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Explore New Orleans with The Savvy Native

Exploring Historical New Orleans Neighborhoods is the best way to understand and experience the city’s unique history and culturally rich heritage. A walk down the streets of New Orleans earliest neighborhoods with their distinct and amazing architecture, historical landmarks, colorful characters and fascinating stories offer you a glimpse into what makes New Orleans "Unlike Any Other City".

Over 20 Different Ways To See New Orleans. Historically Accurate, Entertaining, Memorable And Always A Good Time! That's New Orleans With The Savvy Native. New Orleans Best Tour Experience!

Come take a walk with us through New Orleans’ Historical Neighborhoods - The Treme, The French Quarter, The Garden District; “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff" on our Photo Walks - Beginner & Advanced; Visit our Cities of the Dead; Discover New Orleans' literary heritage on our Books and Bohemians tour; Was Oswald an Assassin or Patsy? Find out the answer to one of the greatest unanswered questions of all time on our Lee Harvey Oswald and JFK Conspiracy tour. Custom & Private tours arranged for any size group.

About Us

We are volunteer tour guides for the Friends Of The Cabildo & The Louisiana State Museum. We are members of the Tour Guide Association of Greater New Orleans, New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau and Save Our Cemeteries. We are registered tour operators for St. Louis Cemetery #1.

La Nouvelle Orleans


Lives Locked In History Above Ground

Take a walk with us among the bones of the dead in St. Louis Cemetery #1. Discover the grave sites of New Orleans’ famous like Paul Morphy, the world’s greatest chess player, Marie Laveaux, The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, living Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage and many, many others...

Above Ground Tombs And Vaults

Find out why, as New Orleans grew, a way to bury large numbers of people had to be found. Learn about our unique burial customs and what led to the evolution of New Orleans’ Cities of the Dead?

Entrance Restricted

Due to acts of vandalism and tomb desecration entrance to St. Louis Cemetery #1 has been restricted by the Church. You can’t visit the Cemetery on your own, you must enter with a Licensed New Orleans Tour Guide authorized by the New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries. The Savvy Native is a Registered Tour Operator for the New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries.


You must be at least 21 years old to take this tour. Adult Content!

For the past 300 years New Orleans has hung precariously to the lower lip of a country that doesn’t know quite what to make of her. At best, New Orleans is called “different”. As often as not, the difference is characterized in travel memoirs as “decadence”. Decadent: corrupt, degenerate, depraved, dissipated, dissolute, immoral, sinful, unprincipled. A Cajun friend of mine might affirm, “Truedat. Yeayouright.”

Rogues, and Roués, the Mobsters and Madams

Our Mafia, Murder, Sex And All That Jazz two-hour walking tour is a fascinating introduction to the gritty and colorful characters in New Orleans past. You will meet the rogues and roués, the mobsters and madams: Silver Dollar Sam, Diamond Jim, Emma Johnson and her House of All Nations, Norma Wallace and, of course, Bourbon Street. In our mind’s eye, we’ll tour down the line of Storyville, the legendary and notorious tenderloin district that beckoned all comers between 1898 and 1917. We’ll meet the King Fish, Gov. Huey Long, who fathered modern Louisiana through patronage and payoffs. He might have become President — if he hadn’t been assassinated.


Vieux Carre or "Old Square"

Discover the role the Mississippi River played in the founding and development of La Nouvelle Orleans. Learn about the City’s French and Spanish heritage, tour Jackson Square, one of the last remaining historical plazas in the country, on our two-hour walking tour of the French Quarter.

Oldest Historical District In The Country

Explore the Vieux Carre’s historical landmarks, view local architectural housing types such as the Creole Cottage and Shotgun House... Hear the legends of Pirates Alley and visit National Literary Landmarks...

Immerse Yourself Into A Unique Culture

Its said that the more nicknames a place has the more interesting it tends to be; and the more it deviates from the norm. That pretty much describes New Orleans, America’s Most Interesting City. Our long list of nicknames, more than any other U.S. city, suggests that something different happened here.


One Of The Most Unique Neighborhoods In All Of America

The Garden District survives as a showcase of magnificent houses and gardens. It became a fashionable enclave of New Orleans' most successful American citizens, and moving "Uptown" to the prestigious Garden District was considered the culmination of one's achievements.

Hear the stories of the cotton brokers and commission merchants who made their home in the on our two-hour walking tour of one of New Orleans' oldest historical neighborhoods.

Lafayette Cemetery #1

"Once again, citizens heard the dreaded call of "bring out your dead" given by cart drivers relieving residents of rotting corpses and hauling them to mass graves here and around the city."

Our Garden District Tour includes time spent in Lafayette Cemetery. Originally part of the Livaudais Plantation, Lafayette Cemetery has been used for burials since at least 1824. Lafayette Cemetery #1 is the first and oldest municipal cemetery in New Orleans.

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