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You haven't experienced our country until you Taste Belize!

Welcome To Taste Belize Tours

Belize’s first culinary tour operator, Taste Belize Tours is a small, unique company owned and operated by Belizean food anthropologist and tour guide Lyra Spang. Taste Belize offers personalized culinary and culture tours and classes across Southern Belize. We are located in Placencia Village, Stann Creek District, Belize. Indulge your senses and join us for an unforgettable hands on adventure. You haven’t experienced our country until you Taste Belize!

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About Taste Belize Tours

Lyra with Vanilla Pod

Lyra Spang, Belizean tour guide, food anthropologist and organic farmer, created Taste Belize to offer unique food and culture focused tours and cooking classes for visitors looking for a different vacation experience. We are proud to be one of only 72 businesses worldwide to be considered for the 2016 World Responsible Tourism Awards and winner of "Culinary Experience of the Year" for 2016 from the World Luxury Travel Awards. Our mission is to connect our guests with the heart and soul of Belize and its people through the food, farming and fishing that form the backbone of our culinary traditions. Our tours complement and transcend the restaurant experience allowing guests to explore the breadth of Belizean cuisine from the farm, forest and sea to the table in communities across Southern Belize.

We do this in a sustainable manner by partnering with small businesses, (almost all of which are Belizean owned), individuals who share our passion for farm to table production and Belizean food and culture. Don’t see exactly what you are looking for in our tour descriptions? We would love to work with you to customize your ideal adventure, just ask! Embrace Belize with all five senses. Explore our diverse food and distinct cultures found in our farms, forests, islands, rivers and reefs. Visit our website at tastebelize.com and email us at tastebelize@gmail.com to learn more and reserve your seat for adventure today!

Our Tours

Taste Belize is a small company driven by my passion for the diverse cuisines and cultures of my country. I create customized adventures upon request and organize excursions that explore the cultures and cuisines of Belize in our varied and beautiful natural environment. Don’t see exactly what you are looking for in our tour descriptions? I would love to work with you to customize your ideal adventure, just ask! Please note before booking that because we collaborate with small businesses and individuals who do not have credit card machines, we also are cash only, accepting both US and Belize dollars. There are four ATM/Cash machines located in Placencia Village if you need to withdraw cash in order to pay for your tour on the tour day. Click here to book your adventure today: Booking your Adventure!

Chocolate Tours

cacao seed

I grew up on an organic cacao farm in Toledo District where I spent many hours planting and pruning cacao trees and harvesting and processing their beautiful pods. My chocolate tours were the first of their kind in Placencia Village. Join me on a visit to my home district’s verdant chocolate trail! I collaborate with Ixcacao Chocolate to offer a variety of delicious hands-on chocolate focused experiences in the verdant and beautiful hills of the Toledo District south of Placencia. Ixcacao Chocolate is the original Maya chocolatier in Belize. This independent family owned company was built from the ground up with no outside investors and offers a fabulous full senses chocolate experience with lots of samples and Maya style hot chocolate and the chance to learn about cacao from the tree to the bar and make your own organic dark chocolate. If you love chocolate, don’t miss out on this tour! I also offer a cacao farm and chocolate making experience with Che'il Chocolate company in Stann Creek District. Learn more about our chocolate tours and what you can combine them with here: Taste Belize Chocolate Tours.

Cooking Tours

Taste Belize offers a variety of cooking tours. These are excursions off Placencia Peninsula that include as their centerpiece an opportunity to learn about traditional Belizean home cooking in Maya, Garifuna and Creole (Kriol) cultures. Learn how to cook like a Belizean or if you prefer enjoy a cold beverage and simply watch as our culinary instructors show you how they prepare delicious local dishes from their culture. Along with our cooking experience we enjoy other activities including jungle hikes, visits to Maya ruins or our famous chocolate tours to create a fulfilling day exploring Belizean food and culture. Don’t like what you see below? Let us customize something for you. Join us for a meal and memory of a lifetime! You haven’t experienced our country until you Taste Belize! Read more about our cooking tours here: Taste Belize Cooking Tours.


Bitters, Bananas and More Food and Culture Tours

Explore the farms and villages of southern Belize with our one of the kind bitters tour, visit Marie Sharps hot sauce factory, learn all about bananas and see how cheese is made in the jungle! Learn more here: More food and culture tours!


Don’t feel like leaving the peninsula, or perhaps even the comfort of your fabulous vacation rental? Get hands on with our cooking and music classes right on Placencia Peninsula. Our fabulous Chef Radiance will even give you a hands on Belizean Kriol cooking class right in the comfort of your vacation home! Learn more here: Classes on the Peninsula.

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