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Guided Interpretive Adventures In Jasper National Park

Welcome To Walks And Talks Jasper

Explore the wonders and the natural beauty of Jasper, Alberta with the passionate and professional owner of Walks And Talks, Paula. No one knows Jaspers serene charm better than Paula herself, come on an experience that you will appreciate and surely plan to return to. Paula will bring you through journeys of Mount Edith, Maligne Valley, Valley of Five Lakes, Columbia Icefield, and much more!The tours Paula offers here at Walks And Talks Jasper are filled with knowledge, wisdom and history of this enchanting place. This tour is perfect for passionate hikers who enjoy the natural calming scenery.

Meet Paula The Guide & Owner

Join Paula Beauchamp, owner of Walks and Talks Jasper on a informative guided adventure, she is a lifetime Jasper resident. Why not explore Jasper National Park with a professional level qualified guide who is passionate about Jasper's awesome trails. We walk farther, so you can enjoy more of Jasper's nature; waterfalls, canyons, glaciers, lakes and mountain scenery. Paula has spent most of her life in Jasper. She likes to share her passion for the area so you gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Jasper National Park.

Paula also spent 12 years with Jasper National Park as an Interpretive Guide and an Information attendant at the Park's Information Center. The knowledge she gained and the experiences from this employment provided the background for the programs she has developed. She is a Professional Level Guide accredited by the Interpretive Guide Association "IGA". Formal training includes being a Registered Nurse, is current in First Aide and group management and has attended Interpretation workshops. Walks & Talks Jasper provides you with professional guide Paula, transportation and lifetime experiences that she shares with you.

Her vision was to offer to small groups the benefits of her extensive local knowledge and many years of experience, both as a qualified guide and long-time Jasper resident. For her and for you, it was important that her walks and tours be conducted by people who know the park both from training and from a personal level derived from years experiencing the park. Her commitment is to keep groups small, which allows for a unique experience and the ability to quickly customize your tour to suit your time constraints and the whims of nature.

The Tours

Best Guided Adventure For The Day

Your professional guide will choose the best trail for the day as trail conditions vary due to spring snowpack in the higher elevations. It doesn't matter which trail we pick; all are done at a leisurely pace. Your guide has planned stops to point out things of particular interest. It may be wildflowers, Glaciers,spectacular waterfalls, Lakes or wildlife we take the time to enjoy "NATURE". Enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded by spectacular scenery, and fresh mountain air. Bring your lunch, water,layers for clothing and your camera too.

Departs 9:30 AM – allow 5 to 6 hours. Click here for more information on the Best Guided Adventure For The Day!

Mount Edith Cavell Adventure

Join Paula on Mount Edith Cavell tour she will drive the van to the towering mountain and back to Jasper as she will have a Parks Canada Permit to access the road. Paula has planned stops to point all things of interest as we walk to take in the mountains awesome beauty and Angel Glacier which is above Cavell Pond. We may hear the glacier calve and tumble into the Pond.Allow 3 hours.

Departs 9:00 am. and 1:00 pm– allow 3-3.5 hours driving and walking. Click here for more information on the Mount Edith Cavell Adventure.

Mount Edith Cavell Meadows Adventure

Join Paula on the hike to Mount Edith Cavell Meadows; Jasper's signature hike. Paula has planned stops, so she can point out things of interest; glaciers, flowers, small mammals, history and for you to catch your breath!. She is passionate for this alpine area where she has hiked sine she was a child. We will stop for a picnic lunch across from Angel Glacier, in a wildflower meadow, it's awesome. Come enjoy this hike and gain an appreciation for this special location. Paula is always happy when she gets to hike to the meadows.

Departs 9:30 am. – allow about 5 hours - 90 minutes driving, 3-3.5 hours hiking. Click here for more information on the Mount Edith Cavell Meadows Adventure.

Maligne Canyon Guided 5 Bridges Adventure

Your guide will lead you on a unique route along the Maligne Canyon Rim to bridge #5. You will feel the spray of the waterfall and hear its roar. Expect to learn about the mysterious underground drainage system as we walk the lower portion of this fascinating gorge. The water truly is this turquoise! Enjoy the scenic drive past disappearing Medicine Lake. We continue up the valley to spectacular Maligne Lake. The drive to Maligne Lake can be good for spotting wildlife like: elk, bighorn sheep, moose, and bears.

Walk time: 90 minutes and time for "Picnic" Ice Cleats provided on winter Adventures. Click here for more information on the Maligne Canyon Guided 5 Bridges Adventure.

Maligne Canyon 5 Bridges Winter Adventure

Your guide Paula will lead you on a unique route along the Maligne Canyon rim to Bridge #5. We provide Ice Cleats & hiking poles for safety while we explore the canyon's rim and it's frozen beauty. Learn all about the mysterious underground drainage system as we walk the 5 bridges of this fascinating gorge. Paula is a professional "IGA" guide and lifetime resident of Jasper; she provides transportation in a comfortable 7 passenger mini van.

This tour is around 3-4 hours. Click here for more information on the Maligne Canyon 5 Bridges Winter Adventure.

Columbia Icefield & Waterfalls Adventure

Your guide drives the Parkway while you relax and enjoy the most scenic route in the Canadian Rockies. The spectacular views are changing constantly. Paula offers the Columbia Icefield Adventure year round in the summer we stop at Athabasca and Sunwapta rivers: these are short walks to view the impressive waterfalls. Paula drives the van to the Icefield ; once we arrive at the Icefield it is your choice to take the Snowcoach/Ice Explorer or join Paula as we hike to view the glacier from Wilcox Pass. We stop in the awesome Pass for a "picnic " lunch.

The winter tour we stop at the frozen waterfalls and snowshoe at the Icefield. Click here for more information on the Columbia Icefield & Waterfalls Adventure.

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