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Sit In The Pilots Seat And Enjoy Our Virtual Pilot Experience

Top Places To Go in the Greater Toronto Area; Ufly Simulator

Have you ever been interested in flying a real aircraft but think it isn't possible? The leading technology at Ufly Simulator in the beautiful city of Mississauga, Ontario has what you have been looking for. Ufly Simulator allows you to experience all of the amazing and radical feelings you would get from flying a real aircraft all while staying on the ground. This is one of the best places to go to for anyone travelling to the GTA and looking for a unique and exhilarating way to spend their day. Found close to the airport you can plan your adventure close to your arrival or departure from Toronto.

UFly Similutor is a great opportunity for every age. Kids interested in becoming a pilot, adults wanting to fullfill a lifelong dream, anyone looking for a one-of-a-kinf opportunity in Toroto ... whether you are a local or a visitor this is an exciting opportunity not to be missed!

Ufly Simulator also offers programs for pilot screening and assessment, corporate incentive program, fear of flying and more.

A Unique Toronto Attraction for All Ages

Kids and adults alike will love the flight simulator experience. You pick where you want to fly to! See parts of the world you never thought possible without leaving Toronto! Packages range from one to four hours and start at only $99!

Whether visiting Canada's largest city or are a native "Torontonian" the Ufly Simulator is an amazing gift option. Does your daughter say she wants to be a pilot? Visiting Toronto to see family but don't want to haul the extra weight of gifts? Do you know someone who loves to fly? Trying to find a new adventure with your loved one? This epic opportunity is like none other, and a fascinating excursion you will recount for years to come. There are tons of reasons to enjoy this Mississauga based flight simulator, but giving (or receiving it) as a gift will make a whole other impact of its own.

Flight Simulator During Your Toronto, Canada Vacation

The Flight Simulator is the most advance and realistic technology that is available to give you the ultimate pilot experience you are looking for. Also known as the B 777-200ER or the triple, this technology provides you with 360 degree enhanced ground scenery and HD visuals, fully functional spoilers, tiller and auto throttles. As well as the worldwide database of airports, Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System, communication alerts, and much more. If you are looking for a bucket list activity and ultimate experience in Toronto, Canada this is the perfect opportunity.

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Great Programs For Your Toronto Vacation

There are also a variety of programs that Ufly Simulator offers, from testing your teamwork, to hours of training with the instructors or memberships there is so much options with them! The Pilot Screening and Assessment gives you the opportunity to pick the perfect match for a pilot with bringing them to endure the assessments and tests Ufly Simulator has. The courses held with the instructors at Ufly Simulator can be from 1 – 4 hours long and allow you to learn a range of things. The memberships give you the chance to do and see much more with bonuses. Incentive Corporate Team Building programs allow you to undergo exercises and solution finding. They even offer a course on how to conquer your fear of flying for you to experience during your vacation in Toronto!

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