people taking their own lives every year, it may make you think twice about visiting it. Said to be haunted by elderly who were dumped there to die in the past, as well as the souls created by suicide, camping overnight here takes a lot of bravado.

UFO Sightings in Hoia Baciu Forest - Romania

Authentic UFO Photograpg

The supernatural elements in these woods is so acute even scientists have studied it. Beware though, you don't want to be abducted. The photo above is one of only a handful to actually be authenticated.

The Stuff Nightmares are Made of: Island of the Dolls - Mexico

Creepy old doll hanging in a tree

This island in Mexico may or may not be haunted but is eerie none-the-less. You are surrounded by thousands of naked, old, and dirty dolls strung up in trees with wire by their necks. One man is responsible for this collection. It is said he found a little girl who had drowned and buried her on the island. She had a doll with her and that was the first to be strung up. The story has a sad twist as supposedly the man died drowning in the same canal as the little girl did so long ago.

Zombie Apocalypse at Catacombe dei Cappuccini?


Although only 8000 skeletons and 1242 mummies are housed in Italy's catacomb (compared to over 6 million in France's) this one is extra scary because of an embalming procedure which actually perfectly preserves the body. It looks like this two year old is sleeping when in fact she passed in 1920.

Shapeshifters, Goblins, and Human Sacrifice in Belize


Belize is a hot bed of paranormal activity. Mayan ruins at the ATM cave prove human sacrifice was no myth. Haunted Mayan ruins include famed Xunantunich where multiple witnesses have seen a lady in white with glowing red eyes. Thinking about a walk in the woods? Beware of Tata Duende, a goblin who lives in the forest and rips the thumbs off humans he comes across. Shapeshifters are another eerie problem plaguing Belize. Xtabai normally appears as a beautiful woman and whatever you do don't look her in the eyes or listen to her whispers. She will suck you in and if you wake up the next morning you will be cuddled up with a poisonous cactus.

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