8 Amazing Under-the-Radar Destinations 2017

Fresh and invigorating, these beaten-less locales lack the crowds while delivering epic scenery, fascinating attractions, and warm people. You won't get stuck in a tourism tornado or be bombarded on the beach by t-shirt shops. Only jaw-dropping backdrops for the best selfie of your life and intimate moments you will treasure for years to come... trade in your typical travels for destinations that are secretly sensational.

No Photoshop Required for Krabi, Thailand

Off the beaten path beach in Krabi Vietnam

Krabi looks like it was plucked straight out of a computer screen. Super vibrant colours on land and sea contrast so superbly with towering rock formations it genuinely seems to beautiful to be true.

Animal Lovers Paradise in Nairobi, Kenya

giraffe manor

Kenya itself is one of the most popular destinations for a Safari getaway, but Nairobi has something extremely unusual, the Giraffe Manor. This is a small hotel and endangered giraffes live on the property. You can expect them to poke in at mealtime.

Up and Coming Nicaragua

Nicaragua Vacations

Dramatic beaches without the rampant crowds await in Nicaragua. These beautiful stretches of sand are accompanied by warm welcomes from the locals. Typical resort fun like kayaking, horse back riding, and mountain biking are easy to find. One of the coolest places to explore it Isla Zapatera, a volcanic island with tons of ancient tribal petroglyphs.

Cool Culture in Greenland

Northern Lights Greenland

Just because most of this country is covered in ice doesn't mean it lacks in vacation worthiness. You can actually tour ancient Viking ruins (not many places boast that feature), and it is one of the best perches in the world to witness Northern Lights. Ample typical travel activities like shopping, museums, and dining round out Greenland as being one of the best unpopular destinations that balances exclusive attractions with expected amenities.

The Fountain of Youth? Ikaria, Greece

An under the radar destination in Greece

You might consider moving to this Greek paradise after visiting it, as locals live long lives ... 1 in 3 are over 90! Perhaps there is something in the water, or their diet is their virtue, or maybe the ambiance is so relaxing. We may never know why these islanders live longer (and are healthier) but a glimpse at their culture might help renew your spirit. Rocky mountainsides, weekly summer festivities, and serene surroundings await on this Greek archipelago.

In the Corner of the Caribbean is Dominica

Caribbean's Dominica is a great crowdless vacation destination

If looking for a less popular but just as gorgeous Caribbean destination Dominica is possibly the best choice. You will be trading in the crowded beaches for stretches of sand few frequent, long buffet lines for intimate ocean side dinners, and high rise resorts for hidden gem hotels.

A Twist on Treehouses at Qualicom Beach, Canada


On the West coast of Canada sits Vancouver Island, and on Vancouver Island sits Qualicom Beach. This intriguing destination offers guests great fishing, exceptional sunsets ... and a treehouse hotel. There are ample outdoor activities for nature lovers, ensuring tourists are spread out across Qualicom's expansive terrain.

Hainan, China

Hainan, China

China's "Hawaii" is popular with Russians but the rest of the world is just finding out about this escape possibility. From a Shaolin Buddhist temple to their ancient Hainanese village, unforgettable beaches to volcano park, this island really does give Hawaii a run for its money.

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