The Las Vegas Gunfights

Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

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Exhilarating Gun-fighting Experiences Using Real Guns & Non-Lethal Ammunition

The Ultimate Reason To Travel To Vegas – Las Vegas Gunfights

Located in the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip, this unique gun-fighting experience opens its doors to anyone ready for the adventure. The Las Vegas Gunfights gives their guests the opportunity to have the reality of a gun fight without the risks in a safe environment. Real guns are used with non-lethal ammunition to create a very real setting to the adventure. This is a great opportunity for friends or family traveling to Las Vegas looking for an adrenaline filled experience. At Las Vegas Gun Fights you can also throw a party in the authentic ATF lounge, engage in force-on-force training or just enjoy the 360 sim range when you travel to Las Vegas.

Badass Adrenaline Filled Activities during Your Trip to Las Vegas

The 360 Sim Range is the most efficient training ever seen, be prepared to move around and shoot real life swat team targets. This experience is exhilarating and gives you a whole new feel to what it is like to train in a 360 sim range facility during your stay in Las Vegas. After experiencing what Las Vegas Gunfights has to offer you will never feel the same shooting at a paper target again. If you are looking for some serious training in a safe environment, Las Vegas Gunfights has what you need.

Las Vegas Gunfights brings to you with pleasure the only Gunfight arena in the world. Whether you choose to play or watch in the arena in full-time action you will feel the adrenaline and badass atmosphere. The arena allows tourists and locals to experience a full-contact gunfight with some of the most determined gunfighters out there.

Birthday Trips to Las Vegas

If you are looking to through the most incredible party at the Las Vegas Gunfights then the ATF Lounge will be the most authentic and greatest touch to your event.

The Lounge is a authentic Morroccan-themed room where you and your friends can host the ultimate Las Vegas birthday event.

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