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Stockholm Excursions is an exclusive tour operator, offering guided tours in Stockholm and its surroundings with a special focus on the culture and history of the area. Travelers can choose from a variety of meticulously crafted itineraries, or create a custom tour, tailor-made to suit all clients' specific interests, schedule, and budget. Families, couples, and groups of all sizes can explore the rich history of this fascinating region, and learn about Vikings who inhabited the area in the 400–500 AD. Stockholm Excursions will take travelers on an adventure through the beautiful countryside of Stockholm on the way to historic sites like Sigtuna and Uppsala, the scenic landscape of Markim-Orkesta north of Stockholm, and more. In addition, Stockholm Excursions provides private transfer service and logistics solutions to accommodate all guests' travel needs.

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STOEX - Stockholm Excursions has proven themselves as an elite tour guide in Stockholm. This success lies in many factors. To start, the intriguing guides, who are friendly and passionate. They keep the tour fun, as well as academic. Stockholm Excursions has a dynamic line-up of experiences available. From half-day to full-day tours, family-friendly expeditions to a culture seeking journeys, adventure-worthy treks to intimate experiences, everyone can find their niche with Portugal with STOEX. The tours are well paced, with plenty of photo ops and rest stops. The itineraries are smartly planned out, so guests get to see more when compared to a similar tour with another guide. Rated "Excellent" on TripAdvisor and with numerous excellent reviews from past clients, it is clear why Stockholm Excursions is an industry leader, setting the standards high for competitors to follow.

Tours & Services

If you travel to the Stockholm area, make sure to try at least one of these excellent tours - a full day, private, extremely knowledgeable tour guides who speak multiple languages - it is simply the best way to see more of Stockholm than you imagined.


Our Viking History Tour has its focus on the Vikings and their landmarks as well as on early medieval age. We travel through the beautiful Swedish countryside and stop for food and coffee in the family-like atmosphere of Hökeriet.

We drive through traditional Swedish landscape on the country-side and visit the following sights:

  • An old Viking site is known as Jarlabankes bro – The entrance way to the Rune Kingdom
  • Arkils Tingplats, an old Viking-assembly.
  • Vallentuna church
  • Granby with its foundations from an old settlement (400–500 AD). Here we find the biggest rock carving in Sweden – Granbyhällen.

In Granby, we have coffee or lunch at Hökeriet – a cozy bistro where you also can buy Swedish handicraft and try locally produced foods.


A longer Viking tour where you can feel the history of the Vikings and the history of Sweden. We pass the beautiful countryside of Stockholm on the way to historic sites like Sigtuna and Uppsala.The first stop on this tour is an old Viking site known as Jarlabankes bro – Entranceway to the Rune Kingdom. The next one is at an old Viking assembly called Arkilds Tingplats.

From there we go to Granby, an important village during the late Viking age (400–500 AD). Here we find the biggest rock carving in Sweden – Granbyhällen. In Granby, we have coffee or lunch at Hökeriet – a cozy bistro where you also can buy Swedish handicraft and try locally produced foods.

The tour then takes us through Lunda on our way to the town of Sigtuna, which was one of the main marketplaces of the Vikings. There will be time to experience the center of the town with the opportunity for a light lunch. From Sigtuna, we will go to Old Uppsala, one of the most historic places in Sweden because of its old Viking assembly and Mounds.


The history of Sweden is brought to life on this guided tour through the beautiful landscape of Markim-Orkesta north of Stockholm.

Visit Granby

The Markim-Orkesta region was nominated as a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its pristine farm structure. It is also known for its many Viking era relics. We stop at Granby were we find the famous “Granbyhällen” – the large stone with Swedens longest runic inscription in solid rock, and the remaining foundation of a Viking magnates house.

There is also a well-preserved soldier- and craft cottages from the 18th century. We look inside “Granbylund”, a typical example of a traditional Swedish red cottage. At the tour, we make a stop at Hökeriet – a cozy bistro where you can buy Swedish handicraft and try locally produced foods.

Visit Vasakullen or Husby gårds museum

On Vasakullen (the Vasa hill) you find the remains of a stone house built around the year 1450. Sigrid Eskilsdotter, the grandmother of the famous Swedish king Gustav Vasa, live here in the late 1400s. It is believed that Gustav Vasa was borne here. There is also a mansion built in the 1700s. Husby gårds museum in Markim is the home of a landowner from the last century. It has been turned into a museum and here you can experience how the wealthier rural residents lived during this time.

Visit Medieval churches

All of the parishes – Markim, Frösunda and Orkesta – have their own medieval church. The churches are famous for their medieval artifacts and 15th-century wall paintings. On the tour, we visit one of them. (They have varying availability.)


We pick you up at the airport or harbour and drive you to your hotel. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, we offer high comfort, quick and easy transportation. Extended pickup locations for individuals or groups, including at Arlanda and Granby.

Sightseeing Transfers

The route between Stockholm and Arlanda can be fast and easy if you choose the highway, but it can also be filled with lovely impressions at a slower pace by traveling through the landscape on smaller roads. This way you get an introduction of Sweden by also meeting rural areas and taking part in “everyday life outside the city” on your way to or from the capital Stockholm.

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