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The narratives of our history are fun, and sometimes moving, but always history-rich, and you can count on the accuracy of our history because the facts we relate are documented by professional historians. And I have to say that, judging by the popularity of these tours, people seem to have a thirst for history, perhaps today more than ever before.

Our Tours

Haunted History Tour

This 90-minute walking tour offers glimpses into the unseen, with stories of the reputed paranormal activity of those who cannot or will not leave the buildings in which they lived…or died. Many of our tour guests have seen “spirits,” while others have discovered unsettling images on their photographs. Whether you believe or not, this evening-into-night stroll through our historic district is fun and informative of our documented history, as well as the…well…arguable. Click here for more information on this tour.

River District History Tour

This 90-minute walking tour will educate and entertain you with narratives of local history, and acquaint you with the colorful personalities of the founders of our city. The ambitions and rivalries of the famous and the infamous men who were the early builders of Fort Myers make an engaging story. Sometimes unruly, often stubborn, but always visionary, these men grew, from a frontier fort, a city that has become an international destination for sun-seekers.

Flavors of Matlacha Island Tour

If you’ve ever been curious about that colorful little island village between Cape Coral and Pine Island, this tour is the perfect introduction. This delightful history, art, eco and taste adventure combines Matlacha’s salty history with the signature tastes of a little island that is a commercial fishing village with the alter ego of an artist colony. Our flavorful tour will be the best 90 minutes of your day in Matlacha (mat-la-shay).

Legends & Legacies Tour

Barbara B. Mann

The self-interests of cattlemen, merchants, railroad men, industrialists and inventors gave birth to Fort Myers, but the Fort Myers of today is also the legacy of civic-minded and philanthropic women. Meet these remarkable and unpredictable women in this 90-minute mix of comedy and heroine-ism.

Meet the rancher’s grieving wife and the newspaper editor, the bride and the powerful business woman, the sawmill worker’s daughter, the pianist, and the courageous and beautiful “woman of color,” among others, who transformed Fort Myers from a cowboy town into the cultural center of southwest Florida. Click here for more information on The Legends & Legacies Tour

Fort Myers—A Modern Renaissance


This 75-minute tour showcases the recent, award-winning renaissance of one of the most charming historic districts of any city in Florida. Follow the evolution of a 19th century cow town through the ups and downs of its remarkable history—from the dizzy building boom of the Roaring Twenties to the slump of Depression; from post-WWII prosperity to the advent of malls and inevitable decay; and finally, through the determination of its citizens, to its slow reawakening and rebirth as one of the prettiest and most vibrant historic districts in America.