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West Bay, Cayman Islands

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Food For Your Soul

Amazing Vegan Restaurant in West Bay

VIVO Alternative Restaurant is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in the beautiful West Bay, Cayman Islands. Perfect for foodies looking for healthy, tasty food. Their menu offers vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free food. Lionfish is also on the menu in an attempt to limit the invasive population in a delicious way. All ingredients are selected with the greatest care to serve you organic, natural and delicious food with an oceanfront view, relaxing atmosphere, peaceful location, and a breathtaking view. If you are looking for a good vegan restaurant in West Bay come to VIVO!

Great Service at this Cayman Islands Vegetarian Restaurant

Food at VIVO is prepared with passion and positive energy, even if you are not a vegetarian you will love their food! The service is excellent at this Cayman Islands eatery as well as friendly and very attentive. This restaurant truly cares about the quality of their food and the ingredients are homemade, organic and/or locally sourced. Past guests boast about how amazing the food is, even meat eaters who ironically leave the best reviews on TripAdvisor. Sustainability is what VIVO is all about; their goal is to have a sustainable restaurant that helps the environment and bringing people closer to a healthier lifestyle.

Eat ‘Em to Beat ‘Em

Lionfish population has been spreading at an alarming rate; they are excessive breeders and eaters which disrupts the food chain. The solution to this problem is to eat them, which is not hard when they are very delicious! If you want to help reduce the lionfish population you can grab a spear and shoot some lionfish but in the Cayman Islands, you have to be certified to do so which you can do at DiveTech that is conveniently located right next door to VIVO restaurant. Not interested in hunting lionfish and still want to help? You can by just simply ordering lionfish off the menu!

Exceptional Vegan Cuisine in the Cayman Islands

Along with having delicious food is the stunning ocean front views, imagine yourself watching the sunset with great meals, drinks, and service. It is truly an experience that is both relaxing and romantic. Come by and grab a bite to eat exceptional vegan cuisine in the Cayman Islands!

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