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Your Fitness Holiday In Paradise

Push Yourself to the Limits at Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness offers several packages to wither get your body back in shape, keep you healthy and gain strength as well as push your body to its limits. Titan Fitness has several different facilities for training such as an outdoor open air gym, obstacle courses and an indoor air conditioned gym.

The 3 storey air conditioned gym is packed with a variety of equipment for everything you wish to work with. This is the perfect holiday vacation for those travelling the Phuket and wishing to bring along their lifestyle of training or start a new lifestyle in paradise. Titan fitness offers fitness classes or fitness packages including accommodation, training and meals.

Let their team help you push yourself to your limits and achieve your goals. There is no better place to work on yourself than Titan Fitness. Leave your stresses and worries behind and focus on you and your body!

The Facilities

The Facilities Titan Fitness offers are an open air gym, obstacle course, a fully equipped air conditioned indoor gym, health’s kitchen and more. The Open Air Gym allows the guests to train with tons of equipment while in beautiful paradise weather. The Open Air Gym is where the classes are held on a 400 meter square fitness area. The Obstacle course is a challenging, rewarding and fun course that they use during their Cross-Training, Strength & Conditioning and strong man sessions.

The Fully Equipped Air Conditioned Indoor Gym is a 3 storey facility that is open between 7am-9pm daily. The fitness gym has a wide range of free weights, machines and cardiovascular equipment. There is also an area in which you can relax and enjoy a fitness protein shake while using our super fast Wi-Fi. The health’s kitchen has many dishes and drinks to give you the nutrients you need and serve you healthy food.

Fitness Classes

Come take a fitness class with Titan Fitness and get help working on something you wish to improve. Our team will push you hard to achieve your goal and teach you many good techniques, tips and tricks to help you throughout the training as well as bring back home with you to continue pushing yourself.

The classes we offer have many physical benefits such as Physical strength, Improved endurance, Build lean muscle, Burn fat and much more. The classes also have a variety of mental benefits such as stamina, team work, motivation and more.


At Titan Fitness we offer several programs for our guests to achieve their goals and focus on certain types of training.

The programs include the accommodation, training, equipments, meals, option to join other classes and several other inclusions. The programs offered are Yoga Fitness Program, Ultimate Fitness Program, Weight Loss Program, and Premium Titan Transformation.

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