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Our passion is to provide a learning experience which is both fun and adventurous

"Our passion is to provide a learning experience which is both fun and adventurous" - Wild About Lapland

Wild About Lapland welcomes guests from around the world and gives them the opportunity to experience the beauty and uniqueness of the Arctic. Tailor-made small group tours to this region are what Wild About Lapland Specializes in. Hunt for the Northern Lights, go ice fishing, meet Santa Claus, and more! Theo Turner, owner, and guide extraordinaire is not only knowledgeable and fun but a true pro in the outdoors. Safety and thrills go hand-in-hand on these excursions.

Whether a family in search of the ultimate meaningful getaway, friends wanting to see snow for the first time, adventure chasers, or couples wanting to try something no one else has ... Wild About Lapland is the perfect pairing for these groups and many more. Plus, Lapland in Finland is the ultimate destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Why We Highly Recommend Wild About Lapland

Recipient of TripAdvisor's coveted "Certificate of Excellence", past guests and industry experts agree that Wild About Lapland is truly exceptional. Their unique day trips surpass even the highest expectations. A guide with incredible knowledge and a friendly manner helps create a great ambiance. With both summer and winter tours available, guests can explore the beauty of Lapland year-round. A tailor-made approach ensures every travel group's musts are met. Wild About Lapland has perfected outdoor adventures in every way.

Winter Tours

Each Northern Lights tour is tailor-made every night of the week depending on the clients’ abilities, weather conditions and the Northern Lights forecast. Your guide will teach you about the Aurora Borealis and show you how the natives make a fire and cook food over it. Detailed explanations of the northern lights, wilderness, and the local animals will follow for those who wish to fully understand their surroundings ...

The Wilderness Tour is a very special opportunity to those who wish to wander into the forest to try and get a glimpse of the spectacular and elusive Finnish wildlife and natural beauty of Lapland. Before heading through the woods you will be taught how to move quietly in the wilderness ...

Once you arrive you will have a short 5-10 minute walk through an old forest, then suddenly, the trees will stop and an open area full of ice and snow will appear as far as the eye can see. This place always seems to restore peace and a sense of happiness to those who spend time there (even if you go every day), as it is a bit of a local secret. ...

This tour allows you to really feel what it is to head deep into the Arctic forests to try and find some food. We will Snow Shoe through old forests and across a frozen lake in order to get to the perfect spot for Ice Fishing.

During this tour, you will learn basic survival skills and fire making skills along with learning how to walk in Snow Shoes! ...

Combine our Northern lights tour with the Ranua tour to get a full day of activities out in the wilds of Lapland.

During this tour, you will learn all about the animals that live here in the Finnish Lapland and you will get to see them in person. The animals that live here in the Taiga are very elusive and hard to spot in the wild ...

We are proud to represent our new Ranua trip traveling from Rovaniemi to Ranua in style and comfort. Your guide has special knowledge of all the animals in the park and even has a basket of food that you can feed to the Polar Bears, Brown Bears and Wild Boars. Once the tour is complete you get to enjoy the Buffet that the restaurant provides! ...

This tour is a fantastic way to fill your time here in Lapland with great Arctic experiences. Your guide will pick you up from your accommodation at an agreed time, then on day one you will do the following: ...

This is the most traditional Reindeer farm in Lapland and they are based just outside of Rovaniemi, Finland. From our perspective, they provide the best experience possible when it comes to both knowledge and service. Here are the tours they provide: ...

Summer Tours

This tour is an opportunity for you to have an action-packed day while experiencing a range of activities that are special to the Finnish Lapland.

We start the tour by picking you up form your accommodation at 0900, we then drive an hour to Ranua. Whilst there you will get to see over 40 different breeds of Arctic animal, including Brown Bears, Polar Bears, Wolves, Lynx, and Moose. Once we have seen and learned about all the animals we will sit down in the Restaurant and enjoy their lovely buffet ...

Come and experience the beauty of the midnight sun with us! Depending on your physical ability we will take you to the hilltops, lakeside shores or river banks to view the spectacular light ...

The Wilderness Tour is a very special opportunity to those who wish to wander into the forest to try and get a glimpse of the spectacular and elusive Finnish wildlife and natural beauty of Lapland. Before heading through the woods you will be taught how to move quietly in the wilderness and points of interest to keep an eye open for ...

Canoeing in the Taiga forest is a very special thing to do, the silence and simple wildness of the waterways give you a sense of freedom which you cant find in any other sport, as being on the water, powered by your own strength and skill is special!

Our canoeing tours allow a maximum of 6 people any one time. We do our best not to mix groups to allow you to have your private bit of nature ...

About Wild About Lapland

We are located in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland. We are passionate about sharing our lifestyle and its what we do best.

The main goal in Wild About Lapland is to provide tours that allow all individuals to experience exactly what they wish for, whether it be to experience the Northern lights or to learn how to ice fish or even to take a Reindeer ride and meet Santa. Some people just want to see what snow looks like!

Theo Turner, the owner, and lead tour guide has extensive experience of the outdoors. He is a former Royal Marine Commando and Professional Outdoor Instructor. He has a great understanding of the Northern Lights and the Wilderness and how to survive and appreciate it. Now one of his greatest passions is to share the natural phenomena, opportunities, and beauty that the Finnish Lapland has to offer.

While on any of our specialized tours we will give you more than just the experience you’re looking for. What we want you to get out of it is knowledge! When you finish the tour you will have a good understanding of your surroundings here in the Lapland wilderness, the local people and the Saami people, the wildlife, and even a few key Finnish words.

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