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One of The Top Romantic Fiji Resorts – Taveuni Palms Resort

Set amongst the beautiful tropical atmosphere of swaying coconuts and the hot sun is the Taveuni Palms Resort in Taveuni, Fiji. This hidden gem is the ideal vacation spot for a peaceful and exciting stay with your family and friends or even the most intimate and romantic honeymoon resort in one of the world’s most exquisite luxury accommodation estates. Whether you are searching to explore a new destination or sit back and allow yourself to replenish in an relaxing vacation, Fiji is the right destination for you. With so much to discover, see and do you will never get tired of exploring Taveuni and its wonders.

Elegance & Luxury in Each Fiji Accommodation

The luxury villas at Taveuni Palms Resort gives you the sense of your own private beach house with five star food and service while enjoying a breath-taking atmosphere. The ambiance and the aura of the rooms allow you to experience complete serenity and peacefulness, this will be great for a wonderful night’s sleep. Air conditioning, outdoor shower, Flat screen TV, spacious bathrooms, ipod with 100 songs and indoor/outdoor speakers, hammocks and much more.

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Quality Service and Personal Touches at this Fiji Resort and Spa

To add to the already life changing and unforgettable experience in Fiji, the property boasts an exceptional spa to complete the guests experience. The spa is covered in a cool Italian theme with beautiful tiles and air conditioning. This is a place you can come to enjoy a massage during your vacation or several other spa treatments. Honeymoons , weddings or vacations, the spa opens its doors to anyone who is looking for relaxation, comfort and peace.

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Set amongst swaying coconut trees, on the edge of a golden sandy beach in the turquoise waters of the Fiji islands is a private honeymoon hideaway like no where else on earth. Taveuni Palms is one of the world’s most exquisite luxury accommodation estates. It is the perfect honeymoon, wedding or vacation of a lifetime resort.

"The location can only be described as pure paradise. This place is what dreams are made of!"
John and Sarah Flemming

Each luxury villa at Taveuni Palms sits on its own private acre of absolute beachfront and boasts its own private pool, beach and personal staff of seven. Your personal staff is on call to provide you with exquisite food and wine, and indulge you in unsurpassed service and amenities whilst still affording you ultimate privacy throughout your stay.

The luxury accommodation offered at Taveuni Palms is like your own private luxury beach house with five star food and service. Adjoining each air-conditioned bedroom with super king beds is a luxurious bathroom complemented by a spacious outdoor shower. Large daybed sofas, hammocks, lofted ceilings with fans and water hyacinth furniture create an ambiance of luxury and comfort. The color palette is deliberately muted with elegant use of soft cream and white hues for the walls, hand polished wooden floors and Italian tiles throughout. This all contributes to an ambiance of calm restful relaxation within the villa. The entire retreat is furbished generously with unique pieces chosen for their comfort, beauty and history. The expansive living areas of the villas boasts an entertainment center, including flat screen TV, DVD, CD player and iPod loaded with 1000 songs with indoor/outdoor speakers. The living area is surrounded by a large decks and outdoor furniture. The villa doors open the entire frontage of the villa to enhance the magnificent views and sea breezes from the deck. Your days will begin by watching the dolphins swim past through the clear warm waters and your days will end with spectacular sunsets all captured from the decks and pool surrounding your private Fiji villa at Taveuni Palms.

The Beach Villa

Taveuni Palms is one of the world’s most exquisite luxury accommodation estates. It is the perfect honeymoon, wedding or vacation of a lifetime resort. The Beach Villa at Taveuni Palms Resort sits directly on a gorgeous private white sandy beach and is designed to offer couples ultimate privacy throughout their stay. The villa boasts five private dining locations, sweeping gardens to create a feeling of spaciousness and to allow guests to enjoy the beauty of Taveuni’s local flora and fauna, a private swimming pool, private beach and personal staff of seven. The luxury villa sits slightly elevated above a gorgeous secluded white sand beach with panoramic views of the South Pacific. The living areas of the villa face the sea and the sand delivering exclusive privacy and understated luxury. The villa’s private swimming pool is perfectly positioned by the beach with a thatched day bed overlooking the pool to allow the best views of the turquoise ocean. Large decks, lounging areas surround your pool and villa providing the perfect setting for total relaxation during your luxury Fiji vacation.

Each luxury villa at Taveuni Palms sits on its own private acre of absolute beachfront and boasts its own private pool, beach and a personal staff of seven. Your personal staff is on call to provide you with exquisite food and wine, and indulge you in unsurpassed service and amenities whilst still affording you ultimate privacy throughout your stay.

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The Horizon Spa Villa

Taveuni Palms is one of the world’s most exquisite luxury accommodation estates. It is the perfect honeymoon, wedding or vacation of a lifetime resort. The Horizon Spa Villa at Taveuni Palms Resort sits elevated above the spectacular Pacific Ocean. This villa offers its own private air-conditioned spa bure, cool Italian tiles throughout the villa and a horizon edge infinity pool directly off the villa deck.

The villa, setting and amenities are designed to offer couples ultimate privacy throughout their stay. The villa boasts five private dining locations, a private swimming pool, private beach bure and personal staff of seven. The villa sits elevated above the water with panoramic views of the South Pacific. The living areas of the villa face the sea and the sand delivering exclusive privacy and understated luxury. The private infinity swimming pool sits directly off the villa, perfectly positioned to allow the best views of the turquoise ocean. Large decks and lounges surround your pool providing the perfect setting for total relaxation during your luxury Fiji vacation.

Each luxury villa at Taveuni Palms sits on its own private acre of absolute beachfront and boasts its own private pool, beach and a personal staff of seven. Your personal staff is on call to provide you with exquisite food and wine, and indulge you in unsurpassed service and amenities whilst still affording you ultimate privacy throughout your stay.

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Taveuni Island is simply magnificent. We have handpicked below the very best island excursions and pride ourselves on using the very best guides on the island. What makes Taveuni Island the best Island in Fiji is the islands natural beauty. The waterways around Taveuni are some of the most beautiful in the world. It is not uncommon to see pods of dolphins, whales and other marine life such as turtles and flying fish during these trips. Whilst the waterways are truly spectacular, the unspoilt tropical beauty of our virgin rainforest with its incredible diversity will stay with you for life. It’s not uncommon to see red parrots flying through the trees and if you’re lucky enough you will get the chance to spot a rare orange dove. A romantic swim in an idyllic waterfall or an invigorating hike to an incredible lookout point, whatever you choose to do you are guaranteed an experience that will truly take your breath away.


Snorkeling the clear blue Pacific is one of the great activities at Taveuni Palms Resort Fiji.

Taveuni is known as the soft coral capital of the world. Year round the snorkeling on our reef right off the private beach in front of the villa is spectacular. We see turtles, blue spotted rays, thousands of tropical reef fish and hundreds of varieties of coral. We also have a school of dolphins that swim past our villas each morning between 8am and 9:30am.

Complimentary snorkel equipment will be provided by Taveuni Palms.


Tropical Kayaking Beach activity at Taveuni Palms.

Each villa is provided with complimentary single and double kayaks for you to enjoy throughout your stay.

Bike Riding


For guests wishing to explore the island by bicycle we provide complimentary mountain bikes.

Paddle Boarding


We have two Coreban Cruiser 11 6′ paddle boards for complimentary usage.

The ultimate all rounder perfect for first time riders, down-winders, cross stepping and Hang Ten manoeuvres. A slight concave in the nose allows for early wave entry, while the dynamic rocker line results in a steady fast forward glide. Super stable and ready for hours of non-stop fun.

Cooking Lessons

One of the numerous fun activities at Taveuni Palms is cooking lessons.

Your personal chef will be delighted to offer you complimentary cooking lessons during your stay


stargazing-at-taveuni-palms-fiji is a late night activity.

Situated on the 180th parallel in the southern Pacific ocean, Fiji is isolated from the rest of the world. This is great for those seeking to get away from the busy cities and hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. It also affords an excellent opportunity for stargazers and photographers to view an unbelievable number of stars at night! With virtually no light pollution, Taveuni Palms is a perfect location to layback and enjoy a spectacular night sky from your veranda, pool deck or patio.

Scuba Diving

Taveuni Island is home to some of the world’s most famous dive sites and is known as the best scuba diving in all of Fiji. Taveuni Island’s diving sites are each uniquely characterized by the many variations of sea life, tropical fish of every size, shape, pattern and color and of course the beautiful varieties of soft and hard corals. Whether you choose to dive the amazing Rainbow Reef, The Great White Wall, The Purple Wall, The Zoo, The Fish Factory, Annie’s Bommie, The Ledge, Yellow Grotto… just to name a few … you can expect to see some of the most spectacular sea life (large groupers, sea turtles, blue ribbon eels, moray eels, manta rays, sharks, lion fish, and hundreds of other fascinating fish species) combined with an unbelievable variety of colorful soft and hard corals.

Perhaps one of the most talked about Fiji Island diving sites in the South Pacific lies just off Taveuni’s coast line – “The Great White Wall”, – where you swim through a tunnel that has two exits, one at 33ft and another at 88ft. During this exciting dive you will come face to face with hundreds of beautiful fish, but perhaps more breathtaking than that are the dense concentrations of illuminating white glow given off by the soft corals that completely surround you.

Taveuni Palms offers private diving and group diving for both certified and beginner divers alike. You can choose to dive as part of a group or we also offer private diving. Divers will be taken to the world famous Rainbow Reef, the Great White Wall, the Ledge and many more incredible sites. Taveuni Palms uses only the best dive equipment and highly certified PADI instructors. All levels of experience and expertise are catered to – your dive experience can be as challenging or relaxing as you wish. Please E-mail us at info@taveunipalms.com with any further questions or information you may require.

Bouma Waterfalls

Activities in Taveuni include a visit to Bouma Waterfalls.

These three incredible waterfalls are located in a pristine Heritage park just a half hour drive from Taveuni Palms. The scenic drive to the falls will take you to the eastern side of the island through Bouma village.

Upon arrival at the heritage park you driver will point out to you the entrance trail and from there you can easily follow the signs.

This fabulous walk will lead you through rainforests, across rivers and up to the gorgeous waterfalls. You will enjoy the sights and sounds of rare tropical birds, view many varieties of island plants and hear waterfalls cascading through the lush rainforest.

The walk to the first fall is a short 10 minute flat walk and requires little physical effort. The second fall requires you to step it up a notch and takes a little more energy and effort but is well worthwhile as the views are fabulous! You can picnic here, swim in the waterfall or for the adventurous hike to the third waterfall. The upper fall takes about another 30-40 minutes but it is agreed by everyone that it is well worth the climb.

Make the most of this wonderful half day trip by having your personal Chef prepare a delicious picnic lunch for you to enjoy whilst relaxing under the cascading waterfall. If you wish one of our friendly staff will accompany you to the falls acting as your guide and pointing out the wildlife and explaining the various island plants seen along the way. While you swim in the first fall or hike to the second your lunch will be prepared for you and beautifully served on s picnic blanket in the shade.

Vidawa Rainforest Hike

One of your activities should include the Rope-bridge-rainforest-hike-Taveuni-Palms-Fiji

This is an amazing trip but definitely requires some ambition and physical effort. We highly recommend that you are fit and enjoy walking to take part in this fabulous hike.

The Vidawa forest walk is a full day trip. Your day will start with a scenic drive down the island to Vidawa Village. The hike will take you through one of the finest rainforests in Fiji. You will see an historic fortified village site, come across spectacular look outs with views over the coast and out islands and be told tales of the traditional use of forest plants.

Your personal guide Asake, is one of the most charming and knowledgeable people on the island when it comes to forest plants, birds and other wildlife. Your hike ends at Buoma falls with a relaxing swim in the crystal clear water – the perfect end to this journey.

Waitabu Marine Park

This area of Taveuni has been awarded the “International British Airways Eco-Tourism Award”.

White sand beaches, great snorkeling, bilibili rafts, Fijian village life and much more…

This half day excursion will begin with a beautifully scenic drive to the Eastern side of the island. Upon arrival at Waitabu Village you will be welcomed into village life over morning tea that has been prepared by the village women.

You will take a most memorable raft trip up the river on a traditional bilibili raft. Extremely knowledgeable, trained guides will snorkel with you to point out and explain the amazing marine life that is found in this area. You will have time to enjoy the excellent snorkeling or just relax on the beach or spend time learning more about Fijian culture from your friendly village guide.

Afternoon tea and a kava drinking ceremony accompanied by local island music will be served before returning to Taveuni Palms.

Please kindly note that you dress modestly for the village visit by wearing a T-shirt and sulu. It is respectful to remove your hat and sunglasses while in the village.

Lavena Coastal Walk and Kayak

Activities in Taveuni include a Lavena coastal walk tour

This is an excursion that everyone loves! This island excursion should not be missed during your visit on Taveuni.

Lavena is the furthest point you can travel on the eastern side of the island. This is a great adventure walk beginning along a beautiful white sandy beach with rock pools. Continuing on you will ford rivers, pass through remote villages ultimately leading you to a gorgeous trio of cascading waterfalls! You can slide down or jump from the falls into the crystal clear rock pools. The walk will take you about an hour and a half each way.

You will want to allow at least an hour at the falls for swimming and exploration. Alternatively, you can kayak one way and walk back.

Deep Sea Fishing

Activities in Taveuni include sport fishing with Taveuni Palms.

For anyone that loves to fish just let us know and we will line you up with the best of them!

Pristine and abundant waters surround Taveuni, Fiji. All the various prime fishing habitats are here and begin five minutes after launching, opening up to a vastness of virtually virgin fishing grounds in every direction. You can expect to find the Somosomo straits and out laying areas to be dotted with acres of birds and teeming baitfish, primarily skipjack, small Yellow Fin Tuna, scads, flying fish, mackerel and ballyhoo. Within the day range, anglers can expect to find all types of pelagic and reef fish as the topography is varied with ribbon reefs, pinnacles, islands, channels, outer reefs, straits, drop offs and sandy flats. Every direction is full of possibilities for an exciting, productive day of fishing. Depending on the angler’s preference and with some seasonal variability, they can fish for Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi-mahi, and Yellow Fin Tuna. For the reef fisherman who enjoys casting there is Giant Trevally, Blue Fin Trevally, Barracuda, Walu, and Dogtooth Tuna as well as some other Brand “X”

Your Captain, John Llanes is a 3rd generation fisherman who started fishing over 40 years ago at a very young age. He has fished commercially and professionally and has held his 100 ton Master license for 35 years. During his Hawaiian career he has won or placed in at least 50 tournaments. He is an all- around fisherman for Big Game, light tackle, reef, and shoreline fishing. He has been featured on televised fishing shows including ESPN as well as fishing books and magazines with the topics ranging from tournament wins, techniques for catching Giant Trevally’s, Marlin, Tuna, Mahi-mahi, Wahoo and deep sea rigging for various Big Game fish and lure making. All of that aside, the bottom line with Capt. John. is fishing is his passion and he is a great choice for the serious fisherman to enjoy a fun day of fishing.

Black Pearl Farm

Fiji Black Pearls tour is fun and informative.

We are very fortunate to have our local black pearl farm located in the Wailoa Lagoon here on Taveuni Island.

Expats Claude and Danielle Prevost have bought their expertise to Fiji where CIVA pearl Farm is now an up and coming player on the world pearl market. CIVA Pearl Farm is producing pearls in colors not traditionally harvested from the black-lipped pearl oyster. The pearls produced in the Wailoa lagoon are in the most amazing colors of gold, pink, champagne, blue, green, chocolate, cranberry as well as the traditional black. These colors are not being produced anywhere else in the world. We offer a tour to the farm every day other than Friday. Upon arrival at the pearl farm you will be greeted by your friendly guide and board an 18 foot fiberglass boat which will take you across the short stretch of the water to the black pearl farm hut. On the way through the lagoon your guide will show you the nursery where the mature oysters are growing pearls. At the hut the guide will talk you through how they produce a black pearl. After your tour you can snorkel the crystal clear surrounding waters to experience the fantastic snorkeling or just relax at the hut and enjoy looking at the pearls while talking to Claude.


Activities in Taveuni include Surfing-at-Taveuni-Palms-Fiji

For experienced surfers we have an advanced wave across the channel that breaks in an offshore passage. It’s approximately a 45 minute-one hour boat ride. There is a very hollow right-hander as well as a more forgiving left-hander.

We are now offering surfing lessons for beginner surfers. There is a nice gentle break just 5 minutes from Taveuni Palms.

Half Day Island Excursion

Activities in Taveuni include seeing the international dateline.

Each new day begins on Taveuni island. The 180 degree Meridian line or International date line is a famous land mark that runs through Taveuni. Your excursion will begin with a scenic drive down the island to this landmark. After you have taken your photographs from this elevated view point you will continue your drive to see the Wairiki Mission Church. This is the most architecturally interesting structure on the island. The Fijian singing is something you will never forget (Sundays only). Seeing the church and listening to the music is a great cultural experience.

If you wish, your driver will stop in the local township and allow you to explore the small number of island stores selling fruit, vegetables, clothing and groceries. You will see signs for chicken curry rotis. These little parcels are full of delicious hot curry and well worth a try.

For the final part of your excursion you will be taken to the Waitavala Natural waterslide. This Natural rockslide is a natural wonder of Taveuni. It is located in the midst of beautiful tropical bush. It is best visited on the weekend and school holidays when the Fijian kids are there to show you how it’s done.

Bird Watching

Activities in Taveuni include seeing the Orange-Dove-taveuni-palms-fiji

Bird lovers from all over the world come to Taveuni to see the huge variety of bird wildlife on the island. We offer a fabulous excursion to Bobi’s Farm at the South End of the Island to see his bird sanctuary. During the excursion you have the opportunity to see the Orange Dove, Turtle Dove, Barking pigeon, Parrots, Silk Tails, the White Throated pigeon and many more.

During the Lavena Coastal Walk, Vidawa Rainforest Hike and Bouma Waterfall excursion you may encounter many of these rare bird species.

Island Hopping

One activity to be sure to see is watching the dolphins swim by Taveuni Palms Resort.

These three outer islands are a short scenic journey out to these neighboring islands East of Taveuni.

Jump onboard your own private boat and your boat captain will take you on a cruise to visit Horseshoe Bay, Long Beach and the famous Laucala Island. The owner of Red Bull has built a private 7 star resort there where guests are by invitation only. During your cruise your boat captain will tell you stories of local legends and point out the plentiful marine life to you. After your tour the captain will stop at a great spot to hang out on the beach, picnic and snorkel on the surrounding reefs.

This trip includes 4-5 hours usage of a private boat, boat captain/guide, snacks, lunch, beach towels, and snorkeling gear.

Koro Levu

Activities in Taveuni include a visit to the island of Koro Levu.i

This tour is simply magnificent and a must-do for couples and groups alike. Our boat captain and snorkel guide will take you on the short 9 mile hop across to the Somosomo Strait to the beautiful Koro Levu Island which is situated in the middle of the Ocean. En-route you will enjoy seeing stunning sites around the worldÕs top-rated Rainbow Reef. Upon arrival you will be dropped on the beach and our boat captain will leave you alone in privacy to enjoy your time in the Bay whether it be relaxing with a romantic picnic for two or indulging in the fantastic snorkeling in the crystal waters. On the way back, why not ask our boat captain to pop the rods in to try to catch a Mahi Mahi or a Wahoo in the abundant waters on your way home?

This trip includes private boat usage for 4 hours, boat captain/guide, snacks, lunch, beach towels, and snorkeling gear.

Nanuku Atoll

Activities in Taveuni include visiting Nanuku atoll with Taveuni Palms Charter boat

Have you ever dreamed of lying on a powder white sand beach in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean?

Just you and your loved one. A picnic, the sparkling ocean and no one around… This tour is a honeymoonerÕs dream come true. Your boat captain will sweep you away in your own private boat to an exclusive deserted private island 20 miles north of Taveuni. Upon arrival you will be dropped at an incredibly beautiful white sand atoll in a stunning cove. The rock formations and snorkeling here are known as TaveuniÕs best kept secret. The beautiful waters off the island have been a Marine Park for the last five years so the marine life and coral is abundant. Your boat captain will leave you alone in privacy to relax and enjoy your day on your own private island.

This trip includes 5 hours usage of a private boat, boat captain/guide, snacks, lunch, beach towels, and snorkeling gear.

Fijian Lovo Night

Activities in Taveuni include seeing a Fijian Meke dance.

Experience the REAL Fiji. For guests that wish to see the REAL Fiji we invite you to join us for a traditional Fijian LOVO Feast at Wiwi Village. Tonight you will be exposed to the history and culture of Fiji, enjoy a traditional Fijian Lovo dinner (cooked underground by hot rocks) and have up close and personal interaction with the local Fijian people. Upon arrival at the village you will be taken on a tour to be educated about village life. You will see a coconut husking display and enjoy watching a Fijian dance show “Meke”. A Lovo dinner of fresh fish, chicken, island vegetables, salads and dessert will be followed with a Kava Ceremony, dancing and music.

This tour is complimentary during your stay.

Horseback Riding

Activities in Taveuni include horseback-riding-with-Taveuni-Palms-Fiji

This excursion will take you to Wiwi Village where you will meet your experienced local guide. You will see where the locals live and is a good introduction to island life. All of the horses are well trained and all of the equipment is well maintained.

Your excursion will take you on a 2-3 hour ride up a beautiful rugged mountain side to an elevation of 1000 feet. You will also ride through areas where the guide will point out to you some of the crops grown such as taro and kava which are important for the island economy. From the elevated view point you can see the nearby Kocoma, Qamea and Laucala Islands, and the beautiful Taveuni countryside. Don’t forget your camera! There is no better spot for photo opportunities than up at this height. On the return trip you can ride along the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

This excursion is ideal for beginner and experienced riders alike.

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