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We are a group of well-traveled and talented writers who came together to write about the places we've been, the hotels we've visited, the tours we've experienced, and restaurants that we dined at. After submitting a couple blog articles and social posts, we realized that they stumbled upon something great.

Right there, we knew exactly what we had to do; create a Worldwide Travel Guide full of our personal recommendations where only the best-of-the-best is offered. Soon after myVacationPages was born. A place where every recommendation guarantees a positive customer experience.

Don't get it wrong! We have all experienced, at one time or another, something that we would never suggest, and we don't. You will not find any travel businesses on myVacationPages.com that does not live up to our high expectations.

myVacationPages has grown immensely since its days of blogging. We have compiled a unique and exclusive database of only the best hotels, resorts, tours, attractions, excursions, restaurants, and let's not forget nightlife.

Finally, a travel website for the traveler. A website that isn't all about the next big sale or what is the best deal today. Rather, a website that will deliver on its promise to only offer quality travel options for our customers to choose from.

MVP is now positioned as the Worldwide Travel Guide who provides only handpicked travel options which are vetted to ensure a great experience for it customers.

MVP does its research! By searching through thousands of reviews, talking to local industry influencers, and requesting the advice of travel agents who specialize in specific locations and industries, MVP has come up with a list of travel companies whose reputation and customer reviews demonstrate their outstanding level of customer satisfaction.

From the hidden restaurant to the thrill seeking tour, the unknown intimate hotel to experienced surf lesson company; MVP makes sure its Visitors have a full range of businesses to choose from.

MVP offers 23 travel related industries, as well as helpful articles, while supplying Visitors with a customizable reference where they can find their travel needs through a technologically advanced and user-friendly interface.

The style emphasizes the clean approach to functionality, while the services available reinforce the company’s ability to provide an environment that is meaningful and personalized for individual preferences.

The overall objective of the website design is to have each Customer take a 10-minute vacation by providing a relaxing atmosphere for them to shop at their own pace without having ads, pricing, and “buy now” pop-ups, that take away from this experience.

To date, MVP has the largest mix of travel industries under one website. Visitors are able to find; hotels, resorts, restaurants, car rental, taxi services, spas, tours, attractions, casinos, golf courses, shopping boutiques, night life, private yacht and jet charters, and more.

The future for myVacationPages looks extremely bright! We have received a lot of interest from industry influencers and investors alike. With their team of savvy travelers, who double as marketing professionals, talented designers, seasoned operational managers and gifted sales executives, they have created a work environment that is both fun and profitable.

The story of myVacationPages continues and we look forward to what the future holds us!