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Galapagos cruises, Antisana and Cotopaxi volcanos, Quito, and the upper Andes ... Tour Guide Ecuador is an exceptional travel agency providing day tours and multi-day and guided getaways to visitors of Ecuador. They have options for everyone: families, friends, couples, adventure-seekers, history enthusiasts. and beyond. Discover the known highlights and unearth hidden gems you'd be hardpressed to find otherwise with Palmar Voyages. Private or shared tours, cruises, and custom tours - find it all with this reputable tour outlet.

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In addition to all the standard Ecuadorian sites and attractions, Tour Guide Ecuador offers spa and nature tours, culture and shopping tours, and other 'outside-of-the-box' experiences to truly provide a tour option for every traveler with any interest and lifestyle. Every itinerary has been meticulously put together to ensure that a traveler is continuously intrigued and awed, while the guides factual stories are told with flourish and interest as well. Ranked "Excellent" on TripAdvisor, past guests and industry experts agree that Tour Guide Ecuador is an outstanding option for an Ecuador vacation.

Ecuador Tours, Excursions and Cruises

Clients can choose from a vast array of tours and activities such as horseback riding, bird watching, biking, adventures in the Amazon, Galapagos Island and much more! From a day tour to a week-long excursion by land or sea, all is possible with Tour Guide Ecuador.

Private Tours


This full day tour takes you on some of the highlights that Quito has to offer! We start at 8:30 at your hotel from where we will drive to the Teleferico. The Teleferico is located at an altitude of 4.100 meters (13.451 feet) reachable by cable car. Once there, you suddenly realize that Quito is surrounded by volcanoes. The cable car ride of approximately 8 minutes will take you up Pichincha, one of the many volcanoes this country has and located just on the west side of Quito...


Leaving your hotel around 8 AM we will drive south of Quito to start a full day tour in the Antisana Reserve. Antisana is one of the many volcanoes you can find in Ecuador, right along the Avenue of Volcanoes and just south of Quito. The reserve is a great spot to find the national bird of Ecuador and other Andean animals and birds species: The ANDEAN CONDOR. This biggest land bird of the world is a symbol for everyone living in the Andes region and is unfortunately in danger of extinction. However, they are still breeding them in the Antisana Reserve!


During this full-day tour, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Antisana reserve, renowned for its condor sightings. Upon arrival at the reserve you will mount a horse to ride along the trails of this reserve, enjoying not only gorgeous views of the snow-capped volcano but also admiring the endemic flora and fauna whilst searching for the majestic condor, the national bird of all Andean countires on which many tales are based, as well as the very popular tune of "El Condor Pasa". We will ride for about 2 hours accompanied by local cowboys (chagras) who know the ins and outs of the trails and the reserve. You will have some more time to enjoy the sightings before heading back to your accommodations in Quito.

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Snorkel with rays, sea lions and iguanas and experience the breathtaking beauty of the Galapagos Islands from the top of the Sierra Negra volcano. Explore the islands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, and Isabelds, returning to the comfort of a hotel every evening. Go snorkeling with sharks, rays, sea lions and iguanas and experience the breathtaking beauty of the Galapagos Islands from the top of the Sierra Negra volcano. An excellent option for those looking for a more active Galapagos Islands tour without spending days at sea!

Tour Guide Ecuador also offers a variety of luxury water vessels for rent such as yachts, catamarans, and more! For more information on cruises in the Galapagos and boats available, please click here.

Shared Tours


The town of Mindo, in the midst of the magic of the cloud forest, has something to offer for everyone's taste. Adventure, hiking, birdwatching, orchids, chocolate and much more. We leave Quito around 7:30 AM from your hotel. As soon as we are outside of Quito you will see a change in landscapes. The dry mountain ranges leading up to the windy road into the cloud forest takes your breath away. We will stop at the Pahuma Reserve, a place with 3 waterfalls and great opportunities for an easy to moderate hike. From here we continue our way to the rustic village of Mindo where we have several options regarding activities. Remember though, as this is a shared tour, we will do those activities that have the most in favor.


Once the group is complete, we will leave to find Pululahua, this dormant volcano is one of two volcanoes worldwide that actually houses a complete village in its crater! After enjoying the views into the valley created by the latest eruption (about 2.200 years ago) we continue our way to Inti Nan. Going further south and back to Quito we will stop at the Teleferico, a cable car takes up on the volcano Pichincha and we will go from approximately 3.045 meters (9.990 ft.) to 4.100 meters (13.123 ft.) in about 8 - 20 minutes. This is, especially on a clear day, an excellent opportunity to see the whole of Quito, a city build in a valley and around 80 km. (or 50 miles) long. Even better though is the view of the "Avenue of Volcanoes". Be prepared to see for instance Cotopaxi, Antisana, Chimborazo, Imbabura, Cotacachi, Ruminahui, Corazon, and many more...


Cotopaxi, the second most popular adventure destination in Ecuador and it is just a mere 2 hours away from Quito. The park is currently only partially open to visitors due to the activity of the volcano in August 2015. As of the end of December 2015, some areas have been opened up again. If you find being in nature an uplifting experience, then take a visit to the second highest active volcano in the world, it will leave its mark on you. Cotopaxi Volcano (5.897 meters above sea level) is surrounded by the fragile paramo ecosystem and here you can find pristine forests, mountains, lake Limpiopungo, wild horses and much more. Even though it`s not possible to summit, the National Park is still worth a visit because of its constantly changing landscapes. We will be happy to show you a different side of this impressive volcano...

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