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Welcome To Virgin Islands Ecotours

Virgin Islands EcoTours is voted the best Eco-Tourism and Kayak Tours on St. Thomas & St. John. We're famous for Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventures on three locations in St. Thomas, Hassel Island, and St. John, as well as our all-access Honeymoon Beach Day pass in the heart of the VI National Park on St. John. We also rent watersport equipment including kayaks, SUPs, snorkel gear and more by the week or by the day and offer free delivery on St. Thomas & St. John.


Come kayak, hike, & snorkel in the beautiful Caribbean Sea in the US Virgin Islands at any of our three unique locations: St. Thomas Mangrove Lagoon, Honeymoon Beach, St. John at Caneel Bay, and Historic Hassel Island.

Our award-winning Virgin Islands EcoTours combine kayaking, hiking, & snorkeling into an unforgettable experience for every visitor. We also offer equipment rentals and private group tours for families, wedding parties, and corporate groups.


We sell and rent Ocean Kayak, by Johnson Outdoors, easy-to-paddle sit-on-top kayaks, and our own very popular uniquely branded Stand Up Paddleboards. We rent our equipment by the day and week and provide free foam car top carriers that fit on almost all rental cars, along with free mini wheel trailers to help you move the boards and kayaks around by yourself.

We also rent snorkel gear and pool floats to guarantee a week of fun exploring beaches on both islands! We will deliver to your villa or rental car free of charge, or you can pick up from one of our three locations: Frenchtown, St. Thomas; Mangrove Lagoon, St. Thomas; or Cruz Bay, St. John.


Mangrove Lagoon

Surrounded by small islands built up of mangrove trees, the area plays an important role in providing a home for organisms to live and flourish. The result is healthy offshore coral reefs, diverse reef fish populations, and shoreline stabilization. Mangrove trees thrive on saltwater and are adapted to live in coastal environments.

Acting as a sort of “nutrient switchboard operator,” mangrove forests transfer matter and energy from the land in the form of leaves and branches to marine ecosystems as food. And their dense and complicated root systems provide a home for many different types of underwater creatures, including juvenile fish, who use the nooks and crannies to hide from potential predators. Looking for our tours in Mangrove Lagoon? Click Here.


Historic Hassel Island

Hassel Island is a historic site that offers a unique view into the cultural past of the Caribbean. The National Park Service acquired 95% of the island in 1978 and is working to preserve the artifacts that remain from various periods of its history. Archaeological studies have proven that early Caribbean Indian cultures existed and lived on the island. Known as the Tainos, Arawaks, and/or Caribs, they were accomplished pottery makers and horticulturists.


The 15th century brought the arrival of Columbus and ushered in other European explorers over the next centuries to fight for domination and colonization of the area. In fact, the island at first wasn’t an island at all. Originally a peninsula, in the 1860s, the Danish government separated the land from the island of St. Thomas with the aim to improve water circulation in the harbor. Careening Cove soon became the place where shipping repairs were done for European sailing vessels on their way to North America. Systems and tools that were built there, including the Creque Marine Railway that hauled ships out of the water for repairs, still remain and can be visited and explored. Looking for our Hassel Island excursions? Click Here.

St. John & Honeymoon Beach

The Virgin Islands National Park on St. John is rich and complicated in its cultural history and in its role as a tropical ecosystem. It offers endless exploration and nature at its most spectacular.

The area became a National Park in 1956 when Laurence Rockefeller donated the land surrounding his resort on Caneel Bay. As a result, it is one of the most undisturbed regions in the Caribbean. The clear water and sandy beaches are breathtaking. Truly a slice of paradise.


We have Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Adventures that depart from Honeymoon Beach as well as Cruz Bay on St. John. Our tours explore the Caneel Bay Peninsula, the Lind Point Trail, Henley Cay, Scott Beach, the Annaberg Plantation, Waterlemon Cay, and more. Our Honeymoon Beach location also offers an all–inclusive day pass allowing a full day use of stand up paddle boards, kayaks, floats, beach chair, hammocks, snorkel gear, and a locker at one of the VI National Park’s prettiest beaches! Looking to explore St. John? Click Here. 

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